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  1. I rally wish I had the money so just go all out on a build, Steve does this basically "oh look that a lot of room I will put 6 18"s in there" and I do this "look how much space we got lets put 2 12"s in there..." lol
  2. I really cant wait to see what hes going to do with this, I mean this is Steve Meade were talking about here... he goes all out... this is gonna be big!
  3. Anyone know if the build for this is gonna be soon? Im really interested in seeing this build
  4. Well I won't be the one fitting it so ill just tell the person to set it at that or will they already know?
  5. SA 8 v.2 D2 RE: 3.36 ohms FS: 34.6 Hz VAS: 7.44 L Qes: 0.35 Qms: 10.10 Qts: 0.33 Le: 1.34 mH BL: 17.56 NA Mms: 146.120 g Sens: 81.5 RMS: 500 Watts
  6. Well I don't know what Ohms are and I will be getting it professionally fitted, I will be going out for around 6Hrs now so ill be back later.
  7. Well I wanted a cheaper amp because I don't want to spend a lot of money if I don't need to, also I live in the UK and we don't have a Walmart. So im basically going to pay about £1200 just on the subs and a amp? And if a amp says it gives 700 Watts at 4 ohms what does that mean?
  8. Is this a good enough amp to power it without any problems? Hifonics Brutus BRZ2100.1D
  9. So if I was to get a Mean Machine it would sound bad? lets say my budget was £1000 that means the SA-8 V2's will take £520 of that + an amp + a battery + wires, hmm maybe £1500. Just lets try to get it as cheap as possible.
  10. Ok thanks guys ill look into it, ill have to make a new box because mine failed once again. Every time I spend like an hour making a box for someone to just point something out that's wrong.
  11. I don't know what power cable I have, its a thick blue wire. here's a picture of it.
  12. Well I thought because the SA 8's are 500 Watts each that meant 4 was 2k Watts so why would I need a 3k Watt amp? I am new to this so sorry if this is a stupid question.
  13. Oh well my dad said he's going to make it Recessed so that will act similar to a Second Baffle?
  14. So what battery would I need and the professional will use the best wires because I will tell him to.
  15. well I don't know what a Second Baffle is so maybe instead of that we could drop the height down a bit more rather then have it 1 inch from the top, I was thinking more 4 inches from the top so it has clear room. If you could design a box and maybe sketch it out on Google Sketch Up and send me the dimensions then I can be sure I will have a good box and not need to worry if its wrong.
  16. £180 for the Mean Machine Monoblock and it does the job, looks like this is on my list.
  17. Ok so £834.99 for the SAZ-2500D is there any cheaper because the subs are going to cost me around £520 without the postage, so its going to be around 1.4k.
  18. £1 683.48 don't think Im going to get the NS-1
  19. If the dimensions are bottom depth 36 and top depth 28 then yes if the dimensions are just depth 28 then no, if the depth is just 28 then I will have room behind the box to put a Amp so either I don't mind which ever is easier.
  20. I will be upgrading the Amp to a 2-2.5k.
  21. So any recommended Amps, By the way with all the recommended Amps I will pick the cheapest because I am tight on cash and I want it quick, meaning I don't want to have to wait a long time to get it.
  22. The back is slanted because of the seats at the back of the boot, also Kranny I will upgrade my Amp.
  23. Well I don't really have a budget but I don't want to spend like loads of money on something I don't need, so just anything cheap that will run them no problem. Also I don't know how to wire it so what ill do is buy the subs make the box and buy the amp and get it professionally fitted. So what's the cheapest amp that will do the job without any problems.
  24. At the moment I have a Rockford Fosgate P300 which is running a Rockford Fosgate Punch P3S 12" Shallow Sub. I am going to upgrade to 4 SA-8 v2's so what amp would I need to power it and would I need to get a new Head Unit? My Head Unit is a Alpine CDA-9887R.
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