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  1. steve griffin team northeast spl no wall 2 dcaudio 18 xl m1 1 atomic 5k 2 xs power 3100s watch to see how loud it really is this vans 100% stock no mods stock alternator no deadener at all.
  2. well had issues at finals when we tried to push the amp to 0.117ohms kept going into protect best score was a 147.6 at .35ohms did a 150.9db without the spare tire cover but it wasnt legal.
  3. i dont think a wall in a crx is louder then no wall they are super loud without one.
  4. it has a racing only intake HUH? Theres no dust when people race? lol. it did have a small filter part built into the opening of the intake you have to watch the video closer to even see it.
  5. if your into cars watch this video its well worth it 1965 dodge hemi with a 1996 6.1L hemi engine and interior
  6. thanks rob yes 2 and 1/2 years on the same 6 xl 15s without 1 recone thanks dc.
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