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  1. Looking for a couple of recone kits for a set of vvx v2 10s. Could you guys help?
  2. do this newer versions still use the same dimensions as the old v2 versions? for sub boxes
  3. i want to buhy recone kits for my skar audio vvxv2 10 d4's. can you guys help me
  4. Ok thanks I tried asking skar and I have had. No response
  5. i am planning recone my subs they are vvx10v2 d4's i have two of them. would it hurt if i was to take say put a different level of sub soft parts in these? such as the ddx or ivx or vd series soft parts. if it would hurt or hinder the subs with the different series of part then i would just stick with the vvx series. i was just wondering if this would work? also how much are the recone kits for the ddx, ivx, and vd series?
  6. I did am I waiting for them to get to me. But I am seeing if I can get a redone kit for it else where
  7. i was wondering where i could get a recone kit for these subs. because mine are fried the voice coils are open. i am wanting to recone them fix them i bought them back in march. or could i get them fixed under the warrenty?
  8. here guys i got my sub box rebuilt to proper size. let me know what you think.
  9. Ok I changed the setting on the video so now you should be able to view it
  10. i didn't see to many vidoes on the these subwoofers. so here is one of mine. i will add more later. let me know what you think.
  11. i am looking for a fuse rating for a skar audio 1500.1? i saw in the manual it said that it was 160 amp. does anyone sell 160 amp fuse? because i only found 150 and 200 amp fuses only?
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