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Started out with a 14g because I couldn't find any 18g or 16g

then to a 12, 8, 6, 4, 2, 00, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, and now im at a 5/8.

Sub - 1 Fi BL 15 Dual 1 running at .5 ohms - rebuilding - going to 2 in a 15+ cubic foot box.

Amp - Soundstream TX1.1300d

Mids - Orion Cobalt 6.5s

Tweets - Orion XTRPRO 1"

Wiring - 1/0 stinger ofc

HeadUnit - Pioneer AVH-P1400

Big 3 upgrade

Powercell - Soundquest SBQ2000

My Build!

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Any of you guys having trouble finding sizes or colors check out this company. Cheap and they have a BUNCH of colors/styles.


07 Ram quad cab - Pulled the rear seatsDC audio XL 18 m1, PSI reconed dual 1 ohm, triple leads, 4 layer stiff spider

wired up to a 2 ohm load

4th order bandpass

2.5:1 ratio tuned @ 45hz

AP3000.1DBig 3 done in 1/0Odyssey PC1700 up frontOdyssey PC1500 rearAlt in the near future..." In the end, the "what if's" of what could have happened are what hurt the most..."

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Don't walk around like a fag with tapers in your ears or big metal horseshoes or captives that look like they belong in a bulls septum !!!!!

I started with a normal piercing and of course you had to punch your way through a couple gages but after that I used plumbers tape and I've heard people using electrical tape. Just put on 2 or 3 wraps/turns of tape and use lube (KY is awesome) and put them back in. Wait a couple weeks and put a couple more wraps on. You'll tell when your trying to stretch it to fast. I always bought the cheapest acrylics since I wasn't going to use them long then bought the nice stuff when I hit my goal.

Twist them around from time to time and pull down on them helps too. Before you stretch, pull the plugs out in the shower and massage the holes with soap then put your plugs back in. Wait awhile after the shower after your body has dried off and your body temperature returns back to normal, probably about a half hour or so, then pull them back out and put wraps on. I worked my way PAINLESSLY up to 3/4 but have since pulled them out and haven't had them in in a couple years.

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