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    Long walks on the beach and romantic candle lit dinners. What do you think I'm interested in?

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  1. Was going to suggest the same thing! Can't go wrong with two SAs I've got 2 SA-12's in my room. One is in my car box as a temp but it doesn't like it for some reason.I agree though, very reasonably priced Edit: This would cost anywhere from $600-$800 I would think for just subs and amp Yeah, I spent about $800 for amp and subs. They don't disappoint
  2. You have an aftermarket head unit or are you staying stock? Do you have a budget in mind?
  3. What's your budget man? What all do you want to do? New mids and highs or just get some subs?
  4. http://www.manualslib.com/manual/141624/Rockford-Fosgate-Rfa-408.html?page=5 The very last sentence on page 5 of the manual says.. They Will yeild optimum performance in a small sealed box
  5. Hahaha, not me.. My dad My family is going through a rough time right now and my grandma has cancer so my dad with go fill my car up with gas a drive listen to his country music to clear his mind and I can definitely hear him. It actually sounds pretty awesome and my box is tuned to 32hz so 38hz would sound much better I imagine
  6. He could tune higher. I would tune around 38ish. But yes, you would be suprised, a lot of country music has lows
  7. How often do you start the car and how often are you checking the testing voltage with the car off? it could possibly be that one battery is shit and it's draining the other 2 to keep itself charged
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