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  1. My buddy tossed a golf club in my car and punctured my SA15. I was wondering if they can be reconed and how much i should expect this to cost. Thanks guys
  2. alright so i'm about to buy the battery but i heard mixing batteries isn't good. I have a bigger oreilly's battery up front and i'm going with the xs power amp in the back. Is that fine or is that bad?
  3. i'm the biggest wiz fan ever! I have everything he's ever put out or featured on. Look up young boy talk has a pretty good flow. I'd say get burn after rolling or flight school. Both quality mix tapes.
  4. no of them are in stock and they are hella expensive. i bought everything for less than 80 bucks
  5. ok so what all materials will i need. I have the wire and 6 connectors. Anything else? i'm prolly not gonna fuse anything because it wont rub or get cut and i'm putting the black wire covering over it to insure that
  6. wait where do the fuses go? No one has ever told me you had to fuse anything
  7. Anybody with a 98 or newer jimmy/blazer had any issues doing the big 3 upgrade? I have all the wire just wanna make sure i'm not gonna have any surprises when i go to do it
  8. i've found them just everyone of them is dead
  9. does anyone know where i can still get the zips? if so can you pm me the info??
  10. can't wait to get this box haha Low Bass>>>>
  11. i don't think i can haha i'm building a new box and wanna tune it lower cuz i love violent lows haha
  12. I need some more slowed songs for demos. If possible please include a link. Thanks guys
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