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  1. I'm going to buy my first jig saw but I can't decide which grip to go with. Barrel or Top Handle? I was going to buy one of these (unless someone here recommends something else): https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-7-Amp-Corded-Variable-Speed-Barrel-Grip-Jig-Saw-with-Carrying-Case-JS470EB/202691139 vs https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-7-Amp-Corded-Variable-Speed-Top-Handle-Jig-Saw-with-Carrying-Case-JS470E/202502523
  2. I bought a crap load of stuff to organize my random car audio tools in the garage. I bought this $80 fold-able wooden table at home depot: Husky Tool Box top and bottom: I bought a Dremel for cutting the hole in my 6.5 abs pods from eBay: My 6.5 abs eBay speaker pods (I'm probably going to figure out if my Dremel can cut that piece of wood so I can attach it down onto it and attach the whole piece to my door). Thoughts guys? Can a Dremel trim that piece of wood into the shape of my door pod or am I better off buying a different tool for that?
  3. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Dustopper-High-Efficiency-Dust-Separator-12-in-dia-with-2-5-in-hose-36-in-long-HD12/302643445 would this be good as well ?
  4. Dc xl smelly

    You should take a picture of how you have it wired up. For instance, one of my buddies wired his sub wrong by connecting his positive to the wrong negative terminal on the sub. See example picture:
  5. I was looking up some wood shop MDF dust vacuums and they ranged from $150 to $800. I was wondering if there any good cheap handheld vacuums for minor MDF dust from cutting small speaker spacers and what not.
  6. Spent 1 hour trying to get the Hybrid Audio clarus midbass speaker grill on to no avail. Quality of the speaker sounds great but fucking speaker grill is poorly made and worst than china.

    1. moh.vze.com


      As a result, my left door has a speaker grill attached and my right door has no speaker grill. Fucking shit.

  7. I didn't see any good deals on there. Freaken Exo was able to buy a sh!tload of 8 gauge wire (monster cable but it was super cheap deal). There needs to be a Slickdeals.net kinda website but just for Car Audio ~.~
  8. Sup fellas, I need to stock up on some 4 gauge OFC power wires, 12/14/16 gauge speaker wires. I was wondering if anyone know any sales going on. For speaker wires I normally buy these: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B019CXROO0/ I'm thinking about stocking up on a spool of 16 gauge: https://www.amazon.com/112-Strands-Black-Silver-Sundown/dp/B019D127MA/ I was going to buy some 4 Gauge OFC Knu flex from Knukonceptz but I missed the free shipping deal earlier this year. I'm adding a third amp into my car and a third set of components in my doors.
  9. Thanks. I just bought 8 yards of the 54" jet black version of the carpet.
  10. high speed reciprocating saw. What brand do ya recommend for this. I thought about getting a dremel 4k. Is this good for the application?
  11. I'm thinking about buying some universal abs 6.5 pods on eBay and I'll have to cut some speaker holes in them. What was meade using in this video? And what did he use to smoothen out the edges? In addition, he used a Hole Saw for the tweeter hole. What brand do you guys recommend for good Hole saws?
  12. Poll: Alternator of choice?

    The only issue my Camry has with it is that my idled RPM (when I'm sitting in a parking lot on lunch break) doesn't hit the Singer Alt's minimum RPM breakpoint so it doesn't charge anything (I think). So, I pretty much can't bump my music unless I'm driving or have my foot on the gas pedal. My voltage stays pretty much above 13V's when in motion though. Wish I could do Dual Singer Alts in my 99' Camry but all the Mechanic shops in Oregon I've talked to don't know how to make it happen. P.S. I've had this Singer Alt (I think it was 200A @ 2K RPM) in my Camry since 2012 and it's still running good Quality stuff! Here's a video of my voltage with the Stinger Volt meter at ~2k RPM: I think I'm clipping on some notes of these two songs ~.~.
  13. First of all, has anyone here used carpet from PartsExpress? If yes, would you recommend if and if not, where do you recommend I buy carpet for my speakerbox? Secondly, I noticed there were two different versions of carpet. This one is "on sale" but costs more and you get less: https://www.parts-express.com/duralock-backed-speaker-cabinet-carpet-black-yard-48-wide--260-762 and this one: https://www.parts-express.com/speaker-cabinet-carpet-jet-black-yard-54-wide--260-768 Here's the charcoal version: https://www.parts-express.com/speaker-cabinet-carpet-covering-charcoal-yard-54-wide--260-765 vs https://www.parts-express.com/duralock-backed-speaker-cabinet-carpet-charcoal-yard-48-wide--260-764 What it do mane? Is one better quality than the other?
  14. ADIDAS.COM (40% off everything on site today)

    I use to get passes to the Adidas employee store pretty frequently and I find a lot of their clothing being too small. The armpit area on a lot of their shirts felt like it was stitched wrong or something (too tight).
  15. Wasting so much gas due to all of the extra weight added to my Camry from my sound system :( But I remind myself the SPL is worth it ~.~

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    2. omg_spoon


      i drive around 2k rpm all the time. still get 16 city with stang

    3. WalledSonic


      Hey moh, you sure everything is running tip top shape? Maybe you have some small issue that the extra weight is just making worse

    4. moh.vze.com


      My rear trunk sags a lot but I see no signs of strange wear in the tires. http://vietpho.net/~images/2017carproject/trunk-sag/

      I'm pretty sure it's the weight because I started to noticed the difference when I took everything related to car audio out of my car when I had to drop my car off at the mechanic shop. My car didn't burn as much as and I could drive normally without needing to rev my rpm much. For example, when my car was empty, I didn't need to accelerate much or at all during straight roads to maintain a steady 40 MPH but now with all the weight back into my car, I'd have to keep my foot on the acceleration just to maintain the speed.