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  1. and I don't see why such a big deal anyway the information I gave was good regardless of if it was punctuate it properly or not
  2. I'm not using the keyboard I'm using the voice recognition
  3. if those subs are from the 80's they're older than I am hahahahaha
  4. and I know I'm probably going to hear crap about my grammar and spelling but you know what all that was typing on a phone so I don't want to hear it
  5. so first of all I would like to apologize for the length of this post but please bear with me for this is not something that can be explained easily the misconception:I've heard a lot of people say that if your speaker wire / sub wire are not match closely in length it can cause distortion and or cancellation of the sound waves...this is false to a point here's the truth the first thing that needs to be known is at what speed does electricity travel the max speed of electricity is the speed of light or 186,000 miles per second. however since most electricity is traveling through wires it gets slow down by the resistance of said wires it can potentially be slow down to 60 percent the speed of light or 111, 000 miles per second. now as an example I'm going to use a 50 Hertz shine wave for all the purposes of this formula. take that 111600 multiply it by 5280 and you get your electrical speed measured in feet per second (589, 240, 000) now a 50 her tone means 50 cycles per second so each cycle is .02 of a second apart so for distortion to take place there must be a gap between the time each woofer reaches the peek and Valley of its cycle.so for the speakers to be out of phase completely there has to be a difference of .02 so if we know that our electrical current can flow through the wires at 589,248,000 feet per second that means that there would have to be 11784 more feet of wire on one side than the other. for the average person the length of extra wire going to one subwoofer or the other is just a foot or two so that makes no difference in sound quality or SPL!!! one more quick example let's say I have 10 feet too much on one side that means my workers are only about 6 100 millions of a second out of fase... again sorry for the link I just wanted to once in for all the spell this myth so that way people are trying to cut every little centimeter of their wires thinking it's going to give a more dBreally all making both sets of wires perfectly even does is make you feel good at the end of the day so everything lines up it has no effect on performance whatsoever thank you for reading :-)
  6. Yea im subscibed to his u tube channel...lol
  7. So I was wondering how well do these subs preform I mean do they get super loud...are they musical...and how much clean rms piwer can they actually take( and imean dd-1 clean not by ear clean lol) plz help thanks guys
  8. OkAy so maby two 250 amp alternaters? Loose the cap and keep the 7k?
  9. If u have a android phone kicker has an android app that will give you the info for buolding a box for anyof there subs
  10. Hey guys im about to upgrade my truck and im aiming to total ground pounder its gona be a Frankenstein setup so plz dont dis me for that lolz I would like some feed back what do all u vets think im really lookin for some advice this will be the biggest build ive ever atempted so heres the list of stuff I am getting 2x fi audio sp4 18d2s 1x lanzar opti 7000 1xjl audio jx360/4 5x everstrt marrine 122 ah batteries 1x mechman 250amp alternater All knukonceptz wire Crecendo cz series door speakers 1 x ssl 10 farad cap Okay so I know my batteries are not sealed but they wont be in the cab there gona be in the tool box and I know some one is gona wana say really ur using ever start but I used one in my last set up and it workeed great and they do hold alot of juice. Im gona be able to get apl this for $4k. Its gona be walled 13.8 cubes @32hz and its going in a chevy 1500 extended so what do u think any advice on the build or pointers I could really use the help im a little more then a lot overwhelmed buy all the work its gona take lolz...thanks guys
  11. 4 subs ina single cab truck what kind of subs u using?
  12. I think ther actualy rated at 3000 but fi is beast I dont think 500 extra will hurt em and yea I planed on getting a dd1
  13. 1) if u tune the amps right u should be okay 3) yes it cant it has th do withcthe number of common walls just makeit easy for your self and put it at the bottom thats what I did and I was not disipointed ( did you check out the vid?) 4) yes that is correct that is the minimum didtance the port can be from the hatch
  14. 1) yes it is okay for common airspace if the amos are in master slave mode or if the are perfectly tuned would I do it NO! but is it okay if u want to yes 2) at least the distance from the hatch as the width of the port or witch ever axis is smaller in the case of a square port 3) I dont get the question 4) no square inches is all that matters in width and hight 5) me personaly I would go with 38hz I had my 4 l3 15s and it slapped and sounded good to mine were in a 16 cube box
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