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  1. Hey guys I'm gonna be wiring up and carpeting the Chevelle later this week, but its been so long since I've done audio anything just curious what the most popular dampener these days? Still second skin, or........? Just looking for something that will never come loose and I'm willing to pay to ensure that
  2. Maybe a little past due...... Good news, 4 years later and the chevelle leaves the garage next week ? Who wants to design the enclosure for me lol
  3. So if my 1080ti was $800, by the performance standard, the 1180ti should *only* cost $2,240 lol When I saw "for under $800" I knew it was an aprils fools day joke. Still sad tho
  4. nope, and thanks bud Nope, H2O2 is unstable and will just break down to singlet oxygen and one water molecule, so the effect would be very brief. I can keep water super saturated for many many hours / few days No, but this is a good guess. Sonication was one of the fields I looked at years ago due to the crushing effect on gasses, but typically they produce gas bubbles on the wrong size as to what I'm trying to achieve Nope, that would cause decomposition and since this is pure distilled water, electrolysis would just have oxygen and H2 leaving my solution if the decomposition potential was high enough I suppose
  5. Since I never come on I figured I'd let ya all see whats been cooking up For the few who may have seen my status months ago, I applied for a patent, turns out the patent office wants to fuck you by publishing your secrets before they tell you if it's been approved or not. So, as much as I wanted a patent, I instead started a biotechnology company to protect my intellectual property that I have been studying and designing for about 4 years now. I've just unveiled the system publicly as I've taken on my first clients, but I thought to myself, who loves to be right the most? You guys came to mind first. Everything is explained in my instagram video below, and feel free to read the comments between me & _green75 for more explanations and the hint. I'll Venmo you $20 if you can figure out how I do it. (And to save you all time from posting after a google search, no there is no vinturi device being used,)
  6. I'll go sealed if nobody helps me with the port but I was hoping to get the wow-factor from how much air the port will be moving
  7. I'm trying to build it tomorrow though that's the only day I'll have time and I'm positive the teacher won't let me mount it in the doorway
  8. there are three doors in the lab each is the same size, I would say a typical door size, maybe 3' wide and 7.5' to 8' tall??
  9. best enclosure calculator these days would be....????

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    2. DLHgn


      I would check out Torres. It's not overly complicated and is great for simple tasks. I'm not super familiar with it but I believe it will give you a list of pieces you need to cut out and what not. Idk but you can check it out here on the forum somewhere there is a whole post on it. Just search for it. Winisd is great for modeling how the enclosure/driver combo will perform but you're not going to get box dimensions from it and is a bit more involved in terms of adding your driver to the program and knowing what you're looking at. 

    3. Keith77


      Alan cant you nerd one up??  Hahahahahaha

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