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  1. Does anyone know what a pair of DC Audio level 3 M1 motors are worth? I've got a pair, and trying to decide whether to recone them or sell them. I also have one good 15" basket and one with a broken screw hole.
  2. It's always difficult to fit two wires into those terminals. You'd probably be okay with short runs of 12 gauge OFC wire in the terminals, and then connect them to your 8 gauge with a large wire nut. At least that's what I've done before without any problems.
  3. I have a pair of level 3 M1 motors, one good 15" basket, and one 15" basket with a broken screw hole. I'm trying to decide whether to recone them, or sell the motors. Is anyone interested in purchasing the motors? I'm really not sure what they're worth.
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