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Found 46 results

  1. im adding a battery in the trunk and ran out of 1/0 for the ground but i have plenty of 4 guage can i use a few runs of it to ground the battery?
  2. Decided to start a thread about my quest for dbzzzz in my daily driver. I told myself I would not be doing anything big with this car but I am learning not to trust myself with that kind of promise lol! Here is the car's actual build log: So I had a little setup in the car that only did 140.8db at about 34hz dB Drag style. Grabbed some equipment from my Jeep (currently being rebuilt) and got some subs to play with from Jeff Vue of JVF Customz. So here is what I'm working with as of December 2016: Car - 2000 Honda Civic Ex 5 Speed w/ sunroof, ac, bla bla bla. Electrical - Stock 70a Alternator, $60 G51R stock under hood battery, Big 3 done with SHCA 4 gauge cca, 4 gauge Xs cca to the rear, G34 battery in the rear. So basically shit for electrical but its kool...but I did get some supercaps! BIGGG help with those. Subs - 2 JVF Customz 3.3 12's, 3" 8 layer coil D1.4, 10" spider???, fat motor (same as my 18's in the Jeep) on 12 spoke. Box - 3.4 cube, subs forward, port forward, 8" aero. Power - 1 DC Audio 3.5k DAT AZZ!! 3.5k with caps in spare tire location. Caps did not get used until later. Decided this was a bad location for the amp so it's going to move asap. Makeshift setup. Box hardly fits and I don't like the subs up at the deck lid. This box is named the "bitch box" mostly because its been in about every "loud" street stock car in NorCal since like 2011. I won West Coast championships with it in 2015. So now lets get on with testing! I'll just post as I go with it!
  3. Hello, I want to run 2 PSI platform 1 12s on 2k, my voltage does not dip below 12.8 so i will be getting right around rated. I have a screenshot to show the upgrades, Biggest box i can fit is 34"wide 15" tall and 23" in length I would like for the box to be tuned so i can play slowed bass songs about as low as 26hz if the small space i have will allow it I would like a slot port design with the subs and port on the same side (center port) Thanks for looking and hopefully you can help me out! -Mike-
  4. Hello! I just got my car back from the collision repair people after a deer ran into me. So now I remain right where I left off, with my stripped Matrix. I'm getting some ideas for 4th and 6th order enclosures I'd like to test out, but I need a skeleton to build off of. I don't know how to weld, but I'm pretty good with wood. If anyone has any pointers, let me know. It's pretty much like any other hatchback or sedan I assume. PS ignore the mess.
  5. Finally getting a build log going, I had 3 goals in mind when I started this build: 1) 150+ db outlaw 2) 145+ db at 20hz or below (outlaw) 3) 150dB at the windshield legal I have a termlab and hope to share my results along the way. I've been working on this build for 5-6 months now and have done alot of testing with the TL. Sub Bass is my main focus right now because I want to compete with this vehicle. I do plan on upgrading the stock mids and highs at some point but for now I'm putting my time and money into SPL. I'm starting with JL simply because thats what I had in my old F150 and I want to see what they can do from a trunk. 150 db seems a bit unrealistic from "SQ" subs but I will see how loud I can get them and if I hit a plateau before 150 I will get subs more suited for SPL. Here's some pics of my new ride. Not the biggest trunk but it will do.
  6. This will be my complete build log of my MKVI Jetta SE 2.5. I will cover everything i do to the car including audio, (minor) performance, visuals. My main goal is to learn and use new techniques with this build and to have a clean install.... and of course be loud! Side note, if you have anything negative to say about any equipment I use don't waste your time, if you have actual knowledge and something to teach or think i could do better let me know! The day i got the car! Lets build a box! Test fit of the baffle. Dry fit and flush trim time! Battery died... Break time... this muffin was my lunch, dinner. Marking some holes. *edited title*
  7. Hello i currently have a 3.6 cu box tuned around 36 hz with two 4 inch aeroports 12 inches in length. the box measures 34"w x 16"h x 16"d outside dimensions. i want a new box for my 2 sa 12s that will work perfect with the new bc2000d amp that is on its way looking for something for rock and rap styles of music i would like to try a slotted port design with a flush baffle for the subs. i currently have the box firing into the cabin and would like to do the same thing with the new box. i have 38" x 17" x 17" max space if it is firing into cabin. the car is a 2011 ford focus ses sedan. if you guys could give me ideas, designs, tips, anything i would greatly appreciate it!!!!! THANKS!
  8. sorry if this is a stupid question But is it realistic to use the trunk as the box? i am aware that there are a lot of places and holes to seal i figure i can do this with fiber glass and mat and or other methods. so will the trunk seal descent? will i get a lot of noise form the trunk or other things rattling? could the possible rattling be fixed by sound deadener? should i just weld the trunk shut? i can see that i would have a lot of trouble changing the tail lights whatever though i will just swap the lights for long lasting leds.
  9. So like it says i am attempting to do 2 Crossfire C7 18s out the trunk in my Camry, yes a Toyota Camry! I have been looking for builds with 18s out the trunk and i haven't found much, probably because most people think its not possible. Well im trying to make it possible. As you can see i have cut tons of metal out of my trunk opening attempting to get enough surface area for subs and port area. Unfortunately i have reached my max width at 41" leaving it impossible to put the subs side by side and have the port on the drivers side. So i am thinking of cutting up more metal out of the rear deck and going port top or even firing the port directly up or at a angle out of the rear deck where my 6x9s were once upon a time. I am currently sitting at about 20" in height without cutting into the rear deck. Got about 45+ inches all the back. I got a easy 16-17 gross cubes. just finding the surface area is the problem. How would port firing up or at a angle through the rear deck sound? I recall Steve actually doing fixer upper on a classic car with port firing through the deck. I am aiming for 11+ cubes net 100-120 Sqr. inches of port area tuned around 30-33hz Subs specs. O.D.18.5" I.D. 16.75" mounting depth 10.5". here is a few pics. any "positive" feedback is appreciated thanks!
  10. Currently have a Crescendo BC2000 powering 2 XFL 12s in a box 15in tall x 37in wide x 21.5in deep with a port 25.25in in length and 4.75in wide. I am trying to get the loudest I can on music with this setup. Wondering if a new box is going to get me there. The max dimensions being 15in tall x 36in wide x 30in deep. Thank you for any help its much appreciated
  11. So in my car I had two RF P315's running off of a Crunch 2400.4 amp and was pretty content until my friend Brandonbkd decided he was going to upgrade his RF 15'' to a Fi Audio 18'' and somehow talked me into getting the Fi 15 (because there was no way we were fitting a box for a 18 in my trunk). First things first, i had to sell my system to gain funds for the new system. As soon as I sold the subs i bought the Fi 15, and then the wait began. So, while waiting a month for the sub to come in I started in on the box.
  12. My Trunk rattles with the slightest bass from the subs. I Was debating from Second Skin Or Bed Lining the entire trunk. I feel like Damping it is not enough. What are your Opinions.
  13. This is my first time doing a build log, so hopefully it's up to standards lol. Recently, I was running 2 Sundown ZV3 12s at .5 on an AQ3500.1. Clamping 3218, 148.8 outlaw, 147 legal. Both at 39-40 hz. I had so much more work to do because I got 2 custom Sundown NSV3 12s, then my car got totaled. Now I'm on this car. Build I'm currently working on will be 2 NSV3 12s on an Ampere 7500.1. This is the new ride. 6 Speed manual 1.8. she's the victim lol. Everyone uses milk jugs so figured I'd use something different. Pics still don't do these subs justice size wise Some of you may have already seen this pic circulate a few times. 4 XS D3100s for the build. Just waiting on my bus bars from Ill Customz Threw in some blue interior led lights and also installed my kenwood double din. Picked up the Ampere 7500.1 from my buddy I bought it from at a bass show. I went just to show support but I had my box and sub with me, so we installed my stuff in the parking lot lol. Picked up the Ampere 7500.1 from my buddy I bought it from at a bass show. I went just to show support but I had my box and sub with me, so we installed my stuff in the parking lot lol. Turned the box around expecting a gain, but wasn't expecting almost 4 Db. Was very pleased with the numbers I put up. Outlaw Legal Another 1st place on March 22nd at a bass comp in Denver Then a video of the build in action. Def pushes some air and has some good movement for just the 1 12. Gonna start working on designing a box for both subs, may need help because I'm not the best at designing lol. While I do that, probably do more testing with the one sub, see just how loud I can get. Gonna try external port as well.
  14. licona4044


    Hello everyone i am new to this building a custom box car audio stuff, previously i would just buy an normal sealed but now i want to get a custom box built. I really need help i recently bought a 12 inch DB Drive WDX 2k Subwoofer i have someone that knows how to cut perfectly the only problem is I NEED DIMENSIONS! i have no clue what dimensions to use for the speaker box i am trying to achieve some deep bass i mostly listen to music that has that deep bass. Thanks!
  15. Hey guys im new here but need advice Im purchasing a 1997 mustang gt and know that they have limited trunk space I have a custom made 15 that id rather not sell from when I had a scion tc knowing that the woofer will not fit vertically in the trunk I was considering making a top firing box for the woofer and installing it that way what are the pros and cons of this and what other options do I have also I do not have no trunk dimensions but would greatly appreciate if someone could get me them I have looked all over the internet and have found virtually nothing I would also love to know how (if any one has) installed a 15 into a fourth or fifth gen mustang with out removing the rear seats
  16. Hi everybody! This is my first build and I figured I would make a build log since I joined the forum. Here is the list of what's coming up up: - PSI Platform 2 HP w/ fancy colors *purchased* - Kenwood KDC-BT555U *purchased* - Sh**** Saturn *Purchased* - AQ2200d *Purchased* - Pink SHCA 1/0 *Puurchased* - Polk MM6501 Comps ....other stuff!!! stay tuned
  17. Mazda 3 2010 Sedan. Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 Rockford Fosgate t800-4ad JL Audio c5 6.5" x 6 Rockford Fosgate p2 8" x 2 Hertz Ht25 1" tweeters x 4 MTX 81001 mono x 2 MTX 9500 12" x 2 Optima D34 x 2 Stinger 0 gauge I have been working on this for a while now. Heres some progress pics. Doors mocked up Bit of fleece ready for resin ;l This was the first attempt at wrapping the doors but i did not like it at all I changed the material, it matches the rest of the door alot better also. i played around with vinyl but i clashed with my interior alot as nothing else is vinyl.
  18. I've been thinking about doing a car trunk build next with 2 12's on a BC 5500 and deadening everything with Alpha Damp Deadener. Thing is: what would be best for LOW-end in a car build, having the enclosure and subs facing the Back of the trunk with the rear seats folded forward? Or, having the subs "sealed off" forward in the trunk? Im allll about Ground Pounding lows, but dont know what would sound best. The other thought that crossed my mind was just saying screw the rear seats and building a wall with 2 18's but i dont really want it to have to come to that. Ok either way im sure with 6000 watts and plenty of sound deadener the system will be nice, but id just like your guys' opinions on the whole situation (especially those with trunk builds themselves, experienced people please, and those who have big wattage like that), thanks!
  19. Im building a box for my 1993 cadillac deville trunk the max height is 16 inches, max depth is 27 inches and the max width is 34 inches. I think ill make the box port at around upper 20s
  20. So I'm sure I'm not the only person who has the issue of having too much bass for the car to handle. I have 1 12' Rockford P3 and it shakes my trunk door so it constantly rattles, and so does the rear deck which jumps up and hits the rear windshield when my bass hits. I used to have a knit glove wedged between the rear deck and rear windshield which was enough when I had a cheap sub, but it's not enough anymore. Can we have a general discussion on how people have beaten the rattling/buzzing coming from door panels and trunks? Share tips, tricks and strategies.
  21. OK so I just got done screwing together a box for my saturn SC2. I have not yet glued only screwed for a test fit and surprise surprise...It doens't fit. Well, it fits perfectly since it was designed for my trunk but there is no physical way to get it into the trunk. I had to unbolt the latch where my trunk lid connects to get it in part way but then it hits the floor because it is at an angle. It also doesn't fit in from the cabin with the seats down since the opening is only 14" and the box is 16" tall (its for a 15). In the end I have 2 options: 1. Build a new box at my maximum dimensions with a slanted front to fit the 15.5" sub through a 14" hole. 2. Build it in the trunk. if I build it in the trunk I have to make another decision, forwards and seal it off or backwards and have a rattly trunk since there will be no way to turn it around. Originally I planned to put it in back facing and then seal it off forwards if it rattles bad, but If I build it in the trunk there is no going back. Please give me some advice
  22. Fi SSD 12 MB Quart 1500.1 PPi sedona s320.4 about 1.9 cubic foot box tuned to 35 hertz with a kerf port Custom amp rack The speakers are already installed! Heres the car Currently im working on the box test fitting the box
  23. BigManAC

    Need help!!

    I am in the process of sealing off my trunk and I still want to be able to get to my spare tire or have trunk space if I go on a trip. Here is my idea and I was wonder if anyone has done it before. I could make a frame slot that is the size of the outside if my box and secure that to the trunk and seal that off in the trunk and make a lip on the front.. Then I could slide the box in and out at will. I would make it a tight fit and have a way to lock it in place so that it will still have no airflow going past the box. Would this work?
  24. Ok. so I built a box for 4 10's its about 4.5cuft. its in a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire. I'm the kind of person who hates a rattling trunk lid... so I want to seal it off... Problem is, the only way I could put the subs in the trunk was to put them facing up. I know, everyone is probably against it.. sry.. Other problem, the trunk lid hinges swing down an inch beside the box and the torsion springs are directly over the edge of the box.. I wanted to put a panel across the entire back of the box to the fender wells. but the hinges obviously wont be able to go thru it without a hole.. anyway, I need ideas to seal off the box from the trunk. also, if anyone knows where I can get some kind of hydraulic hinges to get rid of mine, that would help a lot!! here are some pics so u get what im talking about. heres the hinges I was talking about heres the torsion springs ive already sealed the giant fender wells... little messy... thanks for the help all!!
  25. Hi so I am trying to figure out the best war for me to mount down the box I am building for my Saturn in the trunk. I don't want it to be super permanent because I will need to sell the car and I would like the ability to turn the box around and seal off the cabin over the summer. My gas tank isn't under the trunk and based on some glances to the inside of the trunk and the bottom of the car it looks like there is a 2 1/2-3 inch wide piece of plain sheet metal on the outside of the structural beams that travel the length of the car. I think it would be safe to put the screws or bolts through there but I would like to know how most people secure their boxes. Thanks.