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  1. Best Amp for 1 AQ SDC 2.5 12" ??

    Thanks everyone! Goin with the Kicker! Just bought my 2003 Grand Am GT and once I pay it all back, this car is gonna bump more than any other subs I've had! Thanks!!!!
  2. Best Amp for 1 AQ SDC 2.5 12" ??

    Yeah, I just got the D4 of it because i'm eventually going to buy another sub in like a year. but for now i just need one amp to power it
  3. Best Amp for 1 AQ SDC 2.5 12" ??

    i can't wire it down to 1 ohm with only one sub?? so it'd only run 500rms
  4. Best Amp for 1 AQ SDC 2.5 12" ??

    I have an 1 Audioque SDC 2.5 12" that's gonna be built into a 3.0 cubic foot box.. just wondering the best amp for it? i'm gonna be pushing around 800rms to it and my budget it around $200 My ideas are: Kicker 750.1 American Bass HD 1500 Hifonics 1000.1D help please?
  5. I wish I had the money for a sick ass install.

    1. Emmet


      Most people dont just pull the money out of a pot of gold... either work and save up for a long time or get it bit by bit....

  6. Chevrolet Prizm

    Chevrolet Prizm