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  2. Fuck that. What if you get shot in between the gun fight. I would probably have to pay for the damages to my car because the criminal might be uninsured. My dad was involved in a hit and run. They caught the guy but he was not insured and went to jail. My old man still had to pay like $400 because the insurance wouldn't cover all of it.
  3. So my finger is not considered a machine gun? ~.~
  4. Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS shot over 1000 rounds through this thing already with 0 failures.
  5. I currently have a DDM4V7 Pro and am thinking about getting a DDM4MK18 Pistol. Thoughts?
  6. Went to the range the other day to shoot my Glock 19 MOS Gen 5 with Trijicon RMR06 Type2 for the first time. Did 500 rounds of Sellier and Bellot and Fiocchi 9mm through it without any problems. The damn RMR came with oversized screws so it made me warp my Glock MOS Plate 02. I contacted Glock and they sent me a free replacement free of charge. Trijicon did not take care of me. I had to buy a kit from Amazon for the install. This should never be the case when you spend $500 on a product. Shame on Trijicon. Didn't miss a single shot at 50 Feet.
  7. Every year I buy girls scout cookies when they come knocking on my door. But I just realized I've never actually received any of my cookies... wtf?