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  1. Updates: I've just got in touch with Cody /CJ18 from Droppin HZ Car Audio and bought 2x recone kits. DC Audio m2 XL 12 Recone Kit (Dual 1ohm Voice Coils) Upgrade Options: LR Cone Upgrade 8ga Direct Leads × 2 Recone Shims × 1 I hope after this recone I don't continue to experience the Tinsel Slap issue
  2. Hello everyone, One of my DC Audio XLM2 12" d1 sub finally died after 8 years of full tilt Decaf and Got160 Music. The tinsel burnt in half. The other sub is fine but also shows sign of tinsel slap. So... what are my options? I haven't been reading the forums lately. What's the hype brand for subs that's not a downgrade from DC Audio? I was thinking about buying two Nightshades v4 12" and throw them in the current box I have but would like to hear from ya'll. Also, what are my options for a "Recone Kit"? They have so many options now it's a bit confusing on what's com
  3. Been running my DC Audio 2x 12" XLM2's on DC 5K for 8 years full tilt every time I drive my car. The system is still running strong with no signs of problems. I'm very impressed with the quality of the DC Audio products.

    1. deathcards


      I call BS, how many dash clips you break? 😝

    2. moh.vze.com


      @deathcards I think I Jinx myself because one of my subs just died; the tinsel burnt in half! https://youtu.be/yGhcoxDnRYQ

    3. deathcards


      My condolences, hope you can get it up and playing again. Did you figure out what happened to cause it, or do you think just abuse throughout the years?

  4. I have a buddy that has a CZ and wants to put an RMR on it but needs to mill his slide to a glock style for an RMR. How did you get your RMR on the CZ?
  5. Tested my new AR500-TARGETS Hostage Head and Chest target. It was a bit wobbly because I didn't want to bolt anything down securely for ease of disassemble & packing.
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