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  1. Hi, welcome to the forum! As for your setup, it'll be easier if we know what amplifier you're using and how much space you have in the vehicle.
  2. How you like 18" Skar so far? Wish I could hear Skar in person, lol. This is the first time I go with Skar (I've ran with Kicker and Sundown for many years and they're both great in my humble opinion.) Just wanting to try different brand to see how it goes and I picked Skar this time! And as for 40Hz, you know, I was thinking about that and I'm willing to go with that recommendation to see what it sounds like, first. I can always re-design the box anytime and I have no problem with that. Can't wait!
  3. Hi guys. I just ordered a single 10" EVL Skar subwoofer and 2 set of SPX Components. Will put them together soon! On Skar official page, it suggested/recommended 40hz for EVL 10" but was wondering if that's good for Trap/dubstep, etc? For those who have experienced with EVL Skar, what do you suggest? Space is not an issue and it will be powered by RP 1200 Skar amp. Thanks.
  4. Funnily enough, I actually thought about doing that. I probably will do something like that in the future for sure! For some odd reason, however, I'm very curious about Skar as well. I will hold my U10 in case if I change my mind. Thanks for comment!
  5. Vehicle: Brick Encore 2018 Sound System (currently): Single U-Series 10" powered by a SAZ1500 amplifier Sundown Others: N/A (no Big-Three just yet but will soon) Budget for new system?: N/A I had a long and hard thought about what to do with the system and decided that I want to start everything from scratch. I'd like to try SKAR for the first time! So I decided to lurk through official website: I have to admit that the enclosure (Triple 8" SDR loaded) looks really nice! But then when I was looking at Tuning Frequency (46Hz), I was like, "Isn't it bit too high?"
  6. I agreed. It's best not to put any sticker outside vehicle. It's pretty crazy that some random just decided to break in and steal something you do not expect at all.
  7. Just wanting to say awesome job on the new looks/designs on the website! I love how the subwoofers/amps are pictured with the different backgrounds to make it looks great.
  8. Awesome. I've watched a couple of your youtube videos and was pretty impressive with it. Keep it up, buddy. This is something I'd love to do: Travel from state to state, win some awards and having some good time.
  9. Thanks for the information! I wasn't aware they're about to come out around summer time. Definitely looking forward to it in the future.
  10. Ohh, I see what he means. It took me a while to figure out and realized that SoundSolutionsAudio.com is different than 1800woofers.com. Reason is this: Go to Sundownaudio.com>Find a Dealer>Internet Dealers. There was an image logo of SSA and, when I clicked it, it takes me to 1800woofers.com. That's why I got confused and assumed they're the same thing for a moment, lol. Well, after visiting SSA site, it does appear that they might have it. I probably will have to call/email first to see if they have it. Thanks, guys! Can't wait to finish up my system soon!
  11. Which website you're speaking of? www.1800woofers.com? It says "Pre-Order" on there. It appears that they haven't update the page yet because the date on that page says "Expected Shipping Date is: December 31st 2014." I think that's alright. If I can't find it, then I'm willing to go with different brand set for now. Who knows if Sundown will provide an awesome CS set in the future and I might pick it up later on if it's good. -Smurfboy
  12. If I cannot find SA6.5 anywhere, then I'm willing to go with different brand if I have to. I'm just curious to know what's going on with SA6.5 before moving on. :-)
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