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  1. There is 45" wide 20" deep and about 28" tall to work with. Thanks!
  2. running 2200.1 sound qubed amp. Listen to mostly rap or decafs music. going into a 2 door car. I would like the box to be around 5.5 to 6 cubes. Its going to replace the backseat and going to try a half wall type of style because the opening to my trunk is not very big and makes it difficult to get a bigger box in it. The car is a 2002 dodge stratus coupe
  3. Anyone have a box design I could use for 2 XL 12" subs? I have to build a box for a wood shop class I am in and don't want the box to be bad. I have some general knowledge about boxes and everything just need some specs to do off of. Thanks!
  4. Name: Xavier Products interested in: Level 3 12" Shipping Zipcode: 68354 How you heard about this sale: Email from SMD Is this a Christmas Gift: For myself
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