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  1. The person I am building this system for wanted a factory look in the interior, but didn't care about the trunk space. So here is the equipment I came up with: JL Audio Cleansweep Peripheral Volume Control (For Subwoofer Volume) Boston Acoustics Pro60 Boston Acoustics Pro50 PPI-PCX4125 PPI-PCX2400 RE Audio SE 10 D4 (2) 2.5 cuft Ported Enclosure tuned to 34hz Kinetik HC2000 All Wiring Stinger via Darvex.com
  2. I'm getting ready to build an enclosure for a 2008 Chevy Malibu. The owner wants to go with Fi Subs since watching them on this site and Youtube. I've never worked with these subs before so I need some suggestions. He wants to go with either a 12" BL @ around 1600w RMS or 2 10" SSD at the same wattage. All in all he's working with 1500 to 1600w RMS @ 4 ohms. The enclosure will definitely be ported plus the trunk entry is small.
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