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Found 5 results

  1. i am looking for a pair of IA Death Penalties, must be the newest model with the axis cooling motors. thanks! offer up!
  2. What's up bassheads, trying to keep this short and to the point. I got a wall built for my Nissan Altima 4door and from the sounds of the setup it not sounding the way I was hoping. I think he went with a program online to figure out wall design, he says tuning is 36hz or 37hz but sounds way higher.. the car bass is punchy... if anyone has any experience building enclosures for these.. plzzzzz let me know! Thanks in advance bassheads. I attached the measurements and design.. Death Penalty Series 15 Sealed Not Recommended Ported 3.0 cubes - 5.0 cubes, 36 - 80 Inches of Port, 32-37 Hz Average: 4.0 cubes, 55 inches, 32-37 Hz would these specs work? I think these recommendation was for the 2008 dp 15s! Equipment: Four DP 15s D2 (2012 model), currently on a reserve 40.1 running at 1ohm. more power (10k-12k) will be added later.
  3. This is not my actual UBL, I posted this in the wrong section. I've asked this to be moved. feel free to post. Well, first off. This is going to be off to a slow start. As some of you know, I totaled out my beloved daewoo and did not have full coverage. I was also between jobs when it happened. So I just picked this 2dr, 4wd blazer today, literally. I got it for a good deal. It needs some work, but it'll be worth it. I got some shit to fix on it, A/C, some suspension work, and I think the front axle solenoid is bad, I hear the transfercase solenoid kicking in, but no pull from the front. Few little nick nack things to fix. No biggie, I'm good at turning a wrench. Any way, I'm pretty well broke right now, until I get steady cash coming in. Most likely the build will start with one of my BC3500's on one of my ufo BTL/Zv3 hybrid 18's. I'll be running xs power batteries all around, I've got 3 D3100's all and will most likely pick up 3 more. Also as some of you know, I won that IA contest a few months ago. I'm still waiting for their new wardens to show and amps. 6-7 D3100's 1 Mechman 320 amp alt 2 IA comp sets per door, one actual dedicated mid bass and an decent super tweet per door. three IA6.4s Haven't fully decided on wire yet, but something silver tinned There will be some vehicle mods besides car audio too some daewoo stuff first this is the biggest issue on the body all gone
  4. Hi I recently purchased the new Incriminator Audio earbuds. I know quite a few other members have ordered them and received them already as well maybe they will chime in with their own personal experience so far. First let me say, fast shipping! Fast as it gets. These headphones were priced very low. I imagine the cost will rise with neo magnet prices changing so much. http://www.incriminatoraudio.com/index.php/products/gear/hd-1-ear-buds.html OK now some pictures I really enjoy the extra lanyard and beer keep cold thing I prefer this lanyard over my bright red digital designs or bright green soundqubed I like how the case can easily fit into my pockets and it has its own little pocket The wire is very thin but I do not feel as though I am going to rip it easily The end jack makes me nervous as these will be used at work and I have a history of destroying headphones by pulling on the wire to get my device out of my pocket. The bad: I did a direct comparison to my current heaphones and another different pair I have and noticed the bass on these is seriously lacking. It is not to the point where they are poor sound quality but it is a close call. The tinny high pitched tuning is not good with music compared to many other headphones I have owned and burned through in the last year. I would gift these to someone who likes flashy things but not someone who is into car audio. I considered getting my girls brother a pair for christmas to lure him from diamond audio to the louder side but I do not think these headphones represent IA quality to the point of attracting someone to their car audio line for big spending. The Good: It is worth mentioning that my current headphones are double the current price of these. When I ordered I thought these were a great deal, I would now say Incriminator Audio has these priced exactly right. These headphones look great. Machined metal housing, interesting wire design, carbon fiber looking case, gold plated end jack. The wire length is perfect for the playing device to be in your pocket. I listen to alot of youtube documentaries and netflix fulltime at work and I look forward to hearing these vocally. The case is a perfect small size compared to other car audio company ear buds. Overall this is as good as it gets if your budget is their price point. Unfortunately I have extensive experience with earbuds having destroyed at least 15 pairs in the last year. I like to pull my mp3 player out of my pocket by the headphone cord so I dont have to reach in my pocket. I usually pre-tape the end jack when I buy a pair now. I could mention which brands are better or which I currently use but I'd rather not to avoid making a VS thread. If you really want to know, PM me.
  5. This has been in for a while but there was a mix up regarding the second pair of Components that literally just got here an hour ago. I don't think I've ever had an all matching amps/speakers/subs setup. @Incriminator came through with a huge prize. Literally a whole system minus Head Unit and Wiring. Equipment List: Head Unit: Pioneer S6010BS Doors: I65C Components, 2 per door and A pillar Subs: I Series 12s Amps: I30.4 and IA10.1
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