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  1. 2 12,s planet audio big bangs 600 rms and 1200 max ...small t0 mid sized suv wanting some more boom. then my undersized box help me out guys running of a memphis 1000 class d.....subs back dont care where the ports are facing working space 36 inches wide and tall and depth what ever looking to make a street beater as loud as i can get get it thanks guys
  2. i just ordered it of amazon looking foward to some cali bump out here in coloradosure do miss bay area nor cal slap
  3. well with steves recomendation i order this two days ago of amazon aint nothing good out here in country colorado sounds like it will be a bumpin cd and look foward to trying it out in the ride
  4. i want some more bass this is my daily driver street bumping small to mid size suv. my current system for my lows 2 planet audio big bang 12,s ported 1 memphis 1000 watt class d. plain and simple i want more bass im leaning towards one of two ideas 1.adding 2 more planet audio big bang 12,s and another memphis 1000 d for a total of 4 big bang 12,s and 2 memphis 1000,s with a new ported box .if i choose this one i will need to add a high output alt and a new xs battery or option 2..i was thinking of going with 2 15.s and using my 1000d .im not sure which 15,s to run .....im willing to spend 750 on the 15,s but with only 1000 watts im not sure what would be louder and i been out of the loop for so long im not up on the newer brands does anyone got any ideas i was leaning towards the 4 12,s but love the lows of the 15,s the max size deminsions i have for a new woofer box is height 16 width 42 1/2 length 30 i want the woofers firing up so could some one help me with a box design to get this thing louder thanks guys
  5. bass. guns. west coast old school music im from vallejo .love me some lows and mob sound

  6. car 2005 suzuki xl-7 small to mid suv ... im almost happy but looking for abit more bass and wondering if its the box . i believe the box is to small a local stereo shop built this box . 2 12inch big bangs and a memphis 1200 .. the box is slanted a bit on the depth. so here goes the internals on the box is width 40 3/4 and 12 1/2 inches high and for depth the top is 7 inches and the bottom is 14 inches with a single 4in port 6 inches deep rt in the middle of the face of the box here is my working room in my suv....width 42 1/2 max .........depth 17 1/2 .could be deeper if needed and 20 in high im needing help im looking for a good box design .im a old db drag vet real rusty and out of the loop i want it to get loud and low for whaat i got no 1 note wonders please and ty guys
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