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  1. Pay someone to do a design then if you must. Anyone you would recommend?
  2. I wouldn't mind paying someone locally that could build me a nice box. I can't ever get my designs spot on to my liking also just got a 300c and those bumps in the trunk.
  3. Thanks for the info ive built a couple boxes but for my new car i was looking for something that looks nices and sound good also.
  4. So i found this guy on ebay he selling these enclosures they look pretty nice im wondering what you guys think about them or if anyone purchased one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ported-Recessed-Subwoofer-Box-Sub-Enclosure-2-12-T2-Rockford-Fosgate-Subs-/260950443432?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cc1dbc5a8
  5. Look at the new price $209.99 http://www.vvme.com/car-audio/car-subwoofers/new-stereo-12-dual-voice-4-ohm-12-1400w-car-audio-sub-subwoofer-1400-watt-m2?cPath=329_330 and they aren't that bad my neighbor bought a set when they where cheap he been running them on 900 rms each and they still bumping he surprised himself he bought them with ebay bucks while waiting for his dd recones.
  6. that a good head unit i wish i could do double din but in stuck with single din im using a old pioneer deh p6600 ive looked at flip up but most of them are crappy now they don't make them the same they used to.
  7. same with me i used to have a crap load of subs and amps now i don't have any back ups amps all i have are my cheap mtx 10's and kicker comps, i usually use cheap stuff because i get it cheap or free my cvrs 15's in a sealed 2.5 cube box with hifonics 21001d hitting harder them some guy that paid for 1 fi btl with a sundown amp he was pissed i think he doesn't have enough power hes all stock electrical. its all comes down to install and choosing right equipment.
  8. Thanks. and nice set up i was think with going with a set up close to that mines was gonna be 2 sa 12's with hifonics 21001d,power bass 800 watts for my crappy door speakers, n Kinetik problem is i don't have enough space and i don't want to wall of or remove my back seats. already got the hifonics n powerbass just need to sell me cvr's.
  9. I live in the manor who do you know that lives down here i might know them? Dang 2 weeks im gonna be in new york for some time my grand mom just got diagnosed with cancer. What set up do you currently have.
  10. Naples FL we got some good shops like Pure Audio,Audio Concepts Then we got shops like best buy,performance plus they have no idea what they are doing. Im not saying im super good but they are horrible some of the best installers in naples are the guys that don't do it for a living or have a shop.
  11. For real i don't have a shop and if i fucked up that bad i would lose so much side jobs it would be crazy. Buytif you had one people would trust and believe in you more Most of them would come back even if you messed up True Ive screwed up before and same people come back because if its my fault i will fix it and don't lie i once ran out of 8 gauge wire in black. so i used all red wire got a wire mixed up blew sub blow a month later, so i payed for his new sub and he still insisted on paying me even though it was my fault i said no next day i find money in my mail box. Down here its pay a shop 2g's or go to best buy and their installs suck i don't know how many times Ive fixed stuff they did. I once applied to become a installer the questions they asked me where stupid and they had no idea what they where talking about. How would you wire a pair of 12 inch 2 ohm subwoofers to 1 ohm? me You can't the you can wire it to 0.5 ohms or 2 ohms or if you running 1 subwoofer. They said i was wrong
  12. For real i don't have a shop and if i fucked up that bad i would lose so much side jobs it would be crazy.
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