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  1. i have a 1999 ford f250 with 7.3l powerstroke diesel, 6 speed 4x4. i have been thinking about getting a security/ remote start for it. the truck does not have anything on it right now. so i was wondering what brand you guys would recommend for a diesel truck?
  2. i have a kicker 750.1 that i was plan on using for an amp. so i have that part covered, i listen to different kinds of music country, rock, rap and pop. i have not measured the seat for space yet. i plan on doing that tomorrow.
  3. i was looking to put two subs in my truck. it is a 99 ford f250 extended cab truck. i have not decided on which yet of 2 10's or two 8s. but i was planning on taking the back seat out and replacing it with a sub box. and using it as a seat as well as a box. i like to keep the things functional so i still use the back seat. even thought it ain't much, i was planning on going for a ported box if i could but, i wanted your guys opinion on this.
  4. well i am thinking about, they have a website http://freeradioonmyphone.org/ and you go in and they have you contact the carrier. i was just wondering if anyone has tried it to see if it works and how it does.
  5. has anyone heard the radio ads about the fm chip our smart phones and has anyone tried it? i am just wondering, i hear it all the time on the radio and wonder if it actually works.
  6. i have not looked a whole lot into it just got the car today
  7. this is an after market head unit in the car. the head unit does not shut off with the car. has anyone faced this issue before and what was the fix. this is the second chevy i have seen do this and i have heard of at least 1 other doing this. can you some one help.
  8. ok i forgot to mention i have an aftermarket radio. thanks for the advice
  9. ok i have a soundstream rubicon 250.2 for my door speakers in my truck. the speakers are jbl 6 1/5 speakers that are rated at 75 watts rms. my question how should i hook up the sound signal to the amp since it has the rca connections on the amp for the low level and the speaker plug in for the high level. below is the a link to a picture of what i am talking about. which is better recommend for 2 6/15 speakers for my doors. the high leve input or the low level input? http://images.sonicelectronix.com/images/2397170/big/rub2250.jpg
  10. well it was the crank position sensor was broke off from the mount to the motor. so i replaced it and it work just like is should
  11. no i have not but there was what looked like vaccuum lines under the trans that mounted to the cross member that i think could be backwards. so when i go up i am gana check for spark, the iac and to see if the vaccuum lines on backwards
  12. i helped out my aunt and uncle. by replacing there transmission on there 1999 dodge 1500 4wd. it has a 46re in the truck. before replacing the transmission the truck ran fine. now after replacing it has issues starting and when it does start it acts like it is searching for idle. but when you give it throttle it smooths out. i removed the crank sensor ring and torque convertor because my uncle wanted the remain seal replaced. but he changed his mine. so i installed it back the way i took off the crank sensor ring. then installed the torque convertor. i hooked everything up the way it was on the other transmission. i check the wires on the crank sensor since dodge mounted it on the back of the motor in the bell housing. it wires were not pinched, i hope it isn't that. but i am going up to look at it today and hope i can figure it out. i am going to see if it is getting spark. it is getting fuel. what do you guys think it could be?
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