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  1. Tested my new AR500-TARGETS Hostage Head and Chest target. It was a bit wobbly because I didn't want to bolt anything down securely for ease of disassemble & packing.
  2. The new Singer alt is a beast. I have not yet seen my voltage go lower than 13.4V on full tilt (we talking about 30 minute+ of music bumping).
  3. I touched my toolmetalz terminal block on the alt after 15 minutes of driving and bumping and it was too hot to touch. Hopefully this thing doesnt get fried and last me atleast 5 years like the last singer alt I had.
  4. Installed the 320A+ Singer Alt. Two positive runs from alt pos to battery and 1 negative run from alt frame to battery negative. Need to recalibrate my Stinger meter. It reads 14.1V when my dmm actually reads like 14.8V
  5. I just need red and black boots for my Ring Terminals. Where can I buy just the booties? I'm using a XS Power D2400 batter that fits a little too high and rubbing against the hood liner (1999 Camry). I'm in need of strong rubber for my ring terminals in case the shit ever come in contact with the hood itself and shorts out. Need 0 Gauge boots.
  6. I'm about to swap out all my 6 year old XS Power batteries with new ones. However, after topping off my 6yr old XP3000 and leaving it in the garage disconnected, it's actually holding a stable voltage of 13.18V after 24 hours. Does mean the battery is still good? I was thinking about tagging it along with the two new XP3000's and D2400 but I don't want it to slowly kill my new batteries. Is it a bad idea to use old an new batteries together?
  7. Hmm. I took the 6 year old XS Power D2400 and XP3000 out of my car for replacements and it's still able to hold a charge 13V+ after 6 hours. We'll see how well the voltage holds in 24 hours outside the car.

    1. moh.vze.com


      Update: Checked the 6yr old XS XP3000 after 24 hours of sitting in the garage off and the voltage is holding 13.18V

      The battery seems to be holding its voltage well for a 6yr old battery. Would it be a bad idea to wire them up with my 2x new XP3000's? 

  8. Meh. Just an update. I contacted Mike and it turns out the new one he built for me is for the 2.2 motor and not for my 3.0 engine. He's going to build me the 320A one this weekend. Dang. I knew it was too good to be true to get a super high output alternator. So much for my big sound system upgrade this summer. The damn Camry has no space for dual alternators.
  9. Just an update. I was about to go install the new alternator but I'm not sure exactly if it's going to work. The casing option mounting locations look different than my old alternator. Any ideas?
  10. Going to install it once I get the right size Belt. Throwing out my 6 yr old batteries and putting in new 2x XP3000 and 1x D2400 XS Power batteries.
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