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  1. 12 Level 4 XL - Carbon Fiber Dustcaps & 10" Reinforced Surround 2.0k 3.5k 33584
  2. 2 Level 4 12's Carbon Fiber dustcaps 10" Reinforced Surround Zip: 33584
  3. I am trying to figure out which to go with, right now I have 2 JL audio 12w3v3's hooked up to a ARC Audio KS1200.1 each are in separate 1.75 cu/ft enclosures. I am thinking about getting a DD 3512 which needs a 2.5 or 2.6 cu/ft enclosure. I am wondering if one 12 with the same power is going to be louder than two 12's at the same power. I am wanting something that plays music but can still get loud the only problem is it's a 98 mustang and the shape of the trunk opening won't allow me to get a large enclosure in there... the trunk itself is big but it's just getting a enclosure in. EDIT* I actually have seen the DC Audio sub's dont need much space in a ported box so I can probably get away with 2 of those and alot more power.
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