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Found 11 results

  1. I was waiting for the UPS guy to show up before i decided to post any pics on this subject. It almost doesn't seem real...but now it is starting to sink in. I am about to install a twin turbo system from Armageddon https://goturbo.net/ . If you didn't know, my Caddy has a 6.2 in it. You would think it is already powerful and fast but honestly, this thing feels like a dog when climbing hills. I initially wanted a supercharger but after getting together with my buddy Josh at Overkill Performance (Sacramento), we decided to try something way more over the top. This is what we came up with! Of course there will be full install pics and vids along with dyno results and maybe even a run at the 1/4 mile track. I will more than likely run it at the track on the stock 22's. But for fun, who know's i might run it on the 8's too and see what it can do. I am NOT trying to make this a "race car" by any means. I just want it to be beastly and enough muscle to carelessly climb steep grades. Of course, i want that passing power if need be. Also, that whistle.....my oh my. So the first round of pictures is what showed up today. It is what they referred to as the "cold side". The "hot side", whatever that means, is coming on Thursday. It should be the intercooler the fuel pump and some other accessories. The stuff i got today was enough to fill my entire work table once i started unboxing Once i see EVERYTHING i am getting, i will go post the parts list here. I know i got a few "extra's" on the way so i am not 100% sure what i will end up with. Also, just so you know the plan, i want to do everything (like the pipes, intercooler etc) in white and black like the rest of the vehicle. I want it to match the brake and wheel combo.
  2. So im doing a trunk build on my caddy and i was wondering about ports. i was thinking 4.1 sealed and 7 cubes ported. The graph it made in winisd seemed pretty good so i might go for it. Of course i have the best and worst car to do a build, cant fold the seat down so i need to cut holes in my rear deck for the port, so the question is should i do a regular rectangle port / slot port or areo port / pvc tubes? and how much port area? i'll provide some pictures for better understanding what im going to do. the last one is the rear view, since im doing a slanted baffle to make the sp4's fit. tell me if im missing anything that would help.
  3. So im having a lot of trouble trying to take out the rear seats of my Cadillac. Google searches left me high and dry. Not even people at the reupholsters could tell me, i couldnt even find bolts behind or anything. i'll take pictures if you guys need but im not sure if it will be any help.
  4. Ever since my wife traded her 04 Denali in for a 2012 Camry, I have wanted another SUV. I was thinking about another Denali, but started looking at the Escalades around the same generation (03-06) under $10k. Of course, I go to Craigslist! Normally, I always look for vehicles with pics. I wasn't getting any good results. Most of what I saw was people had listings for vehicles they already sold. I found one listed for $7,500 with no pics and hardly any info. It's fully loaded with 210,000 miles, but they claim it's in excellent condition with a clean title. http://littlerock.craigslist.org/cto/3561381886.html I emailed them and they sent me pics. KBB has the highest private party numbers: Excellent $9,456 Very Good $9,056 Good $8,781 Verify Condition Fair $7,681 Nada has $6,875 and Edmunds killed it on the miles and gave it $6,087. It's about an hour and a half away. I don't want to make the drive and they won't work on the price. Also, what if I drive it and it's as good or even worse than they say. Do I need to try to negotiate a price first? What steps would you take?
  5. Recently I have noticed that my Cadillac will play static out of my front left speaker and will play music out of the speakers in the back when I listen to the radio. The static also continues for a few seconds even after the stereo is turned off and no music is being played. Everything is completely stock and nothing has ever been messed with. A little bit ago the stereo fuse blew in the back of the car and I replaced it. Could this have something to do with it? If anyone could help me with this problem it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. hey guys this is my first post but i want to make it quick and simple i have about a 3kw system and ive recently ordered the XS D3400 but i dont wana puit it in the back of my truck bcuz i simply just dont like the way it looks lol i want my battery to go in the stock location similar to the way they setup police tahoes; right next to the fire wall on the passenger side im going to no doubt have to remove the fender brace but thats no the issue, i need some kind of battery tray and the local dealer just doesnt really understand what im trying to do so its just awkward explaining things to someone who l=keeps giving you a blank stare and doesnt really help lol so what im hoping to get from you guys is maybe a part number for a tray that fits in that spot near the firewall from someone whos done this to their Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade, etc. this is the very first topic post ive ever made so im not sure how to put up pics..ill try and have some here in a few Thanks guys i hope someone can help!
  7. So im the champion of stupid, let me explain: I was showing off my car to my dad, Me being me i went through everything. I wanted to show him the trunk last [it closes automatically] So i forgot my keys in the ignition, lock the doors and close it. Bam. locked the only keys i had to it inside. The real question is HOW can i open my door and or retrieve my keys? anyone have experience opening '85 caddy doors? i phoned the local towing company and they said i might be able to, but they guarantee i'll break something in there. Everything in my doors work 100% and that's the way i want it to stay lol.
  8. So im planning a build on my 85 caddy [fleetwood brougham] and i was going to put a nice alpine radio in. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_52193_Alpine-IVE-W530.html But my dash is a single din, Is there a double din kit or a new dash that would fit to move the air vents to the side rather than the top? i cant just make my own and cut out the vents because i really need them in the winter to heat up the car. i know the 90's had the vents on the sides and had a double din, Just wondering if i could do a quick swap if it would fit. I havent taken the dash apart yet to look, but i will have to pretty soon. Or i could make a center console, put my radio in there with a few volt meters and extra mid range speakers. But im not sure how the wiring would be and what to do with my stock broken head unit i have in the factory place.
  9. Hey paint experts, So my cars paint is in pretty rough condition. im going to paint the whole thing myself, 1.) i want the experiance and 2.) its a few grand to do it professionally. The main problem is finding paint that will look good with my vinyl roof, that and not knowing what to do. i never painted a car before. i know i can go to napa and get paint mixed for me, but thats going to be 1400 bucks. and i got 500 just for paint. The rest i got covered. So whats a good paint? im trying to go with grey. As close as factory as possible. But black is the second option. only problem with black is you can see every singe mark/scratch. i was told rustolium does a good job, so i bought one can just to try it out and it sucked bad. it bubbled on the factory paint and it engraved my hand after it dried. it was 100% dry when i rested my hand on it... and it has this everywhere on the body. everywhere. super deep. almost all the way down to the primer horrible repair jobs deep pitting at the front you can see what colour my roof is here, but i can take better pictures tomorrow if needed.
  10. Hey guys, Trying to find a relaible place to purchase dual alternator brackets for a 1991 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with the 4.9L (or 5.0L) motor. Also looking for alternators so if a manufacturer is reading this I would look for a package price. Would prefer to stay away from anything "home grown" for the simple fact that we are a store and I need to offer my customer the support from a company being a 3rd party part. Thanks in advance and any help is appreciated.
  11. I had to SQ subs sitting around my house for the past 2 years, so I finally got another car that I can put them in. Car - Cadillac CTS Wagon Subs - 2 - Soundqubed HDS312-4 Enclosure - 4.7 ft3 @ 34hz (design stolen from Joe X lol) Headunit - Pioneer AVH-X4800BS Sub Amp - Took the Hifonics bxi2008d out of my 85 Monte Carlo while it's in the body shop I've never built a subwoofer enclosure before, but since all of my extra money is going to my Monte, I figured I'd give it a shot. I've learned that Home Depot's cuts are not straight (well mine weren't), I need to invest in a table saw, a good router with a good circle jig, and I must learn to prep better. I also ned to have ALL materials on hand before starting...ah well. I used an old ruler to make the circle cutouts...just drilled some holes in them...and I managed to fuck that up 3 times (I thought half of the diameter would give me the radius that I need to measure out from the center point...ehhhh....wrong) The headunit and bezel haven't arrived yet, so I'll add those when they come. I also need to find some matching carpet/vinyl for the enclosure. Sucks because today was a great day...and it's going back in the 40s tomorrow. The last pic is with top on but NOT SECURED. I did manage to screw/glue down the top before calling it a day. I went back and touched up some leaky areas, as the wood wasn't straight. I used titebond 3. I'm going to run the sub speaker wire straight out of the back...no bolts or terminals.
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