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  1. i did a ground on the frame right by the battery but without the second ground the car wouldnt start once i put the stock ground back on with the upgraded ground it started so i just upgraded both my stock wiring was bad had to be replaced only line to starter an fuse box are stock now an it works fine
  2. it may not affect anything car audio wise but if you unhook the stock on my vehicle it wont start so when i replaced my wiring i had to re place that wire just for car to start some cars must have this
  3. try an pull what you can off maybe heat it up an peel also use razor blade to clean surface
  4. thats good enough i guess im just tryin to decide on ported or 4th order but im gonna run about 2000 rms to 1 lvl 4 18
  5. i have a lvl 4 18 an am wanting to know where i can find the fs an things like that of the sub
  6. yes a single dc lvl 4 18 im gonna run around 1500 to 2000 rms on the sub if it makes a difference
  7. well maybe a second opinion will be good lookin for box design for lvl 4 18 width 45 depth 40 height 24
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