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  1. Did he buy yours? I'm tryin to sell mine, specially for the right price, hit me up if he didn't.. Same goes to anyone else wanting a TL USB single sensor.. used 5 times, still like new, the damn wires are still like they never have been unraveled.
  2. It was the first box I made and lasted like 3 years.. I think it was tuned to 25hz.. played any note, 20 hz would even be good. The higher bass was pretty lacking, but when you slow down all your songs, and picked certain ones to play.. it was nice.. I think it peaked around 38 ish.. but still hit a 134 @ 30 off 2 12s and 1200 watts.. I miss it
  3. Haha he did sound like cheech. I still wanna hear your shit man damn it sounds mean. You had him stuttering and stuff
  4. O lawd it's kevin. We have to hang out during spring break.. I work a bit but hell man.
  5. Yeah, let me know how it goes.. It's weird, in the blue cutty I had everything from a 2 incriminator audio LI 12 setup on a directed 2400D at 4 ohm which only hit a 139.8.. but it was tuned to 25 so ya know.. to a 4 IA LI 12 wall on a directed 2400D @ 2 ohm.. never got to meter that set up.. basically going from a full out ground pounder to this is a big change.. but wow it's a nice change.. I'm happy with how it is right now.. but def. down the road I'd like to at least upgrade the interiors.. get some components, etc.. Playing the older BG and older Juvenile and old school jams on sirius is fun as hell
  6. Yeah, the last pic with my cutty gutted was me taking out the system in it.. I have equipment to put in basically, but I'm trying to think of the best way.. and I don't think I want to have it THAT loud.. Hah
  7. Someone hook me up with one I'm puttin up a lot to be able to afford this so I can't just go buy everything I want any more for now. Been keepin busy, glad someone replied.. here's some pics.. sorry if they are large, I dun wanna mess with them
  8. Hey everyone, I just upgraded from a 93 cutty ciera to a 2004 Chrysler 300M (will have pics up one day). This is the first car I've bought, it's really nice.. Anyways this car has the navigation and 6 disc changer in it. It's basically fully loaded, has the controls on the steering wheel. Sirius radio also.. I kind of want to get a new set up I have had a system/aftermarket speakers basically all my driving life and now I'm going to a premium sound system in the chrysler.. has a lot of distortion even at bass 0 and such which is ok but I am not used to that.. The car is already amped I think.. Anyone know the possibilities for me to do? At the least I'd like to either upgrade/change out the speakers that are in there now and amp them, or put more power to them.. Then a small system to not put much strain on the electrical system. I don't REALLY want to work on the car, but I'm curious about what kind of things are out there that I can do. Thanks again
  9. I read like 3 posts and closed it. I liked how they said the window shaking at the store couldn't happen, it was like when he shut the door.. Well it's funny how it shakes after each note is hit. Other than that my shitty lil 2 12 trunked tuned to 25 set up can flex windows and such.. You know damn well these haters don't know what they are talking about and probably have not even heard of young jeezy or rap music. Every time I watch your vids it brings tears to my eyes and I like watching it. I don't even look on youtube because I've seen a vid there with a lot of people saying it's BS. Oh well man, keep on doin what you do, you know who's right man.
  10. I would get that on my hand because I'm just that stupid. :-
  11. I opened one up, nothing flew out at me but it was hard to fit my fat fingers in there.. rofl
  12. I heard walmart is gonna have like a 200 dollar laptop.. rofl.
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