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The Rodeo: 4 Zv4 15s: 6th Order: 4 SAZ 3500s: Small Updates pg 39

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Equipment List:

HU Alpine 9887
1 set - Pioneer Premier PRS Components
1 - MB Quart Q4.80
2 - DC xl 18s (m1)
1 - Sundown SAZ 3500 Digital Designs ZSE
1 - XS d2700 under hood
1 2 soon to be 4 - XS xp3000 in back
100 ft or so of Knu Kolossus Flex
1 - Mechman 220A Alt
Some Sound Deadening and Proofing

All going into my 97 isuzu rodeo as a c pillar wall My truck (sad without the side mirror, someone thinks its cool to kick off side mirrors around here)



Box Plans Front view of the box 200 sq inches port area 13ish cubes Whole thing done in two layers of 3/4inch birch


it is tuned to 36 hz here and has the option to add a port length extender dropping tuning down to 32 hz for daily


This is my first wall build and by far the largest system I have dealt with. The box will be built outside my car and then slid through the tail gate and secured in place (hence all the funky cuts and angles). Then there will be a beauty panel that goes in place to seal everything off the rear of the car and make everything look purty. My main goal for this is to be a great daily demo machine that pulls a solid hair trick but has a good balance and a front stage that can hold its own in a SQ comp. Also, this wall is being built to be completely removable by one person(besides catching the box) in about twenty minutes. More to come shortly...

Team NorthWestSPL

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Car stripped ready for some sound deadening...




Some nice rattly roof "braces"


Old rcas and speaker wires


Unfortunately thats where the deadening pics end...I lost all of the ones from the day when it was completed. In addition to deadener on doors and the floor, I also reinforced the roof with 1/2inch birch ply secured with construction adhesive and filled with great stuff. No pics of that left either.

Team NorthWestSPL

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Some equipment pics

The components are going to be running active through the HU's crossovers. Tweeters I plan to do glassed in the a pillars and the mids glassed in door pods.


These are some beefy 6.5s weigh something like 6 pounds each

Sundown 3500 I got for $580 from DB-r which I thought was an amazing deal! Also some knu 1/0 and my DD-1


Team NorthWestSPL

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im sure gonna keep an eye on this builld cause its headed an epic direction indeed

I agree

2006 P71

270A Mechman alt.

2 XS power D3100's, 1 under the hood, one in the trunk. More to come.

2 Stinger 0 gauge, 4 gauge runs front to back

Sony DSX-S300BTX AM/FM Digital Media Car Stereo with Bluetooth

Pair of Fi SP4 15''s

B2 Audio M1s MKII amp @ 1 Ohm

Front doors JBL P660C 6.5'' 2-way component system.

Rear doors JBL GT0938 6x9'' 3-way

Rockford Fosgate t600 @ 2 Ohm

Ram Designs box with 5'' port, ~ 3.6 cubic inches each facing back.

5704P Python 2-Way Responder Remote Start / Security Alarm. :shrug:

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Starting to upgrade the electrical.

No one makes HO alts for this year on these little trucks but mechman was able to give me the best price quote for a custom alt with the highest output as a "bolt in." This alternator is the biggest bitch in the world to get to. See it hiding down there under everything? I ended up having to remove the passenger side front wheel and go in though the wheel well to do the swap.


MMM nice and dirty, lots to clean


And then finally got the new alt in place but realized the adapter harness was wrong so that was enough of that for one day


alt in but not wired up yet

Team NorthWestSPL

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Finshed up the alt install and got the D2700 installed under the hood with some copper stock made into battery terminals. I ended up having to splice into the wires in the harness and connections to the alternator on both sides to bypass the incorrect adapter, but everything is working fine including the voltage adjuster. Charging exactly at 14.4V!


Team NorthWestSPL

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Running some 1/0 through the floor and into the false floor where the sundown will go.



More 1/0 and an awkward view of the false floor lol


Pretty much all the construction pics are gone so on with some finishing pics of the box/wall

Back of the wall reinforced with 2x6s



the Q4.80 installed on the side of the wall by the back door. No finishing panel for the wall on yet.


Little teaser pic of the subs in the wall. Still no finish panel. Old Hifonics TXi1508D. This little amp was a beast for what it was and a steal when i picked it up for 100 bucks back in 2008. Still works just as well as when I got it but its going away soon in favor of the sundown. The front of the box is covered in roll on bed liner. I really like the look of it in this car since its more of an off road truck.


Team NorthWestSPL

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