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  1. Hello I'm new on here and I'm looking to get some new subs for the spring. I currently have 2 JL audio 10w3v3's running off an Alpine PDX M12. I'm actually fairly happy with the set up but just looking for something different and a project to work on in the spring. I don't do competitions so numbers aren't really my concern but I still like to listen loud on occasions. So I have my eyes on either 2 Sa8v2's or 4 E8v3's as either set up meets both the 1200 watts power I have and around a $400 budget for the speakers. I'm sure ill be happy with either sub, so I'm not necessarily looking for which is louder or which will sound better, but what are some considerations to having 4 subs since I've already played around with having two? any suggestions or thoughts in this? Thanks -Cam
  2. I recieved my Sundown NeoPro 6.5's today the only problem is my order from woofersetc.com must have been messed up because i only recieved 2 of the four i ordered. i have emailed them and hopefully it will be sorted out soon. i still dont know if i should mount them in the stock position behind the speaker grill or if i should aredesign my door panels leaving them exposed. i think this would look a lot nicer, the only problem is this is my daily driver since i am still in school so i do not want to damage them. if you have an opinion on this please let me know!!
  3. I'm lookin to get 4 of these sundown sav2 8's. I really wanna drill the lows but wondering about cubic ft for all 4..? Any suggestions? Probably tuning Around 33 or 34 hz. Thanks
  4. Just ordered my Z v.3 two weeks ago. Hopefully it'll be in this week. I'm putting 2 dual 2 15's in my 92 accord. I got D2s because I planned on running one amp per sub. I have four Planet Audio TQ1601s from my previous build so I plan on running 2 of them. I clamped one at a little over 1k before but a Z.v3 is rated 1.5k. I've seen where people dump 5-6k on them but I don't plan on using that much power. I plan to bump these daily and also do a some SPL (145-150db). How much power does it take to really get these subs going because I know my 1k per sub won't even tickle them. As of right now I'm thinking 2 DD M2's.
  5. Well ive hooked them up and played them on the amp for less than a month. The amp was tuned using a DD-1 on the SQ track. One of the 15s blew up and has a burnt voice coil. No voltage drop, no clipping, no bass boost. Im very shocked. Very disappointed with the customer service i am receiving on it as well. The voice coil should not have burnt up sharing 600w of clean power. Making me pay for shipping to sundown, paying for the recone, and shipping return. All i asked for was a warranty repair. Apparently they dont warranty subs that manufacture defect.
  6. Currently working on an Ported Enclosure for 2 E8's in my Jeep Wrangler JKU. I may move in the future to SA-8s but as of now the wife will hold me to the budget. So the following is what I am working with currently. I need help on making sure this will work for Cubic feet and need help on this port length. Please help. Port have separator setting 2 chambers apart. 1.5 in width run to end of enclosure leaving 1.5 from back and leaving me with remainder on Port Extension Length I need help with this extension length to fit into the parameters of the E-8's 40W x12D x 10 H 2-8s Wall Thickness 0.75 in Front Baffle Thickness 0.75 in External Width (W) 40 in External Height (H) 10 in External Depth (D) 12 in Internal Slot Port Width (SW) 1.5 in / 38 mm Internal Slot Port Height (SH) 8.5 in / 216 mm Internal Slot Port Depth (SD) 26 in (?) not sure guessing please help. Thanks for your patience and co-operation with this.
  7. I have a 2011 silverado extended cab and I'm either looking in doing two SA 8 v.2 or two SA 10's what do yall think? What amp also would be best for them, Thanks
  8. Whats up everyone, i'm new here and I'm really getting into car audio. Right now I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado that I threw 2 shallow P3 12's in. I really want something louder. I'm not quite ready to do a blow through, so I want my first build to be 4 Sundown SA-8's underneath the rear seat, facing the front. I want two 4" ports, one on each side. I'm extremely new to box building, but I learn very fast. I have a few questions, and I would also really appreciate some pointers & tips. Question #1: Since I want 4 subs with a port on each side of the box, am I going to need to put a center divider in the center of the box, so that I create two chambers, each with two subs and a 4" port? Question #2: The SA-8's recommended box volume is .5-.75 cu. ft. so should I simply take .5 and times it by four, giving me a 2 cu. ft. box volume for the 4 subs? That's all the questions I can think of...for now. Any tips or other help is GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks, Mike
  9. Hello everybody, I'm doing a new system and I need to get this box rite the first time, don't have money to waste. I'm running three sundown zv3 15" d2 on two sundown 3500s strapped at 1.33. The box needs to be 10 cubes net, after woofer and port displacements. I'm pretty set on how big it's gone be.(43w. 20h. 29l) external. I was told that aero ports are louder in suv's than slot port. I went to world finals this year in Florida and the guys who were running no walls pretty much all had aeros , and this got my attention. I was thinking of two 8 inch aero ports that are 16" long giving me a tune of 32-33 hz. But then again I always use slot and had great expierences with them. I'm so confused on wat to do, especially with bracing, wether or not to use 45s etc. I just wish someone who builds boxes on a regular can chime in and give me some ideas. Keep in mind this box is for daily street beater.
  10. What's up everyone! So you guys are probably used to me posting stuff on Team Sundown Russia with everything being pretty much 100% Sundown gear with a few Skars or Obsidian thrown in to the mix. This time we went a little out of our way to pick up some awesome Fi BTL n2 12's (Thanks Scott! thanks Am!!) here we are unboxing, busting balls over how stiff the spider pack is and generally bullshitting in Russian We plugged them into our in-shop Audi A4 sedan, which has lately become our test mule for just about anything we can get our hands on. It's not sealed off, subs forward, 6" port firing to the side....it's usually used for door open demos at meets and what not, so we set it up to meter that way..it generally peaks 29-30Hz and is within a db from 28 to 38hz, dropping less than 2 at 25hz. Does great on all types of music, moves quite a bit of air and is generally a surpise to most folks..... anyhow, enough rambling. Fi BTL n2's in the box we usually have a Sundown SAZ3500D in there wired to 0.5 (BTLs are also d2's), but since they were obviouslu begging for moar powa we let 'em have it and uleashed a brand new Sundown Audio NS-1 amp on them ( we have clamped upto 9k from one on a big 12v battery bank, but here we are likely pushing closer to 6k considering how it drops to mid 11's) ...still, plenty power for sure Electrical can use an upgrade from the stock alt....should be able to fit a Mechman unit on there soon. all the batteries are XS Power - 2 d5100's, a d6500 and the top secret D2250 (120+ Ah)....almost 300Ah worth of bats and a mixture of Shok Industries comp 0awg and XS Power cable so far we have 151.1 on a tone and 150.9 playing Gucci Mane's mi casa su casa and some random footage Subs are taking the power great, no problems at all. we're gonna see if we can clamp some power figures tomorrow and see what the box rise is. Maybe tweak a few things to up the score some
  11. Hello everyone I'm new on here and I need some help from the pro box builders and choosing the rite subs. Here wat I have so far. Mechman 340 amp alt, five kinetik hc2400s, four runs 0 , two crescendo bc 3500s strapped at 1ohm ( 8 to 9k rms). And a jeep with about 16 cubes net to play with. I want something will be crazy loud and make people feel very uncomfortable sitting in there. My last subs were four 15 Memphis mojos in 16 cubes port up sub up. It pounded hard but it didn't give me wat I wanted. I went to spring break nationals and heard a guy from team sundown named mike who was running four niteshade 12"s on one NS1 in 9 cubes and it impressed the he'll out of me. I thought to myself damn that's wat I want. Ive always thought that to be stupid loud I needed huge and multiple woofers . I look on YouTube and see guys running two 18"s with 4 to 10 k hitting crazy numbers on the term lab, I don't no if I need two 18"s, four 12"s, four 15"s,. I need some real help. Sorry fr the long thread, just reaching out for help.
  12. Voltage dropping to 12.8 at full tilt with 330 amp alt, four kinetik batts, four runs 0 guage , one optima up front. I don't understand , but it only does it when I'm just sitting at idle. When I ride and play it it's fine, .voltage drop no less than 13.3V. Wat do I need to do???? I'm confused do I need more batteries , more runs of 0 guage ????
  13. Wat kind of electrical would you need to properly run two sundown 3500s strapped @ 1 ohm full tilt.???? Batteries- Runs of 0 guage- I alreadly have a 330 amp mechman alt.
  14. Hello everyone. Here's my question that I'm debating with my self. Can two 18"s be louder than four 15"s in the same or less airspace... Meaning I have space for four 15"s in my jeep which I no would pound hard as he'll, but I have had two sub setups were it pounding just as hard , and I'm guessing it's Because the two 15" box was a lot smaller than the four 15" box , which ended up I guess allowing more air to come to the front instead of the bass getting trapped with a four 15" box. I'm Intrested in either two 18"s or four 15"s preferably sundown audio zv3 15"s or two niteshade 18s. The 15"s can go in a box thats 12 to 13 cubes and the two 18"s 8 to 10 cubic ft. I love the sundown line because they dn require big boxes like most subs. Any opinions on this will be much appreciated.
  15. Item- Sundown SAZ3500 Condition- Mechanical 10/10 Cosmetic 8/10 Price- $700 Shipped(Shipping from military APO so it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks) Only selling because I just picked up a 9K to replace them for more power.Amps are still hooked up in my truck.Other than a few scratches and chipped paint around the mounting feet these amps are perfect. Not looking for any trades.Thanks Rated power output ----RMS power, 2 ohm linkable/dual mono 7000W x 1CH ----RMS power, 1 ohm mono 3500W x 1CH ----RMS power, 2 ohm mono 1750W x 1CH ----RMS power, 4 ohm mono 750W x 1CH Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB Low pass frequency crossover 35Hz~300Hz Subsonic filter 10Hz~60Hz Bass boost @ 45Hz 0~6dB Phase shift control 0~180 degree Frequency response 10Hz~350Hz (+/- 1dB) T.H.D @ 4 ohm <0.1% Efficiency @ 4 ohm 86% Fuse rating 300A (external type fuse) Input Sensitivity 200mV to 6V (+/- 5%) Dimensions 252(W) x 53(H) x 660(L)mm
  16. Hello everyone, I'm Thinking about buying four zv3 15" and putting them in a box that 12 cubes after displacements. The thing I'm wondering is wat makes these woofers sound good in small boxes oppose to other woofers of the same size same wattage that need 4-6 cubes of airspace. I think it's great that want small boxes because it gives you many options , anybody who running these bus please chime in especially if you giving them 3 cubes a piece .
  17. Hello everyone I'm stuck on wat to run between three 18zv3's or four 15 zv3's. Both setups will have the same size enclousure which will be about 12 cubes after woofer and port displacements. Roughly about 190 to 200 square inches of port . Amplifiers are two crescendo bc3500s strapped @1 ohm. I want interchangeable ports, one for 38 hz and one for 32hz. Also stuck on wether to run aero ports or slot ports . I read that aero ports can get you louder but are expensive. I was told I would need either four 8 inch or seven 6 inch aero ports. I mean is it really worth the extra money or will slot ports work just as well. And this will be going in a jeep Cherokee. My available space is 43 w. 22h. 34L. Any help will be much appreciated.
  18. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on what subs to get, I'm wanting to upgrade to some higher quality subs, and wanted to know what you thought would be best, both for the money and performance. If it helps at all, I would be getting two and putting them in a ported box)
  19. I hate to do a build log before I am completely done, but it looks like I won't get much else done between now and when I leave for Korea, and when I get back, I will probably upgrade, so the build will start over at that point. Starts off as a stock Jetta with an upgraded head unit. Not the best of head units, but it does what I need for now. It is a Kenwood DDX-418. The GLI model comes with from the factory with a Monsoon audio system. This consists of a factory 8 Channel amp running a tweeter and woofer in each door. It sounded good, and got loud, but there was significant lacking of the low range frequencies. Anything below 80Hz was either distorted, or non existant depending on the frequency. What I was looking for in my build was to replicate the frequencies below 80Hz accurately, while still being able to crank up the bass when the song begged for it. For my upgrade I decided to go with 2 Sundown SA-10D4s. I heard nothing but good things about the SA line from Sundown, and expected these woofers would perform to my needs. For power I figured I would try what was recommended by the manufacturer, and go with Sundowns own SAX-1200D which matches the RMS value of the woofers at 1 Ohm. I knew from the beginning that a properly built enclosure would make or break my build, so I researched and found a designer that like Sundown, had the most positive reviews. I filled out a project assessment form after I decided on my equipment, and patiently waited for my design based on my parameters. What I got in return was exactly what I expected. Professionally completed blueprints with everything taken into consideration. 035 by jokers10, on Flickr With that done I started on the build. And now the pictures: (sorry they are so out of focus and grainy. Using my iPhone 4.) 001 by jokers10, on Flickr 002 by jokers10, on Flickr 003 by jokers10, on Flickr 004 by jokers10, on Flickr 005 by jokers10, on Flickr 006 by jokers10, on Flickr 007 by jokers10, on Flickr 008 by jokers10, on Flickr 009 by jokers10, on Flickr 010 by jokers10, on Flickr 011 by jokers10, on Flickr 012 by jokers10, on Flickr 013 by jokers10, on Flickr 014 by jokers10, on Flickr 015 by jokers10, on Flickr 016 by jokers10, on Flickr 017 by jokers10, on Flickr 018 by jokers10, on Flickr 019 by jokers10, on Flickr
  20. Alright so I have the opportunity to trade my 4 kicker comp 15's for a zv4 12 from sundown. I don't know if it would be worth it. I'm running the four 15's with a 1000w Memphis amp at 1ohm since the kickers rms are 250w each. In a Tahoe if that matters.
  21. I have recently gotten a sundown audio zv4 15" d2. I'm looking for an amp that will power it along with a secondary battery and then the best way to build a box to go into a Toyota Corolla trunk Whether it's sub port back, sub back port back etc What are some great amp brands that will rms 2000-3500 watts and sustain play It can be bang for buck or bigger price range Also would a aero port be better or regular port space wise and effiecency wise Thank you very much
  22. I Bought a Sundown X-10 v.2 Dual 2ohm subwoofer only 3 months or so and it was working great until one day I was driving and the bass from the sub cuts out then back on then off. As if the speaker wires had come loose and the connection wasn't firm enough... I tried everything and I discovered that since it is a Dual 2 ohm sub that each terminal should give me a ohms/resistance reading of 1 ohm. But when using my multimeter. I only get a reading of 1 ohm off one of the terminals. The other side all I get is 0. I'm not sure if there's anything that can be done. Appearance wise everything looks perfect and it doesn't smell burnt up or anything. Is it possible something just came loose inside the sub? Thanks
  23. Hello my name is josh, im new to the forms and car audio. I've been researching for the past week and learned about the potential of sundowns SA line of subs. I came to the conclusion that i wanted the SA-12 because price, size and performance. I like reference bass (punchy). My music choices include D&B, Metal-core, and Dance Hall. i wish to keep the bass as close to what the artist intend the track to sound. IDK if anyone has done this before but i ant the box to be able to play in car and also be pulled out and played at the house. I just need to know how to power them out the car. I need a box design that would deliver the audio performance i desire. The amp i looking at are the Hifonics BRX1600.1D or the BRX1100.1D also heard good things about MB Quart ONX1.1000D and MB Quart ONX1.1600D . I might go for the MB, unless someone has a better suggestion? BUDGET around $200...less will be good please help me get the components right so i can move on to the next step of my audio journey Vehicle : 1999 Toyota Corolla Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Width x Height x Depth): " W x " H x " D Need to take measurements will update asap Sub-woofer make and model: Sundown SA-12 D2 Number of Sub-woofers: One Box Style: Ported Type of Port: Kerfed or Slot Music: Mostly Bass dominant music, D&B, Electro, Dancehall. Metalcore with some rap Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Music, Movies, Party...use for everything musical. Reference Bass reproduction I will build a second identical system to run in parallel if this is successful and meets my liking
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