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  1. so this is for my friend who will be running 3 sa8s on an AQ2200 in his huge trunk. i suggested a 4th order but he was thinking t-line i have no experience building/design either ones. suggestions would be appreciated
  2. im running 1k each to both of mine daily no problem. even clipped they dont get stinky or hot.
  3. sorry i didn't get money until after Christmas? and a lot of places do post-Xmas sales. just saying.
  4. i have, i think there still some on the site, but id just prefer the highest quality. do it one time, do it right, and be done with it.
  5. hey i was wondering if there are any more sales going on, or if there will be any decent ones going on soon? i really wanted a trunk pack, but the price still a bit steep. let me know if there's going to be/is any sales going on. if not, i was just going to go with a dynamat extreme pack, which is cheaper for me. EDIT: was specifically looking for Damp PRO
  6. when i'm giving a demo and they say something to me so i have to decide either to turn it down and ask what they said, or shake my head yes and pretend like i knew what they saide
  7. from what i've heard, the Z series is usually a low end favoring sub. posted before: Box Models : 3 cubes @ 30 Hz ported = F3 of 25 Hz fairly flat 4 cubes @ 35 Hz = F3 of 28 Hz / peak of ~5 dB around tuning 2 cubes sealed = F3 of 50 Hz / Qtc = 0.530
  8. god i want pics so baddd, hope the FS is nice and LOWW>;D would like to grab a pair of 12s and tune to a brutal 26-30Hz
  9. i'm guessing that wasn't the pre-order price... might have to wait on these.
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