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24's with tires for sale - east texas

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Im selling my 24's with tires. they are 305/35/24, the tires are not in that great of shape yes they still are driveable though for a litte longer, im asking for 500$ with trade of rims and tires,

They are on a 2003 tahoe

http://boltpatternguide.net/ you can check your bolt pattern here

there is two spots of road rash, those are in the pics, its not noticable

PM me or reply with any questions

i am in east texas, around tyler texas.




Road rash




rear tires


front tires


Feel free to pm me with any questions, everything goes to my phone so expect a fast reply

Thank You

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bolt pattern?


wow now this just shows that smd isnt just any forum. We are a brother hood.

here let me put it in retard-onix for u aareehhhh duuuurrrrr ehhh got it now?

Sweet baby jesus the amount of quoting the quote above the quote in a quote is epic

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