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  1. Hi guy's , just bought a Brand new JVC DRVN 12inch (Black cone) , going to run at 4ohm as is a single voice coil , off a 250 rms jvc amp . Please help me design a box !!! Medium size , Good for music but also hitting low for some shake (Y) maybe 34hz or 36 what you reckon ?? Want a basic rectangular port Please can someone advise me on box dimensions . Either inches or mm for each piece , send me a link to a good box , and help me figure a good HZ tune . Thanks guys Ollie(16) from New Zealand Subwoofer - http://www.jvc.co.nz/CS-G1200.html Subwoofer spec's - http://www.jvc.co.nz/assets/pdf-manual/CS-GD1200.pdf
  2. So will the RCA's work on the mono or would I need another pair ?? thanks
  3. Hi guys , am looking at buying some 0 gauge to run my 1400rms mono amp , seen this nice RE wire but it says it is 2 channel wire . Will it still work ? cant see why not . Please help me out . Thanks this is it ------- http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_43971_RE-Audio-WK-0A.html
  4. Hi all , on our profiles it says members title for example my'n says 120db How does this increase to 125 , 130 etc etc Thanks
  5. Hi , can someone explain how passive radiators work . Also , why don't many people use them ?? thanks for any answers
  6. Hi all , what does amp hours mean for a battery For example 110AH Thanks
  7. Is undecided , either a single 2 or 0 gauge
  8. Hi guys , I am going to buy an ANL fuse from the battery to my amp I have worked out that my amp draws 1400-0.8=1750 divided by 14.4 =122Amps Does this mean I should buy a 140 amp fuse or have I calculated wrong ? thanks in advance
  9. So sonic my man , will melting it flush reduce the strength as apposed to mounting it ontop of both pieces ? thanks all
  10. Hi all , when making a subwoofer box why do people use two layers of mdf when the subs are ontop ?? when doing this do you mount the sub ontop of both pieces of mdf or do your cut one a wider diameter and have it wrap around the cone surround . Please advise me , thanks
  11. When making a custom box , why do most people seem to runt the wires through the port rather then using a speaker terminal cup ??
  12. Thanks for your help , awesome person

  13. Sorry for so many questions ... why do sub boxes need baffles (2layers of mdf ) and is this only for the top ? or also the bottom ?? does the subwwofer sit ontop of the two pieces or do you cut one larger to fit around the subwoofer like exo does in this video - Another question is with those braces , do they introduce port noise as one is directly in the way of a section of the port . I hope you can answer all my questions . Thankyou very much -Ollie
  14. BTW if i may ask , how do you design these boxs ? thanks for all your help
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