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  1. The god damn charging handle on my DDM4V7PRO chipped a chunk of paint off of my AR
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    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Side Note: the parts where the clones copy each other is a representation of all the rappers now a days copying each other with the mumble rap. No one is able to copy Eminem or Joyner Lucas though because they're lyrical.
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    Random Video Thread

    MGK: Let's talk about it. Eminem: Talking about it in an interview. Came across this ..
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    Random Video Thread

  5. Does the Blackvue have motion alerts to your phone when in parking mode? My Thinkware dashcams doesn't have those features. All of my home cameras (Ring and Nest Eco-System) have motion alerts notifications sent to my phone and lets me view the video to see what happens. Can you show us some video footage of your drives in the forest roads? I get a lot of artifacts from trees driving in forest roads. I use a Cellink Neo and a Cellink Pro 2nd Gen (neo is better and lets you check battery status via blutooth on phone) and I think they're great. The NEO charges pretty quick. Just sitting in the parking lot with my engine idled while I eat my lunch would charge it from 11% to 80% very easily. I never had a problem with its charge depleting all the way to 0% before. I don't drive much either. 15 minute drive a day and maybe 15 minute idled at lunch. So when in parking mode, my Thinkware F770 uses power from the Cellink Neo and my F800 Pro uses the Cellink B 2nd Gen and my Thinkware F110 just drains all three of my car batteries. It would be nice if there was a way to get my Cellink batteries to charge WITH my three car batteries when I have it on the ctek over night though. In conclusion, I don't know if the Cellink "Dashcam" batteries are worth it. I was told they were since they were engineered towards "Dashcams" and would be more efficient than buying more AGM car batteries.
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    Random Video Thread

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    Techno Experiment

    This techno song sounds good
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    Random Video Thread

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    What Are You Currently Listening To

    Eminem Diss >.<