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  1. Been running my DC Audio 2x 12" XLM2's on DC 5K for 8 years full tilt every time I drive my car. The system is still running strong with no signs of problems. I'm very impressed with the quality of the DC Audio products.

    1. deathcards


      I call BS, how many dash clips you break? 😝

  2. Edit: figured it out. This headunit is not easy to use. Kenwood is more user friendly
  3. Not sure to be honest. My Hybrid Audio Clarus components came with them and they sound pretty good. Also, when setting gains on my old kenwood I use to go in and put the subwoofer settings to like +15 and set gains from there. However, when I tried maxing out the subwoofer settings on this Deh80prs and then setting the gains, I only had to move the gain on the DC5k a couple centimeters... I went ahead and set the subwoofer settings on the deck back to 0 and go with the max volume of 61 instead of 58. I remember reading a while back people recommended to set gains with subwoofer settings beefed up on the Kenwood decks but I don't remember why we did this. I read your old thread @ and it looks like you set your deh80prs with +3 on subwoofer level?? Should I set mine at 0 or 3? At +3, headunit max volume clips at 58/62.
  4. Yep. I had to go into the dumpster digging out the box because I had the instruction manual in there I've put everything into normal mode since I have passive crossovers. I normally use the HPF and LPF on the amps and tune them with the SMD CC-1 but this time I'm thinking about using the Deck's filters. Thoughts on this? Are there any real advantages of using the Amp's HPF and LPF besides trying to get exact oddball numbers for the HPF? I'm probably just going to do 125Hz HPF for the midbass and 80 or 100Hz for the LPF subs anyway... seems easier to just use the deck filters?? This deck doesn't seem to have a built in Sub sonic filter for the subs so I'll have to set that up with the SMD CC1 on the DC5K amp.
  5. Nice. I'm using my SMD DD-1+ right now to find max headunit volume for the Deh80PRS. Max Volume level before distortion on DC5K - 58/62 (if i set +6 on deck for sw) and 62/62 (if set 0 -flat- for subwoofer on deck). Max Volume level before distortion on RF T800-4AD - 61/62. Max Volume level before distortion on Elemental Designs eD.NiNe.2 - 61/62 (40hz), 62/62 (1k Hz). Gain overlap for DC5K - going to do 4.6dB cause I listen to Decaf and he uses 4.6dB overlap (Got160 uses 5dB overlap). Gain overlap for RF T800-4AD - 0dB because shits already too loud. Overall, this is a good product folks! My DC Audio XLM2 and DC5K been running strong for 7 years listening to music at full tilt without blowing anything up thanks to the SMD DD-1+ and SMD CC1! All my old systems I've tuned with a Velleman Oscope resulted in blown systems due to operator error/shitty scope. Do it right the first time and get the right tools !
  6. Is there a way to update the firmware using my note 8? I dont have a laptop. Also, if I'm only using passive crossovers for my speakers, should I flip this unit into standard mode? The advanced network features seem unnecessary
  7. Update: I took the radio atm fuse out from under the hood and had forgotten to put it back in lol. These past month I've been driving with no radio thinking my kenwood was blown :(. thanks for all the help everyone! I will come back with more smd dd1+ cc1 tuning questions later
  8. Oh. It's for a DVD player. My 1999 camry doesn't come with one :(. I was hoping that was an extra rca output audio channel. I just got done hooking everything up and this thing is not turning on. I've checked the fuses under my steering week and they're all good. I'm about to check some fuses under the hood. Is there any trick I'm missing on how to turn on the deh80prs?
  9. So, I bought a new headunit cause my kenwood one fried. I noticed this deh80prs has an additional rca plug on the far left. The instruction says it's for audio input... the ones on the right is for audio output that goes to my subs and 2 sets of components. What's the left one for? In addition, I'm going to running everything with the dd+1 and cc-1. Is "loud" the only thing I need to turn off on this deck? Are there any other bassboost functions i dont know about? Also, can I set the lpf and hpd to "thru" and tune my settings from the amp? Or do you guys recommend using the deck's filter system?
  10. Aight. I just went ahead and bought one from Walmart.com for like 244$
  11. So which deck are people recommending that's available for us to buy brand new that's compatible with Android and as good or better? I'm in the market for a new head unit.
  12. I can't to seem to find one on sale brand new. Are there any alternatives HU that's new but good or better than the eclipse cd 7300 mk 2?
  13. It's been a while since I've bought a new headunit. My kenwood kdc-x895 fried today. I think I have too many electronics fused-tapped into my Fusebox and too many amplifiers piggybacked;as a result, when starting the car up I think my car is pulling too much amperage. Will have to look for Ninja's relay thread later. Anyhow I digress. What's a good Singledash headunit for an Android phone user running a 1999 Camry? Black Friday is coming up so I really appreciate some of your guys suggestions. Everything will be tuned in with SMD CC-1 and SMD-DD1+. My system is currently passive thru crossovers. Also, I'd like to be able to connect via bluetooth to my Note 8 but also have front USB port for my old school Ipod Video.
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