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  1. Any reason why the sundowns over the dc from your journey of 8’s? Lol
  2. Thank you sir!! I woulda made a big mistake if i just ordered the sub blindly without any research lol
  3. Box would be too big for a sundown u series. Right?
  4. I think so, heres a pic of that piece
  5. Finally got the time to measure the box and this is what it was. Wood is 3/4 inch thick
  6. Will do. Thanks! Super inspired by your box design with that vinyl haha
  7. I was checking out down4sound and they had pre fab boxes suited for sundown u series and below. Sooo maybe a new box would be an option too if this box doesnt work out lol but ill check out sundown.
  8. Not too sure, bought it from a shop. But i can measure it out on my next day off.
  9. Alrighty, ill get on that on my next off haha
  10. After 7 years of daily abuse, my dd3515 (1st Gen) dvc 2ohm finally gave out. Got the big 3, system is running on a stinger power2 battery. Amp is an arc audio ks 2500.1, 1ohm stable. Called digital design customer service and im able to get it repaired for half the price of a brand new one. But i wanted to try something new. Im debating between sundown audio and dc audio. Havent heard any of those subs in person but im sure you guys all have. Currently debating on sundown u series and dc audio lvl 3’s. Whats you fellow bassheads experience with how they sound. Planning to use the same box
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