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  1. moh.vze.com

    Random Video Thread

    Loud Tahoe
  2. Long story short, the fluorescent lights in my garage are all burnt except maybe 1 or 2 and they're too high up for a ladder for replacing. I need some Amazon / homedepot links to a good alternative solution to light up my workbench and around the garage area when I'm on the router table and what not. I need some kind of light pole.
  3. That's a lot of rolls of second skin.
  4. Got rid of most reflections from my front dashboard.
  5. moh.vze.com

    Random Video Thread

  6. moh.vze.com

    Random Video Thread

    My bike ride into the park
  7. Bought some more router bits from CarbideProcessors. One of the desk gals (I think Macy) gave me a bag of candy and a free tool for one of my purchases :). The customer service from these folks are awesome. I used a 12% discount code for this order. I sold my old bike to buy this new $160 bike lock to lock my house (just kidding): My Samsung Gear 360 mounted to my old bike: Dashmat with anti reflective paint for my car's dashcams: Haven't sprayed the mat yet in those pictures but it looks a lot less reflective after I sprayed it.
  8. I've been bike riding 2-3 times a week for about 1.3 months and I've lost 6 lbs so far. Doesn't seem too effective. I need a better diet. Here's a 360 Video of what my ride looks like. Ya'll might need to readjust the camera angle with the mouse and zoom out a bit.
  9. moh.vze.com

    Random Video Thread

  10. moh.vze.com

    Dc level 4 18 power handling

    Probably too much power. The DC Audio XLM2's handle that better. I've been running my XLM2's for over 5 years on the DC 5K and haven't blown it yet. Gain was set at -4.6dB overlap with the SMD DD-1+ because I listen to a lot of decaf and got160's at full tilt. But then again, it might handle it fine depending on the box rise and such =_=.
  11. moh.vze.com

    Random Video Thread

  12. Another drive to SouthEast Portland Oregon Hawthorne Bridge with 6 Channel Cameras:
  13. I just bought some more WhiteSide router bits. These were the ones I bought last time: New ones coming in the mail: