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  1. i have a crescendo 3500. worked great, never had a problem. i took it out today to clean up my wiring and add a battery and when i was all done and reinstalled it, no sound from subs. i checked both rca's. had AC readings. amp powers up normal. subs read out correctly. so i checked the AC voltage on the speaker outputs and no voltage. ill assume thats the answer. i opened it up, checked it out. nothing looks bad or loose. Any ideas how it happened or possibly how to fix. Better yet who can i send it to for repair?
  2. I set my gains with the dd1, usually between track 5 setting and 7 settings. Voltage shouldn't be an option. The box is giving the subs a combined 4.8 cu. ft after all displacement. Really considering that 5500 now.
  3. I do know what I'm doing. These subs just came out. What I should have asked was if anyone has ran them on a 5k. I have the electrical to run a 5k all day (see sig). Figured I'd ask to see if someone else has done it. With the 3500 at 1 ohm, the subs don't get warm at all, or even stink. I figure as long as tuning and voltage are correct a 5k would work well. True?
  4. I currently have 2 zv4 12's tuned to 30hz on a crescendo 3500. Curious as to if a 5500 is too much power for them when wired at 1 ohm. And gain set with dd-1
  5. Yea, will be running at 1 ohm. I can take the box out, just takes like 3 guys. So if worst case happens I'll have to take the box out or possibly just slide it enough to reach the fuses under it.
  6. I don't have a problem buying fuses. Just didn't want to go through the trouble of taking my box out.....
  7. I have knukonceptz k flex wire. Rated to carry like 375a I believe. Voltage won't be an issue. I just want to know if I could still pound on a 5500 or even just a 5k with those 200a fuses.
  8. That's what I'm afraid of. I used to own a 5500, not sure why I sold it. I had 2 250a fuses and never blew one, and has less batteries and made my own ground posts in rear.
  9. I'm currently running a crescendo 3500. I have 2 200a fuses inline in the front and rear. The back ones are under my Box which would be a pain to take out. I'm curious if I can run a 5k or maybe a bc5500 with those fuses. I don't do comps. I don't pound the system 100% of the time. But when I do I wanna be able to push the subs. I have zv4 12's. I have a kinetik 2000, xs xp3000, 2 d3100, and a d3400 under hood if that helps.
  10. I have a pair of these, works great. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-Hi-Lev-Cable-Cutter-For-4-0-Alum-2-0-Soft-Copper-and-100-Pair-24-AWG-63050/100492628#.UjYcFRb2zEk
  11. I bought 70 sq ft of it this past fall. It was a b**** to put down and "mold" it to the spare tire well. But it did the job thats for sure. Put about 10lbs on my trunk lid. rock solid now
  12. I have a kinetik 2000 on the way. So that might get me started
  13. Here's my dilemma, I currently have a 320a iraggi alt with a kinetik 1800 under the hood, big 3 all in 0, 2 runs of 0 to rear and 2 kinetik 2400s in the spare tire well. For a daily driver and for pounding a few songs at full tilt is this enough for that amp to run at 1 ohm?
  14. Exactly. If they had a 2500 rms with a peak of 5k. The t2500 would put out ~3k. Not that it's easy to just toss together a power house but they have so much R&D that I feel they are holding back. I would assume they are putting out products to blend in with "name brands"
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