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  1. It's been a while since I've bought a new headunit. My kenwood kdc-x895 fried today. I think I have too many electronics fused-tapped into my Fusebox and too many amplifiers piggybacked;as a result, when starting the car up I think my car is pulling too much amperage. Will have to look for Ninja's relay thread later. Anyhow I digress. What's a good Singledash headunit for an Android phone user running a 1999 Camry? Black Friday is coming up so I really appreciate some of your guys suggestions. Everything will be tuned in with SMD CC-1 and SMD-DD1+. My system is currently passive thru crossovers. Also, I'd like to be able to connect via bluetooth to my Note 8 but also have front USB port for my old school Ipod Video.
  2. I have a buddy that has a CZ and wants to put an RMR on it but needs to mill his slide to a glock style for an RMR. How did you get your RMR on the CZ?
  3. Evil. Who would do this at a Festival????
  4. Tested my new AR500-TARGETS Hostage Head and Chest target. It was a bit wobbly because I didn't want to bolt anything down securely for ease of disassemble & packing.
  5. The new Singer alt is a beast. I have not yet seen my voltage go lower than 13.4V on full tilt (we talking about 30 minute+ of music bumping).
  6. I touched my toolmetalz terminal block on the alt after 15 minutes of driving and bumping and it was too hot to touch. Hopefully this thing doesnt get fried and last me atleast 5 years like the last singer alt I had.
  7. Installed the 320A+ Singer Alt. Two positive runs from alt pos to battery and 1 negative run from alt frame to battery negative. Need to recalibrate my Stinger meter. It reads 14.1V when my dmm actually reads like 14.8V
  8. I just need red and black boots for my Ring Terminals. Where can I buy just the booties? I'm using a XS Power D2400 batter that fits a little too high and rubbing against the hood liner (1999 Camry). I'm in need of strong rubber for my ring terminals in case the shit ever come in contact with the hood itself and shorts out. Need 0 Gauge boots.
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