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  1. I set my gains with the dd1, usually between track 5 setting and 7 settings. Voltage shouldn't be an option. The box is giving the subs a combined 4.8 cu. ft after all displacement. Really considering that 5500 now.
  2. I do know what I'm doing. These subs just came out. What I should have asked was if anyone has ran them on a 5k. I have the electrical to run a 5k all day (see sig). Figured I'd ask to see if someone else has done it. With the 3500 at 1 ohm, the subs don't get warm at all, or even stink. I figure as long as tuning and voltage are correct a 5k would work well. True?
  3. I currently have 2 zv4 12's tuned to 30hz on a crescendo 3500. Curious as to if a 5500 is too much power for them when wired at 1 ohm. And gain set with dd-1
  4. I see it as a $360 difference between having something good and having something great. I just hate buying something knowing I could have paid a bit more and get something better
  5. i dont mind spending the money on the v4's. how would the performance be with 2 x's compared to 2 v4's?
  6. Ill be getting a crescendo 3500 soon. my question is What sub would be best used. Im considering getting 2 sundown X 12's but im curious as to how 2 of the Zv4 12's would do. Some say an X can take a 3.5k at 1 ohm and a Zv4 on a 5k. This is a daily driver, mainly just to crush lows for days. Would i over power the X's when wired to 1 and would i under power the v4's at 1? I understand there will be box rise, and i really dont want to wire to .5 for daily.
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