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  1. I have a red DD-1. It has always worked perfect on all my personal builds. Yesterday I was having trouble with it while trying to set gains on my newest build. Head unit is an Alpine CDE 172BT and the amp is a CT Sounds 125.4 When setting the max head unit volume, it didn't get a signal until volume was at 24 of 35 and no distortion up to max volume 35...thought that was a little weird, but could be legit. Next when trying to set the amp, I kept getting hardly any signal, then the 40hz and 1khz would light up but the signal light would not. I tried several different tracks and could not get any consistent reading...if any readings at all. No speakers were connected and I tried all 4 channels. Occasionally all lights would light up for a couple seconds and then go off. I checked the 9 volt battery inside it and it tested good. Any idea what the problem could be? I ended up just setting gains half way and hooking up the speakers...all speakers were working fine and amp was loud and clear.
  2. I'm having problems with my DD-1. I sent an email to [email protected] but have not gotten a response. Is there a better contact email or phone number?
  3. It's always difficult to fit two wires into those terminals. You'd probably be okay with short runs of 12 gauge OFC wire in the terminals, and then connect them to your 8 gauge with a large wire nut. At least that's what I've done before without any problems.
  4. I have a pair of level 3 M1 motors, one good 15" basket, and one 15" basket with a broken screw hole. I'm trying to decide whether to recone them, or sell the motors. Is anyone interested in purchasing the motors? I'm really not sure what they're worth.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, and the video is a must!!! lol
  6. So I bought this used XL 18, and when I got it one coil was reading 4 and the other was reading 2. It was supposed to be a dual 2 sub. I have since ordered and received a recone kit for it. I'm going to start reconing it today. I'm just wondering if it would mess anything up (other than what I'm already replacing with the recone) if I was to hook it up free air and send a bunch of power to it to blow it before reconing.
  7. It's not in there, I sent you a PM....thanks a lot for your help.
  8. I just recieved an XL 18 recone kit I ordered, but it didn't come with a dust cap. I'm just wondering if it was left out, or if they just do not come with one...or maybe I'm just stupid and didn't see it in the box?
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