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  1. Im carlo a.k.a. Da Los Manne. I found SMD through ROE.Ever since Ive been on this site im the biggest bass head and getting badder everyday.KEEP POUNDING my friends.
  2. hell let me know when the video come out. I want to see chicken's sheet rock ripple andsink in. >
  3. dude just let me know when the video comes out. Hell could I come visit you and feel that shit for my self.
  4. hott fucking damn you got to be joking. whats the point in building a new house when youre just gonna tear it down again?!?! i feel sorry for his house now damn The devil is in full affect
  5. hey meade, would u put cvr's in there i think i wanna do one except its gonna be a tower from hell.I would be glad to show u pics of it when im done.
  6. *THIS THREAD IS DEDICATED TO ASK WHICH SONG IS BEIGN PLAYED* What song is that meade plays in the video " oil change".
  7. 1 ps21 supernintendo1ps 1ps2 and supernintendo are in the car.and im getting a game cube and ps3 in the future.
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