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  1. So would .75 cu before displacement be ok? Would 800rms be a better option? Or stick with the sae-1000
  2. Will That be a safe amount of power to be Blasted Daily? Looking to order a small setup for my trunk And box specs say .75-1.0 cu Ft for the box. Do I want more on the side of 1.0 cubes?
  3. If I have to pay to get it fixed anyways I will do that. But is rather have it done the right way
  4. It's on the inside if the surround. Not on the side with the mounting hole. I don't even know how someone could do that with a drill. I've never put a hole in a sub. And this is at least system #25 for me
  5. Of course it's near a mounting hole. The surround is 1/2" from the mounting holes. I got an email saying it was not covered under warranty because it looks like I put the hole there. Even if it is replaced under warranty, I still have to pay shipping on something I already paid for and shipped once. Not happy at all.
  6. Ha! I received a sub with a damaged surround and was basically called a liar by sundown by saying it was my fault. They won't fix it under warranty because they said I did it during mounting. I never mounted it and the fresh mounting holes with glue still in them from the factory show that. I sent pictures fresh out the box and I'm stuck with a $400+ paperweight in my living room now. Last time I buy sundown I guess.
  7. im thinking I want to do aero port through the back deck....any reasons against this?
  8. .75 would be awesome space wise as long as it will use the full potential of the subs...starting with 575rms each and will bump it up to 750 each soon after. aero ports? center? L port? any of them better then the other? going to have them blow through the back seat opening with the seats down
  9. Is everybody actually following the websites recommended .75 cu ft per sub ported? just wondering what everyone is using with the sa8 v2 D2 going to order 2 of them and want to get them as loud as possible any help would be awsome
  10. Cone Area One 15" = 176.71 Two 12" = 226.19 Box Volume 1 E15 = 3-4 ft^3 1 Sa15 = 3-4 ft^3 2 Sa12 = 3-4 ft^3 Those box specs are from sundown just somthin to think about ... if it were my vehicle id go with 2 12s. Are you set on a 15?
  11. that would be awsome! Names Greg its shipping to me on dyess air force base your my idol lol you have a good job, awsome cars, great family, cool friends, and you always seem to be helping people out anytime you can i wana be like you someday, i just turned 20 , but i know if i keep working hard ill get there someday
  12. the new hats are WAY better then the old ones. Thanks for wearing it like that bro! Hell yeah, glad to rep it! i get paid tomo so ill order one on lunch break! =)
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