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  1. i have a 1999 ford f250 with 7.3l powerstroke diesel, 6 speed 4x4. i have been thinking about getting a security/ remote start for it. the truck does not have anything on it right now. so i was wondering what brand you guys would recommend for a diesel truck?
  2. i have 1989 ford f150 with two tanks. the back tank works fine. the front will run for like 30 minutes then shut off like it is out of fuel but there is fuel in it. i looked up the symptoms and found i need to have a high pressure pump in the front tank instead of the low pressure that is it now. can i take a inline pump and mount it on the fuel sending unit in the tank?
  3. no one has an opinion on what they would do.
  4. what is your guys opinion on my question. i have two skar audio vvx10 v2 d4 that have blown vioce coils the sub reads 0.0 on both coils and the other reads 0.0 on one and 40 k ohms on the other coil. they were bought in march. my question is should i send them back to skar and chance that they are covered under the warranty or just get the recone kit and do that? the recone kit is 50 a sub. it would cost between 40-50 to ship them to skar in florida. so what do you guys think? they were powered by a skar audio 1500.1 at 1 ohm and in the manufacture recommended box of off skar audio website.
  5. both subs they are skar audio vvx 10v2 dual 4 ohm subs. after measuring the one sub, the one coul measeured 0 the other coil measured 40.4 k ohms. the other subwoofer measured 0 on both coils. so they need reconed
  6. what does an open voice coils look like i was told that mine were open and don't know what to look for.
  7. i have a inline 6 ford 300 4.9l, i am want to put a turbo on it. i know i have to upgrade internals to forged parts, get intercooler and charge pipe for the turbo. what else to the engine do i have to do to get it ready for a turbo?
  8. http://www.the12volt.com/caraudio/woofer_configurations.asp?Q=1&I=22#results here is a link on how to wire it to one ohm. the thing is your sub will getting more wattage since you are lowing the restinance in the sub. your amp is 1 ohm stable. the other thing it will sound louder and hit harder if i am not wrong.
  9. i was wondering where everyone gets these batteries. i was wanting to purchase 1 for my extra battery in my audio setup.
  10. i am looking for a good bedliner. i have a 1992 full size bronco. it has the vinyl flooring in it and i was wanting to take it out and sound dampen the whole flooring of it. then take a bed liner and apply over top of it as my new floor covering. what would you guys suggest?
  11. i am looking for a good wireless routor cheap. can you guys help me? it will be running a couple of computers and gaming stations. i would like to spend no more than 50 bucks
  12. what program do you guys use to transfer music off your ipod to your computer? i wanting to take music off my ipod and put on my computer. i have a ipod nano. little square one.
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