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  1. I pulled the sub out of the box and disconnected all wires then took the speaker wire from my sub amp and hooked it to one vc played some music did the same to the other side and only one vc worked.
  2. Your right. When I told the installer that I wanted a ported box tuned to 40 hertz he was like you don't want a ported box you don't have the space and a sealed box will sound better..well he probably didn't have the skill to make it.
  3. I have a fiberglass box that is shaped to my trunk so how do you figure out the volume on it since it is shaped weird...sorry if these ?'s sound dumb not to skilled on sub boxes.
  4. I heard that if you fill your box with packing peanuts then count them you can find exactly how many cubic feet the box is. Is this true?
  5. Shoot! This sub actually takes a little box. So a 1 cubic ft ported box is good...huh . Is that why the VC doesn't work?
  6. Hey what's up I'm new to the forum and need help. My sub has 1 voice coil that isn't working. It is in a 2 cubic foot sealed fiber glass box at least that is what the installer said he built it too. I set my amps with the SMD DD-1. If someone could tell me what could cause 1 VC to fail I would appreciate it thanks.
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