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  1. wtf is that about? I had almost 150. Why the FUHK is it saying I have negative 498......
  2. ummmm... I'll apologize in advance if this is a stupid post.. but... Are those subs potentially going to touch? orr.. I dunno lol.. I feel like the excursion from the bass would make them hit against each other haha..
  3. Well, my neighbors would tell me to turn down my system from down the street cause I was "Shaking their house" lol and your throat would vibrate sitting in the back.. I think 143-149db's from 2 12's off a powerbass amp is knockinnngg.. Set up for daily driving.
  4. LMAOOO!?! wait. this counts as a post?! mannnn, I knew you guys would catch on.. Well that; and some basic understanding of how much my 12's RAPESHIT.
  5. lol no prob, well which ever. I just want someone to guide me in the right direction. Okay so if I decide to sell the stuff I need to have 150 posts? anythinnn else?
  6. Yeah I learned that the hard way. short story long.. The guy that installed the audio in my old mk3 ended up un installing it and buying the car for his brother. I was supposed to sell everything but my friend backed out.. Mean while I spent the money on the new MK4, and a bigger turbo. chipped and stuff. So I know if I throw all that in I'm probably going to regret it.. wtfff i dunno.
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