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  1. anybody know the cut out diameter for an sa 18?
  2. Sold my car with my system in it to get this one and now im starting all over. those are some great prizes!
  3. Name: Acura Tl (1999)<br />Date Added: ÚTE_ADDED%<br />Owner: cizzo19<br />Short Description: Stock <br /><br /><br /><br />View Vehicle
  4. cizzo19

    Acura Tl

  5. cizzo19

    which would be louder and get lower?

    sorry if i posted in the wrong section! i have a 1993 honda prelude and it has a little trunk
  6. i have a DC audio 12" lvl 3 but thinking of going to two 10" american bass 10" xfl's. do you guys think the 10's will be louder and get lower? I want more spl and hit the lower notes. Any suggetions would be a great help. Thanks.
  7. Whats up everybody this is my first post. I just put a second battery in my trunk with a battery isolater relay. I bought my battery a kinetik hc 2400 back in june but installed it last weekend so it sat around a while. anyway to make a long story short it wasnt charging at first. I ran power from my staring battery to the relay and from the relay to second battery and my volt meter would flash low with the car running. So i ran the power wire straight to the alternatorwith better results. Is this safe? or can it wreck my second battery? any help would be great! Thanks.