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Found 9 results

  1. I am gonna connect a Fosgate 500.2 to my Fosgate 8's today. Yes of course its a 2 channel and I will be bridging it. there are 2 gain nobs. one for each channel. If I am bridging L+ / R- , would I only set the L gain?? Or do I need to use the DD-1 on both channels?
  2. Anyone in N.C. area (preferably Piedmont Triad) have a DD-1 that I can make use of? I'm in High Point.
  3. As all of you know the original SMD Tool Map was no longer being update by the OP. I went ahead and transferred all the data from his map and copied them to a new map. The new map is on a different server because it is 100% free. We can also add a logo to the top right corner of the Map. I didn't want to add the SMD logo without permission from someone. The new map can be found here: SMD Tool Map If you have a tool that you would like added to this list either PM me or add it to this post and I will add them to the list. I am on here at least once per day sometimes more. I do not feel I own this list, If someone has a better mapping site or would like to take it over just let me know. I will send you the Excel file of all the information. Thanks Dan
  4. Looking for a pre-owned DD-1, maybe someone wants to upgrade to DD-1+. I asked previously and didn't jump on one so have to ask again. Thanks
  5. What can I say, it's an awesome product! We just got these the other day and can't get enough of playing with them. Really easy to use, and you just immidietly know what's up with the system, takes all the guesswork out. Eventhough we have a big ole soviet-era oscilioscope in the shop we rarely use it in the cars, mostly for testing amps...the gains are usually set by ear and based on our experience - which is fairly accurate as we have quite a few years of experience, and know when to back off when beating on a system, but it's rarely 100% clean signal. So here's a vid we shot the other day (we also had a bunch of pics, but those are on the camera still and need to be uploaded...we will get those up later) - sorry in advance for my sometimes incoherent rambling, I'm not that used to the camera just yet. LOL the actual gain setting part is in Russian as that was done by Drugban and Vic now this was like the perfect example of what I was tlaking about above - we have the Obsidian 18's on a Sundown SAZ3500 @ half-ohm in the vid, and when this was initially hooked up we pretty much eyballed everything as usual. The subs were actually fine, but on some tracks we had them getting a bit too warm - we knew there was some clipping looking at the voltage drop.... After we set the gains with the DD-1 on the deck (the Sony unit at the Audi starts to clip at 35 on the sub channel) and the amp (video above) - perfect! zero issues, no coils smell at all.... I can't wait to use this to set up my system, which being a BP4 means I can't exactly smell coils with the sub being in sealed chambers oh yah, here's the vid we left out with setting the HU Thanks Steve!!!
  6. Anyone in the DC area with a SMD DD-1/CC-1? I eventually would like to purchase one of each but I would like to meet up with someone and tune my amp gains and crossovers. Or if you know of a buisness near by the DC area that has this equipment and does tuning that would be helpful. Thanks for your time! SSgt. Jason Nelson Andrews AFB, MD
  7. We've got the AD-1 Amp Dyno very close to production trim. Here are a couple of demo videos showing some of it's capabilities. Currently the AD-1 Amplifier Dyno is the only self contained test system that can measure RMS Continuous Power and Dynamic Power of both Full Range and Bandwidth Limited (subwoofer) Amplifiers in the world....and it does it in YOUR CAR! Please enjoy these two videos. The first video demonstrates the gain setting capability of the newly developed DD-1+ technology built into the AD-1. DD-1+ allow the user to make variable gain overlap settings in 1dB increments, even if the system is dirty and reads over 1% Distortion BEFORE clipping. The AD-1 amp dyno's DD-1+ technology can also be used in EXACTLY the same manner as the classic DD-1 if the user chooses. Link below The second video demonstrates the dyno loading and precision power measurement technologies in the AD-1 Amplifier Dyno. Learn about Certified Dyno Mode (which the Jeep's system failed due to headunit's noisy output), Uncertified Dyno Mode (which is the backup in the event you run into a problem like we did), and Dynamic Power Mode which measures power output during a very short term "bursted" signal. This is the industry standard for measuring "Dynamic Power" or "Headroom". Link below
  8. SQhaven

    Setting Gain

    New to car audio, so as of right now, I have front components 150 w rms @ 4 ohms in the front and coaxials in the rear 70 w rms @ 4 ohms. I want to run both front and rear off a 4 channel amp. Problem is I want full power in front, and obviously less power in the back to protect from overpowering them. How should I set the gain in the back to prevent overpowering them, also wondering can I use the DD-1 to test for speaker distortion? I know you use it for testing amp and HU clipping but what about if you're overpowering your speakers? Cheers
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