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Found 88 results

  1. Voltage dropping to 12.8 at full tilt with 330 amp alt, four kinetik batts, four runs 0 guage , one optima up front. I don't understand , but it only does it when I'm just sitting at idle. When I ride and play it it's fine, .voltage drop no less than 13.3V. Wat do I need to do???? I'm confused do I need more batteries , more runs of 0 guage ????
  2. Hey y'all! Here's the next hot debate! Skar MA-8 versus Sundown SA-8, which is better and why? They look almost identical, the Sundown has a 100-watt RMS rating lead on the Skar, but also has a $20 price lead. Is the extra $20 just for the name? What do y'all think? If it matters, I'm getting the Skar as a Christmas present. It'll be running on a 500-watt monoblock amp, cuz that's what I've got.
  3. These parts where bought for some problematicly built Fi BTL N3s that had issues from the get go. Pretty much drastic coil rub, even after drop in recones coil rub, but that made me aware of the issue and what was happening. Which was the parts being used on them made the whole assemble too tall, and required you to stretch the surrounds about 1/2 inch down to glue the surround to the basket landing which ended up making the nice half roll surround somewhat flattened out, and caused the woofer cone to only travel so far prior to the surround restricting it and pulling the coil back unevenly. Pretty crappy ordeal considering each woofer was $750, plus shipping, and only had about 21-25mm MAX linear excursion on such a high strength motor. There are a few ways to fix this problem on the 12inch models, some easier then others, but I took the beastly method at fixing the issue. So just a before and after pic, parts are just stuck together. Baskets removed. New baskets on. Gluing the collar, and then the spiders. Gluing and clamping the outer edges of the spider packs. Spider packs glued up. Gluing coil/spider assembly. One glued and clamped, time to start with the 2nd spider pack. The second spider pack glued down. The speaker terminals being used. Top wire is knukonceptz kolossus 4awg (slightly over sized compared to a real 4awg wire) had to trim a little bit of wire for it to fit. Bottom wire is old Stinger iirc 6awg, fits perfect with no trimming. soldering the tinsel leads to the terminals. Getting ready to glue the surrounds to the surround landings. Anyone interested in the finished pics of them sitting next to some Digital Design 9512's I recently reconed???
  4. The max dimensions for my vehicle have been reported as 16hx33wx34d. This is my trunk. I'd like to tune the box to about 32-33hZ. The specs of the sub: Fs: 33.4Hz Re: 1.8 Qms: 7.3 Qes: 0.5 Qts: 0.5 Cms: 64.2 uM/N Mms: 352.8g BL: 15.8 N/A Vas: 57.2L Sens: 87.6 1W/1m Le: 1.9 RMS: 1500 watts
  5. Alright im about to build a 4th order for my jeep today. The max dem are 24x42x20, This gives me roughly 5.5 ported tuned to 44hz and 2.25 sealed, doing a slow port up, with about 111 sq in of port. Now one of my questions is would a full sheet and a half be enough to make this box? I did the math in my head and i believe i have just enough wood to make it. If not i have a few small pieces of mdf i can part with. Im hoping for a bandwidth around the mid 20's and the mid 40's anywhere close to that will be fine, as long as it will be able to play 23hz at the minimum only cause i dig few low end songs. The equipment is a single sundown zv3 with ns softparts, will be powered by 2 apsm 1500s at 2 ohm strapped. Goal is more of a decent bandwidth and more musical with the capabilities of digging deep in the low end with efficiency and maintaining a tight punch. Ive built a few 4th orders, this will be my first for my own personal use.
  6. Time for build #3 on the Maxima. Equipment are as follows: 2 Sundown Nightshade V2 15s with zv3 spiders 2 Sundown SAZ 2500s Pioneer AVH3200DVD 2 XS Power D3100s 1 Optima Yellow Top 2 Runs of Stinger+Knuconceptz 0 Gauge 2 Rockford Fosgate T600.4s 6 Rockford Fosgate P1653 6 Rockford Fosgate P1652 Components 2 Pairs of Rockford Fosgate Punch Tweets 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch 4" Speakers Excessive Amperage 200 Amp Alternator Viper 350 Plus Security In addition: Re-weld Lift Supports, various mods to trunk, hoping for a 150+ out the trunk. Box will be somewhere along the lines of 6.25 cubes @ 33 hz with 100 sq inches of port more or less. Gonna fabricate it and make everything sexy, progress will be uploaded as it comes, hope you all care for trunk builds
  7. So here is the idea. We got $2500 to spend this includes buying the car. Its kind of a challenge to our selves. Everything had to be purchased retail or used. No stuff at dealer cost. car must do 55's at between 29 to 33hz NOT a Burp setup. I will break it down to each item in a list as we get them and what we paid for each item for the build. Here is the list (1) The Car........................... After searching for about a month we came across the deal of a life time. a 1989 Honda CRX for $275 bucks the thing runs like a top... looks not so much. but it will do. (2) The sub amps.................Got 1 of four Shark 2500's for $60 used. still need 3 more. (3) The subs.........................Picked up 2 Eminent audio 1k 15's with burnt leads for $150 Repair for the leads is about $25 (4) The interior speakers...... (5) The Interior amp/amps....Execution Audio 60.4 $99 retail (6) Wood..............................4 Sheets of 12 ply birch @ $32 a sheet = $128 (7) Batterys.......................... ( Charging........................Singer 370 alt $549 (9) Wire................................ (10) Head Unit...................... (11) misc.............................. This will Be a wall type build have not decided if going to do a flat ported wall or a fourth order yet. leaning more two the fourth as of right now. So comment away
  8. Managed somehow some way to pull off a sixth order in my jeep containing TWO Zv4 18s on a CT Sounds 7000.1 Just a little background on me, used to have a few different enclosures playing around with some 12" JL W6's Some of yall may have seen my ported box tuned to ~15 hz, The 4th order tuned to 38, The "Upside Down" ported enclosure, and a few different ported boxes at various tuning's. http://www.youtube.com/kessel921 Gonna start with two photos to make sure everything gets uploaded correctly
  9. How big of a hole should I cut to invert a sa12 with causing surround tear.
  10. 04 Toyota Seqioua Budget Wall 4 SUNDOWN E15's Since Ive joined this forum ive been fasinated with all the great build logs on here. You might see alot of things in my build that look some what similar as this is my first big build so im just trying what i have seen done. This will be a budget build, It will be a long going build as i will buy everything piece by piece. Im always working on something car audio related so there will be tons of pictures. Current Equipment: Head Unit- Pioneer touch screen navi Components- kicker Wire- 1/0 Knukonceptz with BIG 3 Sub amp- Soundstream Ta1.3000d Components amp- NONE Subs- (x2) Alpine Type R 15's Planned Equipment: Head Unit- Pioneer AppRadio 3 Components- Soundstream Wire- x2 runs 2/0 welding cable Sub amp- Soundstream Ta1.3000d Components Amp- Soundstream Ta4.720 Subs- (x4) Sundown E Series 15's Heres The Car The Enclosure Went back and forth between designs for this box. Its going to be a "C" pillar wall. I finally decided on a design. here it is.
  11. Thought I would share my personal build. Mainly built for Mwspl adv2 and xtrm 3. Soon i'll be testing some woofers in here to see what ends up being loudest. Custom Z4s and NSV3s first. The whole stack goes between 2 builds + 12 more sheets. Starting the shell: Finished up with sides, the top is 3 layers but the second is brought back a few inches for clearances: Start of the back wall, stacked 10" thick: Here i start and finish up the baffles and get to where I am now with finishing the front port. I took about a week to get to the front port when a new project came up that i will share in another thread!
  12. Okay so I am building a box for a buddy of mine who wants to run a sundown e series V3 8 but wants to use an aero-port instead of the slot ported design that sundown gives since it is going in his extended cab truck and he wants to try fitting it under the seat so he doesn't loose any space. The only problem I am having is calculating what size port to use so that he gets his tuning without any port noise. Can someone please tell me what size port I need to use for a 35hz tuning with a box that is 14in high 19.75in long and 7.5in deep. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. I am looking to buy a single 15" subwoofer. I want something that excels at the 30hz-20hz range for under around $640 USD. Sundown is what i want but the shipping to australia always costs WAY too much. Also FI Car Audio does not ship to australia. The Skar Audio ZVX-15v2 costs $360USD + $100USD Shipping and seems to be what i'm looking for but people keep bad talking it. The amp i am getting is a 3200W hifonics amplifier so a higher wattage subwoofer would also be good if it can be found for the price. Does anyone have any suggestions for other brands to look into?
  14. Id like to see a few opinions on this, I am currently running the CT 1400.1 at a 1 ohm load on 2 12" SA sundowns. I do have spare CT identical to the one i am using now. But i also have an opportunity to trade both CTs for a SAZ-3500. I have a ported box and a kenitic 1400 battery with a 10 Fared Cap. I would eventually like to upgrade my SA's to the X series (I found an amazing deal on them 289.99 each!!!!) I am going for SPL trying to reach the 150 db. Also my SA's are 4 ohm DVC. How would i wire this to run a strapped amp? The SA's would be need to be wired down to 2 ohms correct? Hope yall can get me there! Thanks for your time
  15. I'll let the video do all the talk. Edit: Btw threw in a couple of wood screws already as its a temporary fix till my new box comes in next week.
  16. Haven't done one of these in a long time. But it pushes me to get back in the garage after a long days work..... This won't be just an audio build.....I'm gonna be taking care of the whole car thanks to some completely dumb luck in the past couple weeks. Don't really know where to start since a lot has gone on, so I'll take it from shaving the badges and power antenna about a month ago. A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a craigslist ad for a 95 SE....Difficult to find, leather interior, 5 spoke alloys I really wanted, and tires with still about 90% life on them so I picked it up for just over 300 bucks. so began the strip. I got a hell of a lot for 300 bucks, and the best part is I can ditch the chassis when I'm done and they'll pay me a couple hundred for it! Basically getting well over 1000 bucks in parts for a fraction of the price. The same week, another craigslist guy told me he had a prelude....that one was beat. However, He stripped the Tein coilovers off before trying to sell it. So I was able to pick those up for 140 bucks (cost 700 new)
  17. Help please I am really confused by Sundown's X 15 single box design that they offer on the their website. It says it recommends 4.25 Cubic feet for the X 15 yet the box they show to build to me seems as though it is much smaller than that after displacement. The box that it is currently in won't fit in my trunk. It measures 16.5" tall X 22" Deep X 33" wide. I need to do a cardboard mock up to see what will fit in my trunk. I would like to have it as close to recommended spec as possible. What I don't understand is that Sundown says it needs 4.25 cubic feet, which I have to assume means net not gross, yet the box design they offer for download I calculated to roughly 4.195 Cubic feet gross. This doesn't make any sense, any input would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a picture of the box sundown recommends. This will be my first box build ever so I really want to do it right. I have the carpentry knowledge I just have never built a box before. Ideally I would like it to be tuned to 38hz, the X series is already a low note crusher and I was told that If I tuned it higher it would give it more bandwith. Thanks for any feedback. I can get the max dimensions of a box that will fit later on tonight if anyone would be willing to help me out a little bit with the design.
  18. Might not be the write title.. But I've seen plenty of video's of Sundown 8's hitting hard... Im planning on getting 2 12" SD's. Will they move to much to be put in a box under the seat downfiring? I'd assume after the subs in no more then 1/2" of room before the carpet..
  19. Looking to buy a new or used sundown saz2500, or a bigger saz model amp
  20. I am surprising my step dad with this setup. I have already installed: Phase Linear UV9 head unit MTX TC8001 amp 2 Kicker CVT 12" subs in a prefab sealed box And am replacing the CVTs with a single Sundown SD-2 12" sub in a custom box tuned to 35 hz Heres the build... More pics coming soon...
  21. don't see these too often in car audio, thought I'd share....first 5 minutes of playtime on the new setup
  22. Hello everyone I'm stuck on wat to run between three 18zv3's or four 15 zv3's. Both setups will have the same size enclousure which will be about 12 cubes after woofer and port displacements. Roughly about 190 to 200 square inches of port . Amplifiers are two crescendo bc3500s strapped @1 ohm. I want interchangeable ports, one for 38 hz and one for 32hz. Also stuck on wether to run aero ports or slot ports . I read that aero ports can get you louder but are expensive. I was told I would need either four 8 inch or seven 6 inch aero ports. I mean is it really worth the extra money or will slot ports work just as well. And this will be going in a jeep Cherokee. My available space is 43 w. 22h. 34L. Any help will be much appreciated.
  23. Wat are 45s used for in subs boxes, and are the metal thread rods better for bracing than regular wood
  24. Alright, here goes. This car is not meant to have a system in it, but since it's all I have to drive right now, I put my stuff in it to enjoy it for the winter. 1993 Saab 9000 Aero 5 speed (Yes, I have two 9000s now) Under the hood: Mitsubishi TD04 Turbo Upgraded BOV Free flow 'cold air' intake JT 3 inch turbo-back exhaust Stage 2 ECU tuning Deleted traction control New Hankook meats ~275 BHP, 300 BTQ Electrical: 2 stock 110 amp alternators 1 'stock' battery under the hood 1 Optima red top in the back Big 3 0 gauge everything: 2 runs positive, 2 runs negative. Fuses everywhere System: Clarion CZ500 4 pairs of O2 Audio AIR63s running 3 way active 1 Hifonics ZXi150.4 4 channel 1 Dual XPA 4640 4 channel 1 Sundown SAZ-3000D 1 RE Audio MT 15 Series tuned 6th order bandpass You can check the box build here: http://www.stevemead...ost__p__1735647 PICS!
  25. Hello I'm new on here and I'm looking to get some new subs for the spring. I currently have 2 JL audio 10w3v3's running off an Alpine PDX M12. I'm actually fairly happy with the set up but just looking for something different and a project to work on in the spring. I don't do competitions so numbers aren't really my concern but I still like to listen loud on occasions. So I have my eyes on either 2 Sa8v2's or 4 E8v3's as either set up meets both the 1200 watts power I have and around a $400 budget for the speakers. I'm sure ill be happy with either sub, so I'm not necessarily looking for which is louder or which will sound better, but what are some considerations to having 4 subs since I've already played around with having two? any suggestions or thoughts in this? Thanks -Cam
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