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  1. neuspeedescort, you have been added. Sorry it took so long. I was not home to update the map. Thanks
  2. Lupeloops, you have been added and Reedal your info has been updated. Sorry it took so long
  3. andru, you have been added! FosgateFan821, I can not believe I missed adding you to the list for 2 months. I have no idea how it slipped by. You have been added now though. Thanks
  4. Tboorn, Hoit - You have been updated. Reedal - I can not control where it actually puts the blip. It is just based off of a zip code not an actual address. Sorry
  5. Reedal, I have updated the Zip Code to 23454. Let me know if it is alright. Thanks
  6. Wildrow, You have been added. I put 85001 as your zip code. Not sure what it was so I just used that. If you would like it changed just let me know. Thanks
  7. Covailla, Yes it is. I have been taking care of it since November of last year. I can add you if you want. Just give me your info and I will add you to the map.
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