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  1. man I been ready for this for what seems like ever lol but when I get it ill share a vid or 3 Thanks again Steve for getting back to me on that and my DD1+ and vm1
  2. Well DAMMIT you were close too , you have the line level converter/driver though and no one else has that one lol well except tony in the jeep
  3. ^^ now that's just cool to have all matching numbers devices , ill just settle to be lucky enough to aquire them
  4. im so close to ordering my amm1 and DD1+ its not even fair man but oh next week is gonna be good for me
  5. I have my tools in my cart waiting for my acct to allow the purchase but ill prolly deal direct with you Steve like I always do when I buy my new SMD tool
  6. Well its been about a month guys , Has there been any more info/pics/vids to leak that will make us that much more ready to pay preorder lol
  7. I always smile from ear to ear when im playing my decaf or slow n throw and my oldest starts singing along cause he knows it word for word "due to me playing it so much"
  8. well im glad I was ready to make another SMD/D'amore purchase as it was lol this just makes it that much better
  9. hey steve , Are any of these still valid? I was thinking of getting a vm1 when I purchase my amm1
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