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Found 6 results

  1. Hello! I have the Sony DSX A410BT which indicates 4x 55w but it doesn't indicate if they are nominal watts or else. Which type of speakers should I purchase to get the most out of my audio system? Thanks in advance. Pablo
  2. Quick question for you video editing wizards out there, i like to slow down my videos and audio, but i cant figure out how to render the video with it slowed down.
  3. Last week i was desperately trying to find this new deck i really wanted but even knowing some pretty key people, i couldn't get my hands on one. At least not in the time frame i was wanting it....which is NOW. So i jumped up on @SonicElectronix just to see. They had one in stock! So i decided to order it. It came pretty fast! It was actually sitting next door for 2 days i didn't know it (damn me for leaving the shop early) Fast forward a few days to today....:D Finally took out my old Pioneer and dropped in the Sony RSX-GS9. I don't necessarily need the highest quality SQ deck on the market for the Tahoe...i know this. The Tahoe sounds great but she is definitely not "staged" to win any SQ contest. It has great midbass, very clear highs, time alignment has been played with....but lets face it she is a ground pounder. In other words, i didn't buy this deck thinking it was the only thing i need to do to get quality sound. I really just wanted the Toslink (Optical) output. There are very few single din head units out there that have that. I can't really think of one built in recent years that has that. My original setup that i used to run before installing this Ipad Pro was a Mac Mini (if you don't already know). That Mac Mini was on and optical cable ran back to my 3sixty.3. I REALLY love the way it sounds on that cable. I didn't want to give that up. So yes, i went over the top, but i ain't mad at myself. I love this deck! Here are some pics. Video tomorrow. (to see the Ipad Pro install pics, click below) This is the original trooper...my pioneer. I forget the model number. It's actually a decent head unit. Never gave me any trouble. Just doesn't do what i need it to do. It looks basic and simple...but i like that about it. Also, the new Ipad Pro can control it....several functions will be on my giant monitor. Keep scrolling, you will see! \ This is just SOME of the choices you have...of course you can scroll down for more stuff (you will see in my video) A lot of people ask me where my hvac controls are....they are in the center console. Here is a shot.
  4. all right so i have 2 pioneer ts-w310s4's im getting 2 more so i want to build a box that can house all 4 of them, i have an L port box right now should be tuned around 32hz give or take bad measurements and a short time frame, and it slams hard, sony 1400w amp (getting a 2nd 1 for 2 subs) around 300 rms (each sub) i think? but i will be building this box to fit in the trunk of my car! i don't know what way to face the subs? should i go with a steve design in the Tahoe but with an L port? i havn;t had any experience with actual ports, i just want to shock people with the bass i want to feel it! im already the best system at my school i just want to go above and beyond and for my pleasure i love a loud system. so my questions are does any one have a 4 12" build for a trunk? it says .85-1.75 ft3 per sub but thats sealed what should it be ported?, what would i get if i went went with the max ft3 it says? my goal was to be some where around 6ft3 around 32hz with a L port, i was thinking maby dual L ports but im open to options i just want it to slam hard so give me some more knowledge im an amature when it comes to building boxes, please guys! thanks!
  5. I am so excited about my latest purchase, i had to post about it BEFORE i even have it. I want and need this deck so bad i jumped up on @SonicElectronix and ordered it....from my own damn banner haha (up top). Why do i "need" a new deck? Well i am making some changes lately. If you have been following my posts, you may have seen the ipad pro dash mod i am doing in the Tahoe. It's 13" of pure Ipad sexyness. Going from a dull, old (but good) 10.2" VGA screen that is 10 years old (Shown behind it), this is going to be amazing! But i need something to run the ipad. My old Pioneer deck down below still works fine, but it is way outdated. Also, the biggest issue is that i have been spoiled with the Optical cable (From my Mac Mini) and i don't want to go back. Very few single din head units out there have an optical out. Having a USB In is also needed in my case (for the ipad). This thing has it all! To make a long story short, i chose this. I will post pics when i get the real thing. I hope to get it tomorrow! Oh and don't let the simplicity fool you...i will be able to run all the functions THROUGH the ipad (an app). This thing is gonna be so sick!! Oh and don't ever confuse this thing with Sony Xplode. If you want to compare it to something, and you are old enough to do so, compare it to Sony Mobile ES, but BETTER. (i hope lol)
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