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  1. So if my 1080ti was $800, by the performance standard, the 1180ti should *only* cost $2,240 lol When I saw "for under $800" I knew it was an aprils fools day joke. Still sad tho
  2. best enclosure calculator these days would be....????

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    2. DLHgn


      I would check out Torres. It's not overly complicated and is great for simple tasks. I'm not super familiar with it but I believe it will give you a list of pieces you need to cut out and what not. Idk but you can check it out here on the forum somewhere there is a whole post on it. Just search for it. Winisd is great for modeling how the enclosure/driver combo will perform but you're not going to get box dimensions from it and is a bit more involved in terms of adding your driver to the program and knowing what you're looking at. 

    3. Keith77


      Alan cant you nerd one up??  Hahahahahaha

  3. this guys not hilarious, but is maybe slightly humorous. a little.
  4. ive seen your car.. You wouldnt know if you had a new scratch on it or not.I get a brand new scratch, ding, dent, chip, scuff, scrape, or small imperfection in my body & paint of some sort every single day why does it matter. you're car is a fucking hoopty. I spent more on tires than your car is worth. Yeah, even my subsidized student loan is worth more. All $97 subsidized dollars of it...
  5. No.....I really didn't that's why I phrased the question as "are you serious in those rap videos" prefaced by "actual serious question here" as opposed to, "I know you're serious but I'll ask anyway" See the difference?
  6. You just gotta find your strengths. For me, nothing angers me more than my math inefficiency. It makes kinematics in physics such a bitch but nothing is more rewarding than putting in those hours and finally 'getting it' a million practice problems later. If it's something you love it will be worth it, but obviously don't let it burn you out.
  7. Bola......bro Actual serious question here... Are you serious in those rap videos? I really can't tell man
  8. yes there's a new motherfucker here. and he's worse than anyone could ever imagine...... he's..... a...... FUCKING SCUM BAG MOOCH Is it bola?
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