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  1. When you have a day off tomorrow, get into work and they've changed the roster at the last minute. Bastards.
  2. May not just be you. Seems facebooks been having problems the past few days. https://downdetector.com/status/facebook
  3. Not yet but skydiving is on the bucket list no doubt, I'm still not sure I'd have the balls for base jumping. At least out of a plane you have time to get the reserve out if something messes up. With basejumping I always just think you have exactly fuck all time before you ruin some poor bastards day on the ground when you split like a melon at terminal velocity. Wingsuit is also on the list.
  4. Lexus board works with quantum locking, need a magnetic surface to work with. Just not worth it. Don't even want to see the price. Sweet present man, can't wait for the videos. Strap a go pro to your head and go for a cruise
  5. 90% of the issues with cops I see are because someone's digging their heels in the sand and being difficult or just being outright disrespectful/provocative I'm not going to get into it here but that's just what you've seen and experienced that does mean that others have had the same experience as you. I've had great interactions with police and also some really bad ones and I am never anything but polite and cooperative. Trust me people get fucked with all over this country while doing nothing wrong. This. I don't have any animosity towards cops, I believe that some form of policing is needed in a stable society, but from experience some cops are just power hungry cunts who like telling people what to do and having authority. The profession attracts two types of people, some who genuinely want to help and give back to the community and those who want to be in a position of power. Unfortunately the wankers tend to leave a lasting impression on the people they fuck over and taint the view of the police as a whole.
  6. Buy a metronome. For real. I haven't heard much apart from two songs I saw posted here but sometimes it sounds like you're just flying through lines with something playing in the background. It's called writing bars for a reason. Also maybe go to the library and rent some creative writing books, learn about metaphors, similes, imagery etc. Some of your lines like "I eat wack rappers like food, chicken noodle soup" just seems like they're there to fill a void. I can't and don't rap, but some of my friends do, and seeing how they've developed themselves and their understanding of the english language over the years made their rapping and content a hundred times better. You gotta have a base to work from. Just something to think about.
  7. I believe in you LOL. "Try not to fuck this up cuntmonkey" Cause dogs cheer everyone up.
  8. Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. Don't stress yourself that you don't feel anything, we get to choose who means something to us.
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