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  1. Box build for 2 skar audio ddx 15's

    Hey Jeff. Welcome to the board. And as for the box, have you ever ask around your friends/family to see if they know someone that can help you build a box? I'm no box-builder, however a friend of mine know someone and hooked me up with building a box. Had a great experience. You might want to try that and see. It did saved me $$. Good luck.
  2. Toyota Sequoia Wall Build

    Nice! I have a HHR Chevy and I've thought about building a wall, similar to yours! I love how everything is covered in all black, lol. Hope you enjoy new system.
  3. Plenty of 10" subwoofer out there that can do 2,000 to 3,000wrms. Like what other says, it all depends on how much are you willing to spend to upgrade under the hood, powers, etc.
  4. Agreed about the price. You'll get a lot cheaper if you order online. Check out at Wooferetc.com, Sonicelectronix.com, etc. Make sure to google. Google is great for comparing the prices.
  5. Yeah, I know the feeling. Although they may be cheap and good, I always prefer new with warranty on it. I feel a lot safer that way.
  6. Those prices are pretty good. Where you see them at? Are they all used? Just wondering. Good luck with any of subs. I think all of them are good.
  7. Nice, man. I like that.
  8. Soundqubed ?

    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about SoundQubed as a company. What they're selling is very cheap, compare to other companies and I was amazed. I've read the reviews very carefully and it appears that 99.1% of people are very happy with SoundQubed. I'm very tempting to try out one of SoundQubed's amp and see how it goes.
  9. Thanks for replies! Still not 100% sure which amp to get at the moment. I'll have to research on that more.
  10. Hey guys. Need a little help to make sure I order the right amp. Please understand that I'm no expert when it comes to install/hook up the comp speakers and amp altogether (I'm the first timer). I have a set of comp speakers (RS65.2 Kicker 4-OHMs) and my truck is only 2-door. The price between the Sundown amps that I am looking at is quite huge and I have a fear of ordering the wrong one. Since comp speaker is 4ohms, I assume the amp has to be 4-channel, correct? Will 2-channel works well or is it largely depends on how wire works? I appreciate your help on that. I am planning to run 4 Sundown SA-8" and an amp of SAZ-1500. I got everything except the channel amp for the doors (which is the one I need to get this week).
  11. Thanks for the information! I wasn't aware they're about to come out around summer time. Definitely looking forward to it in the future.
  12. I said it before and I'll say it again: Anyone who dares to break into someone else car and steal stereo stuff should have their hands cut off. Sorry to hear, man. Never had mine being broken into something, (so far). I usually just keep my system to myself and no one else except my wife and small number of friends. Good luck with alarm plans.
  13. Ohh, I see what he means. It took me a while to figure out and realized that SoundSolutionsAudio.com is different than 1800woofers.com. Reason is this: Go to Sundownaudio.com>Find a Dealer>Internet Dealers. There was an image logo of SSA and, when I clicked it, it takes me to 1800woofers.com. That's why I got confused and assumed they're the same thing for a moment, lol. Well, after visiting SSA site, it does appear that they might have it. I probably will have to call/email first to see if they have it. Thanks, guys! Can't wait to finish up my system soon!