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  1. The Icon will walk all over the HDC for linear response and sounding good.It doesn't need a tline though, a simple ported box or sealed box will make it sound pretty amazing. I know but I'm dying to try a tline. What makes u say the icon is better?
  2. I realllllllyyy want to try soundqubed but as fas as I can see on the website they only make a d1. My t1000 does 1400watts At 2ohms and 800 at 4ohm. The hdc has an RMS of 1000w and reading this thread it mentioned its easier to blow a sub in a t-line Think its still safe to run it? The icon can be dual 2
  3. i was looking at running either a soundqubed hdc 3.0 10 or an ssa icon 10 HDC 3.0 10: QMS: 6.999 QTS: 0.355 FS: 41 Hz ICON 10: QMS: 5.5 QTS: 0.38 FS: 31.1 Hz which one would perform better? im looking for linear responce and good sq
  4. Also proper gauge wire for application, using ofc not CCA, proper fusing, sanding paint off grounds and then covering it with a conductive lubricant so it doesnt rust. All I can think of for now
  5. Soldering all connection! Crimping as little as possible. Needless to say its a much stronger and more connective connection that won't come apart due to vibrations. You guys at sonic are awesome, I always shop there. Keep up the good work!
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