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  1. not helpful i was just makin a point everyone thinks there hot shit but they screwed me over big time... i just thought it was something ppl should know if u didnt like it then dont read it and dont perpetuate the post by commenting stupid shit...thank you
  2. Srry about spellin and typos on phone tuch screen is kinds stupid sometimes
  3. no when i ordered them they were backorder and the same day i got the kickers the magicaly had the re s back i stock
  4. Its to late i already used the kickers im just sayin the shisted me out of the shit i wanted...basicly lied to me im very unhappy with customer service...
  5. So i had ordered 2 re sx 18. Witc i paided 279.99 a piece for so they call me and say we dont have any more of those and wont have any for about 4 to 6 month would you like to order some thing else so i was like fuck that im not waitin no 6 months so i go for 4 kicker l3 15 instead well they ship fast i think like 4 days for me to get them and i get um great not damaged or anything i was verry satisfyed but later that same day i got back on se to look for a voltage meter and guees wat they had the 18s i had originaly paid for back in stock man was i pissed like i said bull shit they tricked me into buying something i didnt want
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