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  1. What clamp meter are you using anyhow? That SMD tool I saw on YouTube looked nice. It shows the wattage output on music without needing to do any math.
  2. Damn. I had one of these AMPS but sold it to a co-worker for like $100 cash. I wish I had kept it just to have. These were rated at 12.5V which was really awesome for beginner setups that had an average electrical system. To help you get a better estimate of what this amp is worth... I bought mine brand new for $218.19 (shipped from east coast to west coast) on Sep 1, 2009
  3. I am thinking about upgrading this Summer and would like to strap on a second DC5K but I have the old original all black model. I was wondering if DC Audio still have any in stock? I heard you can't strap the new DC5K model with the old one.
  4. I'm thinking about upgrading my current system on the DC5K to something more. Was wondering if anyone have any experience with the "Deaf Bounce" brand.
  5. Just paid the invoice from Michael Singer for a 390A Alternator + Billet Case for $848.40 shipped. Might need to upgrade the subs and double up on the DC5K this summer ~_~
  6. Reinstalled the stock alt until I get my new Singer. Man... that small rubber hose being in the way made it really hard to work with.
  7. Hmm. Thanks. I applied for their free gauge to check my M&P 15-22.
  8. True. That's what I meant. Looking at his chart though it looks like the " 390A $729 225+A (400A peak) " is what I need (it has the best idle output and rev output). I"m just waiting for him to get back to me on if I will need any custom brackets made because I don't know how to make custom alt brackets. If it's just a swap and go (and different size serp belt), then I am going to buy the 390A one. In the mean time, I have no car and will be swapping out my old batteries.
  9. It lasted longer then I had expected. It charges 3x XS Power batteries when I'm driving. Otherwise, the batteries would be charging every night on the C-Tek charger. I'm just curious, what's the End of Life for your guys alternator before you had to change it out? Contacted Mike Singer and these are my options. I'm probably going to go with the highest amperage output one for my 1999 Camry LE V6
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