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  1. Been running my DC Audio 2x 12" XLM2's on DC 5K for 8 years full tilt every time I drive my car. The system is still running strong with no signs of problems. I'm very impressed with the quality of the DC Audio products.

    1. deathcards


      I call BS, how many dash clips you break? 😝

    2. moh.vze.com


      @deathcards I think I Jinx myself because one of my subs just died; the tinsel burnt in half! https://youtu.be/yGhcoxDnRYQ

    3. deathcards


      My condolences, hope you can get it up and playing again. Did you figure out what happened to cause it, or do you think just abuse throughout the years?

  2. Hmm. I took the 6 year old XS Power D2400 and XP3000 out of my car for replacements and it's still able to hold a charge 13V+ after 6 hours. We'll see how well the voltage holds in 24 hours outside the car.

    1. moh.vze.com


      Update: Checked the 6yr old XS XP3000 after 24 hours of sitting in the garage off and the voltage is holding 13.18V

      The battery seems to be holding its voltage well for a 6yr old battery. Would it be a bad idea to wire them up with my 2x new XP3000's? 

  3. Every year I buy girls scout cookies when they come knocking on my door. But I just realized I've never actually received any of my cookies... wtf?

  4. Hoping for toolmakermetalworkz to bring the 6 Lug Battery Terminals back into production for my new XP3000 Batteries ~.~


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    2. 06RTCharger


      The ones im talking about arent skyhigh, unless theyre rebranded? But the ones i have are super heavy, u can see them on my battery on my recent pic posts of my trunk on the charger.


    3. moh.vze.com


      These ones look interesting


      but I need the ones where the battery mount is in the middle because I have a XS Power clamp down bar for my battery that might short out the terminals.

      Toolmaker had these similar ones too but again it's hard for me to connect things without shorting out:


      Here's the middle bar clamp down I'm talking about:






    4. 06RTCharger


      Oh ok i get what ur saying now, yah jims dont have any like that with a center bolt location. Unless you go with the setscrew type, they have those like this. But id prefer the bolt down with ring terminal style too.


  5. My 3TB Seagate Barracuda HDD ST3000DM001 bought in 2012 died today. I had no backups :(



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    2. Skullz


      Gave up on seagate years ago, been using samsung ssd's for quite a while now and love em.

    3. moh.vze.com


      @beaker This is what it sounds like and I think what it's doing (this is not my video):


    4. beaker


      You might want to try getting another controller board that matches the drive, or flashing the firmware.  That might actually fix it . . . maybe.

  6. The feels when you're so full after dinner you burped out a piece of your Tangerine.

  7. I'm in the market for some router bits for my new porter cable router

    I was reading one of your old threads and am wondering if you still recommend any of those router bits or anything different. I'm a n00b when it comes to wood working and just wanted to make sure I buy the most commonly used and right bits. Please help me choose out a bunch of bits.

    I was looking at https://www.mobilesolutions-usa.com/router-bits and I have a feeling that site is selling overly priced router bits for its targeted audience of n00bs like me.

    Anyhow, here was your old thread:


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    2. reedal
    3. boom50cal


      duck got the hammer then never came back iirc


    4. moh.vze.com


       Lol. Why did duck get the Hammer? He was an awesome dude.

  8. Spent 1 hour trying to get the Hybrid Audio clarus midbass speaker grill on to no avail. Quality of the speaker sounds great but fucking speaker grill is poorly made and worst than china.

    1. moh.vze.com


      As a result, my left door has a speaker grill attached and my right door has no speaker grill. Fucking shit.

    2. WalledSonic


      Have you tried installing your left side grill on the right side to see if the right would fit on the left?  Sometimes swapping parts helps.  

      Otherwise, you could reach out to HAT and see if they help you out

  9. Wasting so much gas due to all of the extra weight added to my Camry from my sound system :( But I remind myself the SPL is worth it ~.~

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    2. omg_spoon


      i drive around 2k rpm all the time. still get 16 city with stang

    3. WalledSonic


      Hey moh, you sure everything is running tip top shape? Maybe you have some small issue that the extra weight is just making worse

    4. moh.vze.com


      My rear trunk sags a lot but I see no signs of strange wear in the tires. http://vietpho.net/~images/2017carproject/trunk-sag/

      I'm pretty sure it's the weight because I started to noticed the difference when I took everything related to car audio out of my car when I had to drop my car off at the mechanic shop. My car didn't burn as much as and I could drive normally without needing to rev my rpm much. For example, when my car was empty, I didn't need to accelerate much or at all during straight roads to maintain a steady 40 MPH but now with all the weight back into my car, I'd have to keep my foot on the acceleration just to maintain the speed.


  10. Someone link me some Sundown Audio Nightshades Ver 4 Videos please.


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    2. audiofanaticz


      Definitely not 6k in that video... That sub isnt even moving being freeaired. No where near its linear excursion or even peak since the surrounds are not even being dimpled.
      Must be a SSL or Power Acoustik 6k amp thats really 1500 watts rms. LOL

    3. 8ten8
    4. moh.vze.com


      Hmm Interesting. I'll probably upgrade this Summer. Hopefully the price doesn't get jacked up


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