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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I have a question. Now, I am here to learn, so don't flame me please. If I did something wrong, just let me know. But, from what I've seen on YouTube and how to "clamp test" your amp for RMS power, I did everything correct, or at least I think I did. I clamped the + speaker wire with clamp meter and measured AC Volts, put my DMM leads into the other set of speaker terminals to measure load. I came up with 48.5 volts and around 13.5ohms. This comes out to around 645. Now, I know this isn't dead balls accurate, but we aren't even in the same ballpark as 2200 watts. I wasn't expecting to get that much, but 645? The other formula i used was to this: AC Volts/AC Current = Impendance then take AC Volts squared/Impedance and I get around 670 watts plus or minus a few. Why are my numbers so low? Is this normal? Just doesn't seem correct... I know I'm getting the power to my subs, as they are banging. There is no way i'm only giving my subs 325 watts each... My recorded impedance was 3.55 and I have my amp wired at 1ohm... What's up? Can someone explain this to me? I really would like to learn more about this. I'm also about the strap another 2200.1D and I want to make sure my electrical is on the up and up. Any help/advise is always appreciated.
  2. Electrical: 130 amp alt 4 gauge big 3 70ah agm under the hood 1 run of 2/0 welding wire to the back 110ah kinetic hc2400 in the back with 2/0 welding ground lead 1/0 KFC sky high wire to the amp System: Ct sounds 3000.1 4 Sundown SA 15 wired to 1 ohm So the first 2 weeks were fine going full tilt nothing weird then. About a week ago I noticed after full tilt the subs were a lil warm and seemed like they smelled a lil. At about the same time I noticed my voltage immediately dropping to 12.3 or lower from 14.7. Rarely dropping below 12.0. Could it be that I don't have enough voltage and it's causing the amp to heat the subs up faster than it should. I also notice when I'm driving that voltage doesn't drop as low of course but it's also a lot louder and they don't seem to get warm at all. Could it be that my alternator isn't enough or is going out and the voltage is being a bigger issue than it seems? Side note I have a 240amp on the way no matter what.
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