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Found 9 results

  1. Does anyone know anybody in the Phoenix area who might be willing to help me by metering the Blazer... Lol... I'd need a way to contact them as well... Please help I do not want to wait till the fall to get it done at Wild Horse Pass... It's not a couple of P3's on a thousand watts!.. I swear!... No disrespect to Rockford fans meant...I just need to find the general cabin resonance and burp it once or twice... please help!
  2. Selling my Term Lab since i wont be needing it for awhile and im getting money together for a down payment. I bought it brand new and barely use it. $475 Shipped
  3. Hello everyone, I didn't see any similar topics on forum so I thought I will open one.. So the point of this topic is to post your watt clamped results from your system. You can post pictures or just write.. It would be cool if you wrote your equipment: amplifier, subwoofer, box size and tuning, electrical and then post your clamped results. You can post a picture or video of your system too! If you don't know how to measure your watts look at this tutorial: So let me begin. Amplifier: Hifoinics BXI6000D Subwoofer: Fi audio Q 15 wired to 1 ohm Box: 4cuft 32hz tuning Electrical: 2x 54ah battery & 75a alternator Clamp result: 1064 Watts (50 Hz)
  4. Hi, I have a question. I'm building a new ported enclosure for my subwoofer and I wanna know what the peak freq is in my car. I will try to determine by ear but just in case I'm wrong I want to check it with a decibel meter. I've downloaded an app on my iPhone that's pretty accurate but I'm wondering if the mic on an iPhone 6 can pick up frequencies between 30hz-40hz at the same amount of db's because I've seen a graph of older iPhones showing that it drops slowly below 50hz. Is there anyone who has experience with this or knows if the iPhone 6 mic can pick up 30 / 40hz at 0db? Greetings
  5. Specs are in my sig. When my bass hits at full tilt or a little below (any frequency), my voltage meter jumps around constantly, never staying at one reading for enough time to even read the numbers. This only happens when the bass hits. Heater, A/C, headlights, etc. all use a steady amount of voltage. I thought this was normal, but my friends does not do it nearly this bad. The meter is an XScorpion, I have seen these meters in several setups and have never seen one jump around this much. Someone said it had something to do with the amps unregulated power supply maybe? I seem to be maintaining around 13.8v as far as I can see, never dips into the 12's. Any ideas anyone? If necessary, I can probably post a video tomorrow.
  6. Okay guys I am about to buy a new volt meter here in the next week. What do you recommend?
  7. Hi, I was wondering how loud you think my car gets. I really can only go off of the DB charts and maybe some youtube videos and Rockford's R.A.T.S. website. I was running 2 12" P2s in a ported box facing forward partially sealed off from the trunk. Running them off a T1500-1bdCP @ 4 ohms (1000watts). It got pretty loud rolling my passenger window down a couple inches but I really don't know how loud. Next, I recently have made a "high output" box from Rockford's recommendations for the T0d415. I'm currently running it at 8 ohms on the T1500 for now. It is facing the rear of my trunk as close to the back as possible. My backseat does not fold down but has a compartment door in the seat for access to the trunk. How loud would this be? (Could assume I'll wire it to 2 ohms in the future [1500 watts]). This is in my 98 Chrysler Concorde off a stock 130 amp alt with Kicker 0 AWG for power. Any info and maybe even advice would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Ok so I finally was able to meter my setup. I'm new to this and not sure if this is good or not. To start off I have a 05 Tahoe with 4 Obsidian Audio 18's in a 23.28 cu ft box tuned to around 32 hz. 2 RE Audio XTX5000.1 on subs at 1 ohm each amp. XS Power D3100 in back and XS Power D925 in front. Stock alternator. I do have a Mechman 270 now but metered it with stock. I played music and it read a 149.6 in the kick, is this pretty good on music? Never metered before so I don't know what to expect. I have put the alternator now a wanna meter it again. What kinda bass tone should I play when I meter it? I played a 32 hz tone last time. I was told later on I should have done a 40 hz tone. What do you guys think?
  9. I purhased this kit right when it came out with intentions of installing it in my project car. I have since sold the car and never put this in when i had it. It is the 11 LED VU meter kit. I have only opened it up to see what was inside. It comes with the following: 9 blue LED strips 1 yellow LED strip 1 red LED strip 1 toggle switch 1 AC/DC converter 1 control module This will make a fun weekend project for someone. I am asking SOLD. Thanks for looking.
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