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  1. count me in http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/139532-walled-saturn-sc2-with-4-15sfirst-ever-dual-alternator-saturn-sc2/page__gopid__1968530
  2. vote 95_saturn_sc2 first ever dual alternator saturn sc2 trunk setup, still need to order the other 2 batteries and re-install the trim panels
  3. ill get some pictures up of the new trunk setup. nothing has changed with the setup since these pictures. i purchased a 05 grand cherokee limited and am now more than likely going to sell my saturn. i will be starting the build on the jeep here soon but i need to sell the saturn to get some cash for the new build.
  4. count me in. just bought a new jeep and had allready planned on putting 4 sa8 v2's in it http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/139532-walled-saturn-sc2-with-4-15sfirst-ever-dual-alternator-saturn-sc2/page__gopid__1968530
  5. got the 2nd alternator wired up today...for right now theres only 2 batteries in the trunk (still have to order the other 2), and the voltage doesnt drop below 12.5 volts at full power. theres 2 runs of knukonceptz 1/0 power wire coming from each alternator.
  6. his isnt an sc2...but they are very similar...practically the same engine...but different model car it runs fine...no problems so far...but i havent wired up the 2nd alternator yet...so we'll see how it goes once its wired up thanks? i didnt build the box...had a stereo shop do it since i live in a dormitory...i wanna eventually rebuild the wall but it wont be til after i move out of this dormitory
  7. i went and picked up the car today from the guy that was making the dual alternator bracket. so now its official: this is the FIRST AND ONLY dual alternator saturn sc2 in the WORLD. im pretty excited to be able to say that. the second alternator is a 275amp from ohio generator, but it maxes out at 299amps. the alternator in the factory location is a 160amp from ohio generator that maxes out at 181amps. but enough talking, whos ready for pictures? he also added an idler pulley below the alternator to avoid any squealing from the power steering
  8. im planning on putting some 4" aeroports in there...i eventually want to find someone who actually knows how to build a good wall, and have a new one built.
  9. i got a teaser pic today form the guy making the dual alternator bracket. i should be picking up the car tomorrow if everything goes as planned. then he should be done with the buss bars sometime next week
  10. my bad....meant to put that....when i did the 149.7 the mic was in the passenger kick with passenger window up and driver window half down
  11. heres some pictures from a show i went to in myrtle beach. this setup beat out every other car there in the stereo competition even though i had some problems that day (accidently broke an rca cable so i had no mids/highs, and someone messed with my headunit settings and i didnt notice til that night). the only 4 vehicles that were louder that day were all SUV's. but she managed to draw a pretty big crowd. i ended up doing a 145db @ 40 hz all sealed up my buddy getting a demo a few weekends later i went to another show and had no complications. managed to hit a 149.7db @ 55hz sneak peak of whats coming up next, car is at a friends house right now who is making some buss bars for the 4 xs power xp2000 batteries. hes also making a custom dual alternator bracket for a 275amp ohio generator alternator.