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Rf Capacitors?

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i buy small capacitor banks like https://www.ebay.com/itm/16V-20F-Ultracapacitor-Engine-Battery-Starter-Booster-Car-Super-Capacitor-new/323282929630?hash=item4b452a07de:m:muND5G9QkUYfHbusydy3t5g:rk:8:pf:0 And  i buy the Straight model, and just solder more  on as i need them.  i got a 150 Farad bank for my system   Even though i dont need that much power they do their job.

 I also say Flawed,  

 the method i use is i find a song that just slaps ,  A song that hits so hard you taste metal. Not thrashing 30 hz tones but a 90+ tone that just hits  you right in your heart. Then i  turn my volume up and see what the voltage dip is , I add more capacitors uintil i see it dip less then 2 volts. on those  hits. and Well  i can turn my  power off , and those capacitors work like a small battery for a good 30 minutes  before actually dieing off .

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