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  1. moh.vze.com

    Dash Cam

    I use Thinkware F800 Pro, F770, and F100 for a total of 6 channels. I want to try Blackvue's Dashcams though. Also, Thinkware just launched the F200 or will be soon. I'd give that one a try. Thinkware F800 Pro Night Time
  2. moh.vze.com

    Random Video Thread

    SoundManCA Bass Competition Sound Off with Rafa
  3. Damn. I don't know what to buy. I thought about buying another XS Power 598 D3100 Aluminum Hold Down Battery Mount https://www.ebay.com/i/351755018964 but I already have two SMD Vendors on here need to open up more eBay stores.
  4. Hopefully they will have a 20% coupon again soon. As long as Amazon Prime is throwing out their promotions, eBay would have to do the same thing to keep up with its competitor
  5. eBay.com is Offering $25 Off Orders $119+ w/ Purchase of Eligible Items when you apply coupon code PRIMO119 Offer is valid today 7/17 through 11pm PT. If you buy something that adds up to $119 that's pretty much ~21% off.
  6. moh.vze.com

    Random Video Thread

  7. is that for ps4 or xbox? Edit: Oh shiet. It's real ~_~ It would be nice if I had something like that for my Need for Speed Payback though.
  8. moh.vze.com

    Random Video Thread

  9. Anyone have the SureFire X400 Ultra Series with green laser? I'm trying to justify myself in buying this for $600+ ~_~ I heard the green laser on the surefire is a lot better quality and has a more 'teal" color to it. This damn light is going to cost as much as my gun
  10. So I returned my TLR-8 rail mount light + laser rig and am in the market for something else... Checked out the price on the SureFire X400 Ultra Green and that thing cost over $600... why so expensive! What laser mount do you guys recommend for something that is super bright and high quality? I could careless about the lights.
  11. They should set bait cars to catch the culprits
  12. I see. I hope you find the culprits. You should report that attack to the police so they can patrol your area