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  1. Well what are my graphs are supposed to look like?, @ 36hz im @-2db,i think thats preety good. I got the other part down,I know i need to have a response as flat as a rug!!!!!
  2. hey brian u ever thought about putting some audiobahns in a ported box,Try it and tell me what u think?
  3. need help and need to know what im looking @ anyone willing to help out?.
  4. kicker guy is right and battery power to
  5. they are nothing but 1000rms2000peaks but only snatching 1500 each from them. but i fix the problem its all good.
  6. i build my own computers for one and 2 i dont listen to rap,well i do but not this old school and i fixed my problem already.
  7. Havent happen to me yet. even though the outer case is ground, what will happen if they touch eachother?
  8. My computer is sitting in front of my subs and the music tends to slow down when i play various notes, if i move it away from that area will it stop.
  9. whats the latest and greatest sound card thats out there.
  10. i love these type of movies, ul learn things from these movies, like how to woop ass waaaaaaaaaaahhhh
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