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Found 35 results

  1. im adding a battery in the trunk and ran out of 1/0 for the ground but i have plenty of 4 guage can i use a few runs of it to ground the battery?
  2. I am in the process of sealing off my trunk and I still want to be able to get to my spare tire or have trunk space if I go on a trip. Here is my idea and I was wonder if anyone has done it before. I could make a frame slot that is the size of the outside if my box and secure that to the trunk and seal that off in the trunk and make a lip on the front.. Then I could slide the box in and out at will. I would make it a tight fit and have a way to lock it in place so that it will still have no airflow going past the box. Would this work?
  3. This is my first post to the forum, so please forgive any mistakes i might inevitably make I have some questions about a build i am planning for this summer; I am planning on putting 2 15's in my 1997 Toyota Camry, i want to have the box sealed from the trunk to minimize pressure loss to the trunk. The problem/question i have is this, The stock trunk access hole (if you fold the seats down) is about 26" wide and 12"tall, the rest is covered in sheet metal (39"wide, 19"tall) This sheet metal has three braces in it, one brace going from left to right along the top, and is about a 3-4" hollow square beam, and the other two are on either side of the cutout, helping brace the top beam to the base of the seats. The problem is that if i install the box where i want, the metal and braces will cover nearly half of my box and block over half of my subs. I want to cut out most of this metal so that the subs can breath, but i do not want to compromise the safety of any passengers. My logic so far is that the box (double baffled 3/4"MDF, so 1.5" of MDF) will be stronger and more rigid than 1/8" of sheet metal bracing. A few people i asked opinions on argue that the section that i would be cutting out would compromise safety, since these zones are built to absorb a side impact. My rebuttal is that this brace is behind the rear seats, and therefor is not a crumple zone (because the rear seat shouldn't crumple around the passengers, that could injure them.) Also, even if said section is designed to crumple in the case of an impact, the box is going to be their anyway, and would stop any of the crumpling. I am quite the newbie when it comes to this caliber of build (Simply sliding a box into a trunk is easy, but i have not ever done a build like this before) and i would like the input from some people with more experience/knowledge than me. What are some other pros/cons to cutting out this metal? Thank you for taking the time to read this, i truly appreciate it
  4. I need some help designing a box to go in the trunk of my 2001 taurus. I have 1 AQ HDC3 15 (alum coils), and will be powering it with an aq 2200. My electrical is good so im not worried about that, i just need the box to fit in the trunk. Max dimensions are roughly 38x34x13. Someone please help me with some ideas for this box. Thanks!
  5. Hello everyone, This is my first post here, or on any forum on the interwebz. Thank you all in advance for any help you can provide. So my old focus hatchback decided to kick the bucket and I purchased a 2012 chrysler 200. Not my first choice of bass car but its nice and they were the only dealership in the Ann Arbor MI are that could get me a reasonable loan. I have 1 Sundown Z v.3 18 that i would love to try to cram in the trunk, i built the box for it that was in my focus but it will not fit in the chrysler so im looking for advice on how to make the proper choices for port size and what not. I do not plan to compete, i like it loud but clear also. Im not a strick audiophile but i can tell whats good and not. I love the lows, feeling the music is the best part but i listen to all sorts of music not just rap so id like to be able to have a bit of range. The trunk has a max height of 14.5 inches (that includes space for the woofer to move), 38" wide at the smallest point and id like to keep it to a max length of 30ish". I obviously dont care about having any trunk space left, thats why we have back seats right? For the time being ill be using my orion hcca 10 in the spec ported box that i paid wayyy to much to have the local shop build a few years ago. Power is a Hifonics Brutus brx 1600, kinetik hc 2000, knukoncepts ofc 1 awg, stock alt, new front batt soon and big 3 soon, there is only the stock crap in the car right now. And i know the amp isnt amazing but it gets the job done. So after the longwindedness you just endured what would yall say is a good port option? 6 to 7 cube box, i know the rule of thumb is 12 to 16 in sqd per foot cubd, id like to be around 32 33 hz. I was think an internal height of about 11", sub mounted up to a single baffle with a second overtop to make it flush and add strength and some 2x4 braces around the cutout. Single baffle everywhere else. My last box i messed up on calculations (first time) and ended up tuned way high but it sounded pretty good, got loud and still played down into the 20s. It is 1.5 inch mdf all around, resind the inside, 45d the corners, bedlined the outside, it weighs more than my gf with a purse full of rocks. Id like to go birch and stain it this time Thank you all again, im open to any and all suggestions. I can post pics too if anyone wants. As an fyi i have no comp to use any box building software since my macbook pro was stolen a year and a half ago so im all website calcs and paper.
  6. Hello, I want to run 2 PSI platform 1 12s on 2k, my voltage does not dip below 12.8 so i will be getting right around rated. I have a screenshot to show the upgrades, Biggest box i can fit is 34"wide 15" tall and 23" in length I would like for the box to be tuned so i can play slowed bass songs about as low as 26hz if the small space i have will allow it I would like a slot port design with the subs and port on the same side (center port) Thanks for looking and hopefully you can help me out! -Mike-
  7. Decided to start a thread about my quest for dbzzzz in my daily driver. I told myself I would not be doing anything big with this car but I am learning not to trust myself with that kind of promise lol! Here is the car's actual build log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/205951-sotm-build-2000-honda-civic-ex-140db-daily-build/?p=3124379 So I had a little setup in the car that only did 140.8db at about 34hz dB Drag style. Grabbed some equipment from my Jeep (currently being rebuilt) and got some subs to play with from Jeff Vue of JVF Customz. So here is what I'm working with as of December 2016: Car - 2000 Honda Civic Ex 5 Speed w/ sunroof, ac, bla bla bla. Electrical - Stock 70a Alternator, $60 G51R stock under hood battery, Big 3 done with SHCA 4 gauge cca, 4 gauge Xs cca to the rear, G34 battery in the rear. So basically shit for electrical but its kool...but I did get some supercaps! BIGGG help with those. Subs - 2 JVF Customz 3.3 12's, 3" 8 layer coil D1.4, 10" spider???, fat motor (same as my 18's in the Jeep) on 12 spoke. Box - 3.4 cube, subs forward, port forward, 8" aero. Power - 1 DC Audio 3.5k DAT AZZ!! 3.5k with caps in spare tire location. Caps did not get used until later. Decided this was a bad location for the amp so it's going to move asap. Makeshift setup. Box hardly fits and I don't like the subs up at the deck lid. This box is named the "bitch box" mostly because its been in about every "loud" street stock car in NorCal since like 2011. I won West Coast championships with it in 2015. So now lets get on with testing! I'll just post as I go with it!
  8. Hey guys im trying to build a new box for my DD9518. Im looking at doing a slant face box design sub/port forward firing into the cabin of my chevy cobalt sedan. Two 6 Inch aeroports tuned to about 41-42HZ or so...(havent decided yet) My MAX dimensions are 32 W x 16.5H x 32-34 Depth. I was thinking of making the face 19" H and slanting it back to 15"H . (0.75+0.75+15=16.5) What do you guys think?? like this design... Current box:
  9. Hello! I just got my car back from the collision repair people after a deer ran into me. So now I remain right where I left off, with my stripped Matrix. I'm getting some ideas for 4th and 6th order enclosures I'd like to test out, but I need a skeleton to build off of. I don't know how to weld, but I'm pretty good with wood. If anyone has any pointers, let me know. It's pretty much like any other hatchback or sedan I assume. PS ignore the mess. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4nVZk8knWyIcGZ1QW1UQmMyT1U https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4nVZk8knWyIbTZ4a0ZocFV4MFU https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4nVZk8knWyIbHMzSDJwbm5JZHM
  10. Hello i currently have a 3.6 cu box tuned around 36 hz with two 4 inch aeroports 12 inches in length. the box measures 34"w x 16"h x 16"d outside dimensions. i want a new box for my 2 sa 12s that will work perfect with the new bc2000d amp that is on its way looking for something for rock and rap styles of music i would like to try a slotted port design with a flush baffle for the subs. i currently have the box firing into the cabin and would like to do the same thing with the new box. i have 38" x 17" x 17" max space if it is firing into cabin. the car is a 2011 ford focus ses sedan. if you guys could give me ideas, designs, tips, anything i would greatly appreciate it!!!!! THANKS!
  11. Currently have a Crescendo BC2000 powering 2 XFL 12s in a box 15in tall x 37in wide x 21.5in deep with a port 25.25in in length and 4.75in wide. I am trying to get the loudest I can on music with this setup. Wondering if a new box is going to get me there. The max dimensions being 15in tall x 36in wide x 30in deep. Thank you for any help its much appreciated
  12. Hello! I´ve been building this car for 2-3 years now, doing simple things with small amount of money (becouse I´m studying in university at the moment). Most of my amplifiers and headunits I have bought as used to save money. Car is -91 Toyota with basic 16 valve 4AFE engine.When I got the car it wass fully stock. I´ve been competing in bass race for 3 seasons and this car has seen lots of different boxes. At the moment I´m building just for fun, not thinking about competing. So here is few pics what I have done to it. Upgraded stock battery to Optima. Some silent coat there. 5,25" mids on doors, Pioneer headunit. Steering wheel changed from ugly stock to Nardi. One of old setups. 15" Ground Zero Nuclear and Spl Dynamics 1500D. Then I bought these reconed 12" Ground Zero Nuclear SPL´s. D1 coils. Planning box for them. Using 6" aeroport... Fiberglassing for getting more volume.
  13. Fi SSD 12 MB Quart 1500.1 PPi sedona s320.4 about 1.9 cubic foot box tuned to 35 hertz with a kerf port Custom amp rack The speakers are already installed! Heres the car Currently im working on the box test fitting the box
  14. I have some questions about a sub enclosure for a trunk build, has anyone ever run sub forward port back in a trunk before with any good results? What about sealed off sub forward port back? I have attempted to search this forum and online for answers to these questions with no avail. Also if it was worth a try I would build one using a slot port rather than an aeroport, not sure how often that is done either or what it would do to the tuning of the box? As always any help is greatly appreciated as I have pondered this for quite some time now...
  15. Hi everybody! This is my first build and I figured I would make a build log since I joined the forum. Here is the list of what's coming up up: - PSI Platform 2 HP w/ fancy colors *purchased* - Kenwood KDC-BT555U *purchased* - Sh**** Saturn *Purchased* - AQ2200d *Purchased* - Pink SHCA 1/0 *Puurchased* - Polk MM6501 Comps ....other stuff!!! stay tuned
  16. Im building a box for my 1993 cadillac deville trunk the max height is 16 inches, max depth is 27 inches and the max width is 34 inches. I think ill make the box port at around upper 20s
  17. sorry if this is a stupid question But is it realistic to use the trunk as the box? i am aware that there are a lot of places and holes to seal i figure i can do this with fiber glass and mat and or other methods. so will the trunk seal descent? will i get a lot of noise form the trunk or other things rattling? could the possible rattling be fixed by sound deadener? should i just weld the trunk shut? i can see that i would have a lot of trouble changing the tail lights whatever though i will just swap the lights for long lasting leds.
  18. So I will be sealing off my trunk within the next week or two and I have been researching different things people have done; but I was wondering if y'all had any tips or ideas that would be helpful. If you want to know what the equipment is it is in the signature as is the car.
  19. Ive just purchase 2 JBL GTO1202D it will be getting about 300wrms each what setup would be clean and loud? ive been thinking of sub facing cabin..trunk seal off...in a ported box Is it a good idea? and i dont know how to design the box am
  20. Wats up. I have 4 10inch kicker comps in a custom box. I chose to have the subs facing the cab cuz i plan on sealing them off from the trunk. I personally dont like a rattling trunk. The subs are powered by an autotek 1500.1 and the speakers are powered by an autotek 1000.4...like i said, i am goin to seal off from rest of trunkand make a beauty panel. Would spray foam be ok to use along with some rigid foam? Thanks for looking.
  21. Mazda 3 2010 Sedan. Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 Rockford Fosgate t800-4ad JL Audio c5 6.5" x 6 Rockford Fosgate p2 8" x 2 Hertz Ht25 1" tweeters x 4 MTX 81001 mono x 2 MTX 9500 12" x 2 Optima D34 x 2 Stinger 0 gauge I have been working on this for a while now. Heres some progress pics. Doors mocked up Bit of fleece ready for resin ;l This was the first attempt at wrapping the doors but i did not like it at all I changed the material, it matches the rest of the door alot better also. i played around with vinyl but i clashed with my interior alot as nothing else is vinyl.
  22. So in my car I had two RF P315's running off of a Crunch 2400.4 amp and was pretty content until my friend Brandonbkd decided he was going to upgrade his RF 15'' to a Fi Audio 18'' and somehow talked me into getting the Fi 15 (because there was no way we were fitting a box for a 18 in my trunk). First things first, i had to sell my system to gain funds for the new system. As soon as I sold the subs i bought the Fi 15, and then the wait began. So, while waiting a month for the sub to come in I started in on the box.
  23. Hi so I thought I would share a box design I came up with and try to get some feedback and/or recommendations. This is for a single 15" PSI Platform 2 with HP option. I'm shooting for 4.5 ft^3 net with 65 in^2 slot port area. The box would be tuned to 33 hz and what I would do is make both of the sides of the port double baffle so that in the outer #/4" mdf baffle I could press and glue in threaded inserts. This would let me make and easy attachable port extension that would bring down tuning so that I can experiment and see what I like. If needed I can probably throw together a drawing and upload the picture if needed. This is my first build and I'm trying to make it a lasting good set-up. At first it will probably just be rear facing in by trunk but I plan to seal of my trunk fully and face the box into the cabin so that I don't have trunk rattles, I can use my trunk, and I can look at my bad-ass custom sub while I'm in the car. I'm open to any ideas. Thanks.
  24. Hey guys im new here but need advice Im purchasing a 1997 mustang gt and know that they have limited trunk space I have a custom made 15 that id rather not sell from when I had a scion tc knowing that the woofer will not fit vertically in the trunk I was considering making a top firing box for the woofer and installing it that way what are the pros and cons of this and what other options do I have also I do not have no trunk dimensions but would greatly appreciate if someone could get me them I have looked all over the internet and have found virtually nothing I would also love to know how (if any one has) installed a 15 into a fourth or fifth gen mustang with out removing the rear seats
  25. VOTE ME FOR SOTM PLEASE!!!!!! I'm seventeen and having a child soon and would love deaden my car with this months prize. The subs would be nice extra also. I could sell my current subs and run those bad boys! Please guys! Thanks!! well here is the finished product of my build! i couldnt be more happy with it, it was originally supposed to be two dc xl m2 12's and 2 ss rub1.2600 d and much more, but im 17 and having my first child soon so i couldnt spend more than a couple hundred. so this is what i came out with. if i could redo it i would have done a few things different, carpet, space, etc. the reasoning for the slide out amp rack is casue i needed room for the stroller and diaper bag. originally there would have been an amp rack there holding the xs power bats etc. but o well, im really happy with the turn out, let me know what you think!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uImOkA6jKPA http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JQVV7DOLYTA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cWCE0vcf3Y \MY BABY BOY "LIAM JACE WITNEY" cleaned up wires Mirror doesnt like to stay on very long Thanks for looking! please lemme know what ya think!!
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