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Lightweight Box


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Since I am in here reading this, I will throw in my 2cents.

First off, 412 CVX, I want a link to the rest of that video in your avatar please.

Secondly, adding mat or just resining the enclosure isn't going to do much. Sure, the mat will add alittle weight mass to the panels but it won't really make it any stronger. Fiberglass mat is weakest on large flat panels. And resining it will only seal the wood up, not make it the least bit stronger.

Your actually wasting more money doing that than buying birch sheets.

Now, I know that was to shave weight, an experiment or whatever, but by the time you add enough bracing to counter all the panel rattle, you will probally be in the same weight class as if you would have built the box outta 3/4 birch.


Building The Best.....Repairing The Rest

The bitter after-taste of a poor quality job will last far longer

than the sweetness of that cheap price!

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