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Found 10 results

  1. MECA 3x points event Hot Rods Tucson, AZ. 85747 Registration starts at 8:00am Show and Shine judging starts at 10am SQL judging starts at 10am SPL judging starts at 11:30am Show-N-Shine Classes 8 classes- Domestic Mild, Domestic Wild, Import Mild, Import Wild, Truck Mild, Truck Wild, SUV/Van, Vintage Car Audio- (classes based on complexity of installation and experience) SPL Park and Pound SQL SQ2 Install RTA MECA Kids Winter SoundFest event page on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/events/183010015173485/?ref=2 Event flyer link- http://www.mecacaraudio.com/flyers/1-13-13AZ.jpg
  2. im building an SQL set up with a single 12 for my daily. im stuck between 2 subs. dayton Ultimax http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-um12-22-12-ultimax-dvc-subwoofer-2-ohms-per-coil--295-512 OR Alpine type S or R 12" R: http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/swr-12d4/ S: http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/sws-12d2/ i will only be running 500rms for the sub as i plan to get the alpine PDX-V9 amp http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/pdx-v9/ ill be running Alpine SPR-60C in all 4 doors http://www.alpine-usa.com/product/view/spr-60c/ ive owned and heard the new type r's before and they are great in a good box but when entering some info into winisd pro it shows the dayton will have a much smoother gain and much better low end compared to the alpine. but reqires a 3.5ft^3 box to do so... Dayton is orange 3.5ft^3 dual 3" aeros 15.5" long each tuned at 24.9Hz Alpine Type R is Yellow 2.0ft^3 dual 3" aeros 16.5" long each tuned at 32Hz
  3. Hello all! This will be my first build (or re-build) log, that i have ever made, but i will try my best to keep it on certain a level. A little about me: I'm 18 year old, living in Denmark (little country above Germany), and i am still studying Had my car for a year now, and my license for 8 months. The first 4 months, i made my first stereo ever, in my own car off course. But, about a month ago, i decided to make it bigger, and better. In all i did 4 full stereo, including my own, a year ago, and i did some helping, made some enclosures, and so, so i am still an absolute newbie. About my car: It is a Renault Clio II, from 2002. I (or one of my friends) have named it Boris The Boom Boom Bil (Bil is danish for car, heads the title) It is an automatic, which i absolutely love, because it hurts my knee to drive a stick shift - even though i know how to It is not very big, or very pretty, but it hasn't done many kilometers (58.000 at this point) , it has full service history, and it was in my budget. Some quick pictures of it My old stereo contained of: HU - Clarion CZ703E Amplifier - Audio System R105.4 Front stage - Audison Prima APX 130 Subwoofer - Gladen SQX10 All stinger Cables. Here's a picture of the components, taken with a potato basiacly Now to the re-build I would like to start with the new equipment, because that is always a good start. The new stereo will contain: HU - Clarion CZ703E Amplifier 1 - Audio System R105.4 Amplifier 2 - Audio System R1250.1D Front stage - Massive Audio CK6X Subwoofer - SSA GCON-15 Now, why did i go with this? Well, i kept the HU because, that is what i have budget for right now. I would like to upgrade because it is not the best, but it works - Sometimes at least Then i too kept the 4 channel amplifier, which i will use for the front stage, bridged into 2 channels, each at 350watt RMS, which should be efficient. It is a decent amplifier, which is not to expensive, and it actually sounds rather good. I bought a Audio System R1250.1D because i would need WAAAY more power for my new subwoofer. It is rated at 1250watt 1 ohm, which i will be running it in, so i can push the SSA to the limit, and now i know that i do not go down on power. I chose to do Audio System again, because i am positive about my older one. The Massive Audio i bought because i heard them play once, and they played, LOUD, and clear, while still keeping some level of SQ - which is not to forgot. The subwoofer was pretty much a guess, because i have never ever seen one before in Denmark where i live. I looked around online, then talked a little to the guys who runs SSA, and ended up giving it a try, and even now, on nothing more than 300watt i absolutely love it. As you might already guessed - i build the subwoofer, and installed it already.. I have build a 125litre enclosure (without displacement), and tuned it at 30hz. The enclosure have been stiffened (is this a word?) on the inside - the stiffening (again?) is off course rounded over for air flow The port is too rounded over - even though you can not tell from the pictures, they were taken before i did it
  4. So guys, something has been brought to my attention. The build I'm gonna be working on is pretty much copying off of "Altima1" on here's build. Anyway, he has over 250sqft of Deadener in his Altima. But also mentioned that he had quite a deal of Luxury Liner Pro by second skin, installed in the trunk and Roof to further dampen the vibrations for his loud Low-End Bass (26-30hz range usually). - Is the Luxury Liner / Any type of Liner material necessary for a Loud Low End build?? Is 2 Layers of Sound Deadener on the metal not enough? I'm using one layer of Second Skin's Alpha Damp for the first layer. Havn't figured out the 2nd yet, probably Second Skin Damplifier. But with those 2 Deadeners combined throughout my vehicle, shouldnt the Low end come through pretty well? Its gonna be a Sealed Off 15 from the Trunk. - Anyone with good knowledge on Sound Dampening is there any advice you could give? - Thanks!
  5. MECA event in Phoenix, Arizona. You can find follow these links for more info. https://www.facebook.com/events/145070372325008/?ref=22 or http://www.mecacaraudio.com/dnn50/Events.aspx Hope to see some of you there, Sorry i couldnt seem to figure out how to post the image or i would have included that. Robert Mundell.
  6. So I am going to have a custom box built for my 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2 12" Subs dvc 4ohm 2003 model. From what I have read about them they are made for spl but I want sq. The builder suggested why not make it an SQL box and I thought hell why not sounds like a great idea to me. This is going to go in a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix trunk. I was thinking about getting a Crescendo bc2000d to power these (just to have enough headroom for future sub upgrade) as well as do the big 3 with 0 gauge ,run 0 to the amp, upgrade to H.O alt idk how many amps though . I have 400 rms for mids and highs already running on 4 gauge wire. My stock alt does 110 amps, idk how many amps my car uses for the electrical accessories. I also have 1 kicker 15" L7 dvc 2 ohm 2003 model. But I think I will be better of with the HX2s I only plan on pushing between 1000-1200 watts on the subs I don't want to blow them. any opinions and suggestions welcome
  7. Before I get into this, I have two warnings: this will be a slow build, and this log is going to have a lot of pictures in it. Those with slow connections may be frustrated. Alright, with that said, here’s the build log. Just moved back to the states in January, bought the whip, and been collecting equipment for a couple months now. Build has been and will be slow, because I’ve got no money right now due to moving back here. Costs way too much money to furnish a house, and I like to booze. :/ Here’s a brief rundown of the notable pieces: Pioneer DEH-80PRS – Head unit Vifa NE25VTS-04 - Tweeters Exodus Anarchy – Mids Custom 3HP 15” – Subs PSI 18” passive radiator – Passive Radiators DC Power Inc 270XP – Alternator Sears Diehard Platinum – Batteries KnuKonceptz and Sky High Car Audio – Wiring Will be running active, crossed at 63Hz and about 2kHz. Sub box will be about 8.5 cubes, going to play around with tuning, but going to start with a tune of 23Hz. Will be building a tiered amp/batt rack that will involve fans in a push-pull config, plexi, and amp guts Have like 60sq.ft. of AT deadener right now, I will need more of something. There’s still a lot of equipment that is on the list to buy, including tools. Goal for this build is basically the definition of SQL. Don’t plan on seeing a meter other than to just see where I am once or twice. I want it to sound great first and foremost. I’m not worried about it getting loud, with the power I am running I know it will, so everything I am doing with what I have I am trying to tailor towards SQ mostly. After the audio is done, gonna work on the vehicle itself. Want to lower it, get some new shoes, new headlights, tint, just do some cosmetic work, possibly eventually engine work. But that’s not for a little while. Alright, on to what everyone really wants, the photos. Here’s the ride when I bought it. I have since taken off the roof rack: First up, Pioneer DEH-80PRS. This was in my last ride, love this HU. Will be the first time running it active. Planning to cross at 63Hz and 2kHz. Will be using an iPod/iPhone via USB most of the time, don’t really use CD’s. For my tweeters, I’m using Vifa NE25VTS-04’s. Frequency charts look good, usable down to 1.5kHz with a fairly flat response. In the A pillars, aimed at opposite headrests. Guess I never really took good photos of these. Not a huge loss, they’re not that special. You’ll see them more later on.
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  9. Hi Guys ive bought an ESX Quantum QX1222 today It came with a box but it didnt fit my trunk So i decided to make a new one but im not sure my calculations are right so i hoped you guys can help me out The box it came with was around 50 Liters and tuned to 40 Hz thats what the seller told me The specs for the woofer: http://bass-auto.ru/pubfiles/QX-Woofer.pdf Max dims: (CM) Height: 29 Length: 110 Bottom Depth: 39.5 Top Depth: 32 My calculations: (CM) Height: 29 Width: 80 Bottom Depth: 39.5 Top Depth: 32 Volume: 62.39 Liters Port Size: (CM) Height: 32 Width: 3? Length: ? Volume: ? Speaker displacement: Couldnt find it, 3 Liters ? Prefered tuning: 34Hz Prefered netto volume: 56 Liters And i was wondering if someone could make me or point me out to where i can make an actual plan with wood cuts Hope someone can help me out !
  10. I was wondering if there are any upcoming competitions I'd be able to go to this coming Spring/Summer in Michigan? I havn't found anything online yet, maybe I havn't looked hard enough, but nonetheless if anyone can provide me with info that'd be greatly appreciated!
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