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  1. i have a crescendo 3500. worked great, never had a problem. i took it out today to clean up my wiring and add a battery and when i was all done and reinstalled it, no sound from subs. i checked both rca's. had AC readings. amp powers up normal. subs read out correctly. so i checked the AC voltage on the speaker outputs and no voltage. ill assume thats the answer. i opened it up, checked it out. nothing looks bad or loose. Any ideas how it happened or possibly how to fix. Better yet who can i send it to for repair?
  2. I set my gains with the dd1, usually between track 5 setting and 7 settings. Voltage shouldn't be an option. The box is giving the subs a combined 4.8 cu. ft after all displacement. Really considering that 5500 now.
  3. I do know what I'm doing. These subs just came out. What I should have asked was if anyone has ran them on a 5k. I have the electrical to run a 5k all day (see sig). Figured I'd ask to see if someone else has done it. With the 3500 at 1 ohm, the subs don't get warm at all, or even stink. I figure as long as tuning and voltage are correct a 5k would work well. True?
  4. I currently have 2 zv4 12's tuned to 30hz on a crescendo 3500. Curious as to if a 5500 is too much power for them when wired at 1 ohm. And gain set with dd-1
  5. Yea, will be running at 1 ohm. I can take the box out, just takes like 3 guys. So if worst case happens I'll have to take the box out or possibly just slide it enough to reach the fuses under it.
  6. I don't have a problem buying fuses. Just didn't want to go through the trouble of taking my box out.....
  7. I have knukonceptz k flex wire. Rated to carry like 375a I believe. Voltage won't be an issue. I just want to know if I could still pound on a 5500 or even just a 5k with those 200a fuses.
  8. That's what I'm afraid of. I used to own a 5500, not sure why I sold it. I had 2 250a fuses and never blew one, and has less batteries and made my own ground posts in rear.
  9. I'm currently running a crescendo 3500. I have 2 200a fuses inline in the front and rear. The back ones are under my Box which would be a pain to take out. I'm curious if I can run a 5k or maybe a bc5500 with those fuses. I don't do comps. I don't pound the system 100% of the time. But when I do I wanna be able to push the subs. I have zv4 12's. I have a kinetik 2000, xs xp3000, 2 d3100, and a d3400 under hood if that helps.
  10. I have a pair of these, works great. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-Hi-Lev-Cable-Cutter-For-4-0-Alum-2-0-Soft-Copper-and-100-Pair-24-AWG-63050/100492628#.UjYcFRb2zEk
  11. I bought 70 sq ft of it this past fall. It was a b**** to put down and "mold" it to the spare tire well. But it did the job thats for sure. Put about 10lbs on my trunk lid. rock solid now
  12. I have a kinetik 2000 on the way. So that might get me started
  13. Here's my dilemma, I currently have a 320a iraggi alt with a kinetik 1800 under the hood, big 3 all in 0, 2 runs of 0 to rear and 2 kinetik 2400s in the spare tire well. For a daily driver and for pounding a few songs at full tilt is this enough for that amp to run at 1 ohm?
  14. Exactly. If they had a 2500 rms with a peak of 5k. The t2500 would put out ~3k. Not that it's easy to just toss together a power house but they have so much R&D that I feel they are holding back. I would assume they are putting out products to blend in with "name brands"
  15. Also, not that i believe everything i read or hear, sonicelectronix claims the T2 has an excursion capability of ~3in peak to peak. But your right, they do need to come out with something a bit more competitive. 2500 rms would be perfect for a "T3" matched up with their T2500. or atleast 2000rms. the T1500's do about that anyway.......
  16. its in an 06 impala... they r in 2 separate boxes, those were the outside dimensions of them in the trunk.
  17. Here's the deal. I have these 2 RF T2 15's (new model). for my daily driver and not much of a competitor, they pound. But, i have them in pre-fab boxes i dont want to build a box because im just too damn lazy. A friend of mine works at an audio shop so im here to gather some ideas. the 2 boxes together measure 17.5H,42W, 17.5D ported. they are garbage. what do you guys think would work?
  18. very true... Singer, Mechman, DC (if you can get an alt within the same year) or Iraggi are your best bets... I happened to catch Dom during prime time in the summer so i had mine within a week
  19. I bought my 320a alt from Iraggi (Dom) this past summer. its the tits!!! i beat the hell out of everything and it still manages to keep up a charge.
  20. Well Microsoft finally updated the 360's dashboard with a browser... 6 years too late. if microsoft put in a blu ray drive, besides playing online for free, ps3 doenst have much more over the 360. That being said, price competition to be lower than the next might be interesting...
  21. I have 2 of the Thunder Elite 1501D amps.. never had a problem. both pushing 1600+ at 1 ohm daily driven. i did pay a pretty penny for them
  22. Currently using Stinger, most likely the basic. I purchased KnuKonceptz Krystal Kable (in the mail). Should be better than what im using
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