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  1. yukon lights look massive for some reason but that looks super clean.
  2. We always want to make sure that when we host SOTM, SMD members get the most out of it. Whether its the prizes, or SMD exclusive deals, or just being in contact with all the SMD members. Now we have an added bonus for our SOTM winner, JeepAndBassXJ. As you guys know, the prize package included a DC Amp, XS Power wire kit, and an Incriminator sub. Nick at Incriminator is taking it a step further: He will be custom building the sub for the winner, and including ALL of the upgrade options as an added bonus! So not only is the SOTM winner getting a bad as Lethal Injection 12" Sub, he's also be getting a sub that has the following upgrades: XS – Extra Spider UL – Upgraded Lead Wire LCU – Flat Wound Upgrade Dual 1 / Dual 2 DC – Direct Connect DU – Dustcap Laminated Print Upgrade Needless to say, he's getting hooked up in a BIG way! Check out all of the Incriminator subs here: http://www.incriminatoraudio.com/ Ready to purchase your next badass sub or amp by Incriminator? Check our site and email or PM us for the best prices and upgrades: http://showtimeelectronics.com/
  3. Hey, So you might have seen some people running the 40KSPL, which is a 16V lithium, but not sold at retail. The retail models available are the XS15K and XS30K which have electronic balancing. If youre interested, shoot me a message, I'll see what I can do for you.
  4. oh awesome, you finished my christmas gift early! ......nice job man. im curious how this sub sounds. the box looks killer
  5. I remember this sub when it was audiobahns model, the cadence's model.
  6. Nothing like being in the office on a sunday night going thru emails!

    1. Hotdog


      Why not check email at home?

    2. ShowtimeElectronics


      Easier to focus and if i need to reference a return i can double check it

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