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Found 15 results

  1. I have four sundown zv3 18"s in 17.5 cube box ner with about 270" of port tuned to 33hz. My port is removable and I just cut it down some to raise it to 38hz . The only thing I change is the port, power is still the same . What's the odd's of it gaining some db with raising tuning.???
  2. I am a noob at car audio i originaly wated to put subs in my car just to have a little boom but now i have taken it as hobby. I am constantly researching Subwoofers, Amps, Boxes trying to educate myself about the car audio field, so my car dont go up in smoke like my last car(Audi A6). I recently had 2 10's in a ported box(MTX Magnum Bass Package). They were pretty good for 10's but i currently have upgraded to 2 12's (Hifonics HFX12D4) each sub wired down to 2Ohm with a 2 Channel Mosfet Amplifier(Lanzar HTG257) with each sub getting 650wrms at 2Ohms. It Beats but im thinking of porting my box. My first Question would be: 1.) If i port my sealed box with PVC pipe is that a good idea? 2.) Which type port is better Slotted Port or Round PVC Port? 3.) If i do a PVC port a dude on youtube used a tool like this- and i wanna know can you use this tool with a drill like this- ? 4.) I saw some videos on youtube of boxes ported to like 28Hz and i was wandering if its tuned that low can you play regular music and it still hit LOW? 5.) will i have to alter my music in a audio program if i do tune my box to 28Hz? 6.) Is it the lower the Hz the more air its moves , the more Flexxx it does , the harder it hits? 7.) I have seen some huge boxes like 6cubes just for one sub do i have to have a box that big?
  3. I am getting 2 american bass hd 15's for my 2009 ford focus. I am going to have to build the box inside my car and I am not entirely sure what size to make the box. I was thinking that I would go with a 6.8 cu. ft. box after taking off the volume of the mdf and tuning the port to right around 32hz. Does anyone have any ideas that could improve my box or help me hit a higher spl?
  4. Hello, I'm wanting to maximize my sound with what I have and want to see if I'm on the right path with insuring I have maximum clarity from my Mids and Highs. I'm currently running 2 Custom Door Pods with a Pyle PDMR6 6.5 & Pyramid TW44 Super Tweeter hooked up to a Audiopipe 2-Way Cross Over on each pod. Both Pods are ran by a Planet Audio AC1600.4 and hooked to a Audiopipe 9 Band Equalizer. Can someone please steer me in the right direction. Thanks
  5. Here's my box design so far for a SoundQubed HDC3 18" http://imgur.com/a/UyRxa Box Specs: 20.75H x 35W x 21.5D. Displacements used are .23 (Sub) and .05 (Dowel rod). 5.95 Cubic Feet @ 30.26 (Cubic feet might be slightly higher due to window). This also takes into account 3 baffles and port outside of the box. Port Specs: 19" total length 7.920" Inside diameter .240" thickness, PVC 12" outside flare diameter 49.24 square inches port area. Still deciding on an amplifier, should be anywhere from 1750-2250W. 1/0 OFC Big Three. 150 amp stock alt. XS Power battery to come later. I still might go slightly larger on the box, every 1" wider gives it .20 cubic feet to net. I know people use 45s in slot ports to smooth out air flow but should they be used in aero port boxes? If so should I just use a 45 for the corner next to the port or all 4 corners? Thanks guys!
  6. I have a 12" Type R wired to 2 ohms with about 400-450 watts RMS Alpine amp running to it. When tuning the gain and bass boost, I have trouble finding distortion even with gain fully dialed. I was wondering if you have any tips to setting the gain, and listening for distortion.
  7. This is my first 6th Order box I have attempted to create. For those of you that have the experience, do you guys mind telling me if this box looks promising? It's going to hold 2 Power Acoustik Mofo 15's. It is tuned to 32hz / 51hz
  8. Hi, I have an re audio xxx 15, 2400.1 Brutus, pioneer 6010mp head unit. Looking for some tuning tips. I see other videos on youtube and there excursion is like whoa compared to mine. Although I don't want mine to move as much as some, being that I like to take care of my investment. Tips greatly appreciated.
  9. I swore there was a section on lighting but maybe I'm wrong...anyways, about 2 years ago I ordered a set of 55w 12000k HID low beams from DDM tuning and I love them, and haven't had any problems...except one, THEY'RE EXTREMELY HOT. Like you could cook an egg on one! They're the Raptor Ballasts btw. And today I actually mounted them (took me 2 years) with the provided mounting equipment. Before they were just tucked away and one was wrapped in fabric more/less. (I stuck it in the battery cover...) They're now mounted in the open (still safe from everything) but now they can get a lot more air around them, however they're still really hot. In Volkswagen's whenever you disengage your E-Brake your lights go on at 66% (about) so they're always on, and because of the ballasts they're pretty much on 100% all the time. I don't really mind them being on all the time, even at 100%, but they're just so hot that I was wondering if that's normal and if I can cool them anyway....Thanks!! PS Sorry about the long story..lol
  10. 17" deep 19" height 36" width Can somebody help me out with the cuts and port length and width Will be having sub up and L port but need help with the cuts 3/4 mdf tuned too around 30hz
  11. Hey Guys, excellent pieces of equipment, i just had 1 or 2 questions with regards to tuning them. Should i leave the EQ setting on my head unit flat at all times? would it mess up the input signal if i adjust it? other features like loudness and SLA should i leave those off too? (i don't use the Srtv) and for tuning the EQS, should i set back the frequency dial s to (0)? and as for the clarion i don't know if it has a built in Line driver so i have the outputs close to max i have the EQS set so that when music is playing it would flash at the 5volt indicators dynamically or should i get it to flash more steadily Any tuning tips would be great guys thanks in advance
  12. I took Andrew McCullough's recommendations for HDC3 & HDC4 box sizes & tunings here http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/187809-hdc3-hdc4-optimum-enclosure-size/. How do these specs look for an HDC3.118 (copper coil) being run of a FSD Audio FZ2600? 5.20 Cubes net 33.03 Hz tuning freq 9.66 Square inch port area per foot (8" x 18" aero) 18.5H x 36W x 21.5D (1 baffle on top 1 on both front and back). This is for music btw.
  13. I have 1 soundqubed hdc3 18" and I need to build a ported box box. Only boxes I have ever built were sealed boxes for 12's so this will be my first ported box build for an 18. I want to know how you get the measurements for the port height and width. Ik how to use the port length calculator but how do you originally find the width and height of the port. Also this will be a slotted port and the 18 will be going in a 6.5 cubic foot box and I want it to be tuned around 35hz. Does this sound like a good sized box and a good tuning frequency? Thanks
  14. Hi Im building a subwoofer enclosure for 2 12' type r subs (2kRMS) and wanted to know what size enclosure i should use. I have depth of 17 height of 15 and width of 35 max. I was thinking around 5.5 cubes I want to tune the box to around 32 hertz and want very low bass. What diffrence does a larger enclosure make over a smaller one? Also how big should i have my port i will be using a slot port but wanted to know if a port which its height is less and width is more is better than a port with a larger hight and smaller width. I was thinking a 4' wide and around 9 heigh is thw width fine? All help appreciated
  15. I'm roughing out a box for a friend's build in a few months, the idea is to have two Sundown Audio SA-12 DCV4 at 1 ohm on a Hifonics BRX2400.1 in a ported box tuned somewhere in the 25-30 hz range, I'm thinking 27hz if you want a specific number. We will use a fiberglass re-enforced 8" concrete pillar tube on a removable plate so we can adjust the tuning if he chooses so. He wants the tube to be internal, and I'm wondering what cubic feet internal volume would help these subs thump the lows with the most authority. The vehicle is a 2012 Hyundai accent 4-door hatchback, and the goal is massive lows, and a hair trick if possible. Box volume before displacements can go up to 6.8 cubes without an weird offset in the enclosure. We do not have to use all this space, I just want to know what internal volume would yield the most output on the lows Also, if some one could elaborate on the relation between internal volume and how that affects the tuning, I'd be delighted! Many thanks.
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