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  1. Well, started to tear everything out to get ready to rebuild. Will be adding two more team 18s. Just picked up two blown 15’s. Just gotta get two 18” baskets and recones and I’ll have 4 18’s. Got all the amps and batteries removed today. Will get the subs taken out tomorrow and will be starting to remove he wall shortly.
  2. Put on some Big SoundQubed decals. I'm also planning on making some new doors. Gonna try and squeeze 2 8’s and 3-4 6.5’s in each door. Picked up two more Q4.90’s to play around with. We will see what I can all fit.
  3. Man, had such a blast at slam. Neil asked if I wanted to demo in front of the SoundQubed booth all weekend, so of course I said hell yeah! Was super cool repping for SoundQubed at slam. Demo’d all day. Got these fi teams so hot you could damn near burn yourself on the dust caps, but they just kept taking it. Only chance they had to cool down was over night. Lol. Can’t wait till I add two more teams next year didnt take many pics or videos, but here’s a video of me hair tricking with the door wide open. She gets pretty windy Heres the SoundQubed booth where I was set up at all weekend
  4. Think shrinking the box a bit would help? It’s 12 cubes net after all displacement right now
  5. I took a look at the 3500 I didn’t think was working, and wouldn’t you know it. It works now! Lol. Hooked up all 4 and did some testing. Didn’t gain much. Got sooooo close to 156, but could only pull off a 155.9. They get a lot warmer much faster with an amp per coil and not much louder on the meter, so I just went back to running a 3500 at .35 each. Hammered on them all day at automotion and even had a couple tapouts. Got subs so hot you could almost burn yourself on the dust cap, but didn’t smell them at all, and they just kept taking it.
  6. Overhead console doesn’t like the wall too much. Lol side note, I’m on the hunt for a couple more team’s so if anyone knows of some motors for sale, or even some working subs let me know
  7. Adjusted the subsonic filter to go a little lower. Plus with running on all 4 coils now, it’s quite a bit windier now
  8. Well, come to find out one of my amps isn’t putting out any power. So this whole time One of my subs has only been playing on one coil. So I hooked up just two amps for now. Each 3500 wired at .35 ohm to each sub. Gained over a db by writing up the two amps! Does over a 155 now! I’ll have to pull the amp and take a look. Hope its an easy fix.
  9. I don’t believe the deal is still going on. They haven’t responded to many people in months /:
  10. Finally got a good video of it. Pretty damn windy. Still trying to find the cc1 tracks so I can properly tune the amps. The subs get pretty stinky pretty quick. Like after 30 seconds full tilt. So hopefully properly gain matching them and crossing them over will help that. But, still able to move a shit ton of air!
  11. It’s much windier than I’m used to that’s for sure! Haven’t played around with it too much. But pretty confident I can float a float towel pretty easily. Will post some videos once I get some more time to play with it
  12. Yeah they are very stiff. Will take a while to loosen up. I’m tuned right around 32hz. 12 cubes net
  13. Got it all hooked up and playing. Waiting to get some tones for my cc1 to dial it all in properly. But it’s very musical! Plays much lower than I’m used to with the hdc4’s. I did a quick burp and did a 154.3 @38hz with drivers window down. Pretty decent for brand new subs. And pretty impressed with my electrical. Full tilt it holds 14.3-14.6 steady! Excited to do some more testing. I’m sure it’s got a couple more DB’s in it once it’s properly tuned and broke in.
  14. Thanks man! I am getting pretty antsy. Should have it playing tomorrow. Gonna be taking a trip to SPL Cartel tomorrow. 3 hour trip each way. but once I get back ill try and get it all playing.
  15. Got it all finished!!! Put 3 layers of fiberglass woven mat and a layer of chop mat on the seal off panels. Super tough now! Body filled and sanded them smooth. Got them all painted, and even got the subs mounted today! Now the only thing left is to tune all of my amps! Should be playing tomorrow
  16. Thanks man! I was planning on just using multiple layers of chop mat. Thats the only fiberglass ive ever really dealt with. But ill look int duraglass and may give that a shot.
  17. Started the b pillar seal off! Wedged fleece under the weather strip seal, then stretched to the side of the wall. Then soaked in resin. Will make it a few layers thick of fiberglass. Hen sand, fill, and paint to match the wall.
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