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  1. This build uses brass rod for speaker wire because he ran out... awesome!
  2. My awesome customers love to share their builds with me. I am so impressed with their work I decided to start this thread to share with all of you. Hopefully this inspires your next project! Post yours below...
  3. Liquidating Open Box and Like New Equipment 10% Off with code: SONICBOX There are a lot of great options available for any build. All items have been tested and rated. You can find the rating types on each product page. https://www.sonicelectronix.com
  4. @Clownrock95 - sorry man not enough customers recently which caused a round of layoffs and led to some unexpected to support issues. Hopefully you can give us another shot in the future.
  5. Hopefully y'all have been good, I'll talk to Santa for you. I can't decide which sub I want for my new whip... 2017 Volkswagen GLI. Either the NVX VCW124 or the Rockford Fosgate Punch P3D4-12. I might just go big and grab the 15'' American Bass XFL1522.
  6. With Christmas less then a month away, now is your chance to tell Santa what you want for the holidays! Are you going to ask for the Clarion Digital Sound Processor or are you sticking to a new pair of headphones to wear on the go like the noise cancelling Phiaton Cord MS 530? Let us know what's on your holiday wish list!
  7. To get the backup camera to work you would plug in the RCA from the camera into the input labeled "RC In" which is the rear camera input, it will only power on when there is 12V applied to the violet and white wire on the harness. If you want it to automaticall turn on/off when the vehicle is switched on reverse you would take the violet/white wire and tap into the 12V+ on the reverse lamps.
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